Baron Trump's Marvellous Underground Journey

Baron Trump's Marvellous Underground Journey

by Ingersoll Lockwood, S R P (Editor)


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This is the first in the series of the adventures of Baron Trump. a Victorian era book about a boy named Baron Trump that has some strange coincidences in it to modern day.

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ISBN-13: 9781974399451
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 08/09/2017
Pages: 122
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.80(h) x 0.40(d)

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Ingersoll Lockwood

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Baron Trump's Marvellous Underground Journey (1893) 2.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous 6 months ago
U.S. senator Boynton (who previously had forbidden Iron Man from getting involved in AIM's takeover of the caribbean island, Boca Caliente) contacted industrialist Edwin Cord to develop a suit of armor for the government to be ultimate in riot control, usable against civilians in cases of extreme civil disorder; though Boynton publicly claimed he had financed the armor's development as an anti-superhero weapon in the event they ever went out of control. The armor was actually stolen Stark Enterprises technology, and given the name "Firepower" due to the massive amount of weapons. When Stark discovered Hammer was using his technology, he began a personal vendetta to eliminate all traces of his technology that had fallen into outside hands. After Iron Man attacked government operatives Stingray, the Mandroids, Guardsmen, and accidentaly killed the Titanium Man, Senator Boynton contacted Edwin Cord, who had a personal grudge against Stark for the downfall of his company Cordco, to use the Firepower armor to bring Iron Man to justice. Jack Taggert, a mercenary employed by cord, was selected to operate the armor. Once Taggert was trained in the armor's use, Boynton and Department of Defense officials contacted Tony Stark, requesting he assist setting a trap for Iron Man, who Stark had publicly "fired"; Stark agreed, wanting a chance to deactivate the stolen tech within the Firepower armor. Unkown to Stark, the government had analyzed the negator pack that Iron Man had used to deactivate Stingray and shielded the Firepower armor against it. In the mesas north of Casa Grande, Arizona, Firepower launched a devastating attack on Iron Man, causing Stark to fake Iron Man's death by remotely launching his armor, which Firepower destroyed. Afterward, the government attempted to gain control of the Firepower armor, but Cord refused to turn it over, claiming he would go to the press with the government's true motives behind the use of the Firepower armor. Cord continued his vendetta against Stark by sending Firepower to attack various shipments and intimidate Stark's business partners in order to bankrupt Stark Enterprises. Even though Stark was content to leave his old days as Iron Man behind, he was reinvigorated to continue in his role after Firepower injured yard worker Bill Segrist in one of his attacks. Stark built a new suit of Iron Man armor and halted Firepower's latest attack; Taggert attempted to launch the armor's most powerful weapon-Terminax-at Iron Man, but the launcher had been damaged in their fight, leaving it trapped and about to detonate. Iron Man deactivated the warhead then took Taggert to the authorities. <p> This all happened in the older comics.(Custom story starts now: ) Now lets just say he is out of prison and more dangerous than ever when he steals the Firepower suit from Cord. He thens hides from the authorities and heroes until joining the SCGM.
Anonymous 6 months ago
The Sciece Corporation of Genetic Modification started as a way to try and heal certain people of a strange disease carried by an unknown creature. The Head, Wayne Zandin, was originally thrilled to be put in charge of such an organization, but eventually he too seemed to have contracted tye disease. He became increasingly weak, and obsessed with finding a cure. What he didnt know was that the sickness was really another life form using his body as a host. Once the life form matured, it healed Zandin, and began to warp his mind, whispering to him of the perfect human race. Of course, the Life only wanted to create the best host for itself. Zandin became obsessed with the idea, and over time he became ruthless and evil, until there wasnt one scrap of humanity left in him, just an empty shell housing the Life. Mr. and Mrs. Hayden worked for the SCGM, but when they realized how evil it had become, they tried to leave. Zandin didnt want them spreading their secrets, so he had their children, Connor and Winter, kidnapped, threatening the parents that if they didnt stay, hed kill the kids. The Haydens refused, and while trying to save their children, were killed. Zandin decided to use the now-orphans for his genetic altering tests, and injected them with a serum that would supposedly alter their DNA, and Sparrowhawk and Green Falcon were born, flying supers with energy powers. Sparrowhawk's genes bonded immediatly with the serum, while Green Falcon's took longer. Zandin considered him a failure, and had him thrown off a cliff. He survived, due to his flight, but he forgot about his sister. Sparrowhawk, thinking hes dead, went into a rage, escaping and killing all in her path. When she reached the cliff she found Green Falcon missing, and realized he survived. She left to try and find him. Meanwhile, Zandin, furious, sent out numerous groups to try and find them, and when he eventually did, several years later, they were fighting each other. Green Falcon had befriended a super called Nightfire, and Sparrowhawk had attacked her, causing Green Falcon to defend his friend, resulting in a fight. Once they recognized each other, Sparrowhawk took Green Falcon to meet a group of supers that she'd befriended, including Spider Man and Hawkeye.////////// What happens next depends on you, super. Come meet us. We'll welcome you.
Anonymous 11 months ago