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Hitler started World War 2 on a pretext. In September 1939, the German SS, posing as Polish soldiers, staged a mock raid on a German border town. The SS dressed prisoners as Polish soldiers and shot them in cold blood, to make it appear that heroic German soldiers repulsed the “Polish” attack. Little did the world know that these ruthless murders were just the beginning of six long years of unabated slaughter of innocents under the color of law and government authority. This is the story of the Holocaust Hitler and his minions inflicted on Europeans, particularly the Jews, whom, as a matter of state policy, the Nazi intended to exterminate to the last man, woman and child. It is the story of heroes, both Jews and Gentiles who, under the thumb of the German oppressors, risked their lives to bring the news of the slaughter to the free world; it is the story of the men and women who tried to disseminate the word these people brought out of what was happening; it is the story of callous and venal politicians and government bureaucrats in the United States State Department‒and British Foreign Office‒who took every measure to conceal, downplay or outright deny what they knew was happening and they did it for various reasons including: placating the Arabs, wanting to prevent immigration of any nature to the free world by Jews, or simply trying to further anti-Semitic agendas. Barred! tells about an American president who, for political reasons, did nothing to change the situation, despite the urging of the first lady, until it was too late to save the bulk of the Jewish people in Europe; and it is the story of some other government officials, some private citizens, and the first lady, who together, exposed the conspiracy to keep the Holocaust a secret and European Jews out of the United States.

Jan Karski, a Polish army officer, brought first-hand information of the killings directly to President Roosevelt. After escaping capture by the Germans, he joined the Polish underground and, at the risk of his life, infiltrated the Warsaw Ghetto and the German death camps in order to be an eyewitness to the atrocities.

Jewish inmates in the concentration camps, assigned to strip the bodies of Jews killed in the gas chambers, executed daring escapes to bring out word of what the Germans were doing in the camps. One Jewish resistance fighter in Warsaw escaped to England, traveling through the heart of Germany, to alert the Allies of what the Germans were doing to the Jews and others. What he found was uncaring government bureaucrats who could not be moved to save Jews and so took his own life to shake conscience of the world.

A clique within the State Department, headed by Breckinridge Long, not only concealed the evidence of the extermination of the Jewish people, but also misled the American people and the president by denying what they knew was taking place. They schemed to have American diplomatic representatives in Europe deny visas to the Jews in danger of annihilation. The State Department instructed those consuls, in writing, to create such obstacles and delays that would make it impossible for Jews to meet requirements for emigration to the United States.

Jewish agency officials and American diplomats in Switzerland, and rabbis in the United States, worked together to overcome the anti-Semitic government bureaucracies to bring the evidence of the horrors perpetrated by the Germans to the attention of the free world.

Then there is the unending campaign by Eleanor Roosevelt, with some measure of success, to open the gates of America to the oppressed Jews, locking horns with the State Department bureaucrats and even her own husband. There were also some caring officials in the Treasury Department who, at the behest of Secretary of the Treasury Henry Morgenthau, investigated and came up with the smoking gun evidence that exposed the State Department’s activities and forced the president, in 1944, to finally take steps to try to save what remained of European Jewry, steps that led to the establishment of the War Refugee Board and the sending of Raoul Wallenberg into Budapest to work his magic at saving Hungarian Jews.

Jewish and other nuclear scientists, who had managed to escape from Germany and German-occupied Europe, banded together to persuade a skeptical United States to engage in atomic bomb research. They used pacifist Albert Einstein, whom they convinced to write a letter to Roosevelt warning of Germany’s strides in developing a bomb capable of leveling a city, a letter which would spark the creation of the Manhattan Project and the building of an atomic bomb while German nuclear scientists were hamstrung for years by Hitler’s refusal to permit them to use Einstein’s theory of relativity in their research because it was Jewish science.Be a fly on the wall in at offices of State and the president.

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About the Author

Carl Steinhouse, a retired lawyer, had been a federal prosecutor for the United States Department of Justice for 15 years, including three years in New York, four years in Hawaii, and eight years in Cleveland as Great Lakes regional director for the Antitrust Division. He then entered into private practice as a partner in a large Midwest law firm, specializing in class actions, white-collar crime, RICO civil and criminal trials, gramd juries, and criminal and civil antitrust investigations and trials. In the early fifties, he served as an intelligence analyst in the U.S. Army Counterintelligence Corps, with a tour of duty overseas during the Korean War.
Mr. Steinhouse was Vice Chairman of the Antitrust Law Section of the American Bar Association, on the editorial boards of the Bureau of National Affairs’ (BNA) RICO REPORTER (which reports on and analyzes recent RICO court decisions) and the BNA’s ANTITRUST REPORTS (which does the same for antitrust criminal and civil court decisions). He also wrote and edited books on grand jury practice, criminal trial practice, criminal jury instructions and model criminal jury instructions, among other topics.
At the time of the crisis for Soviet Jewry, he was active on an international level for the National Conference on Soviet Jewry, making several trips to Jerusalem and Helsinki on fact-finding missions and to the Soviet Union to aid Refusniks (those Jews the Soviets refused to let emigrate). He was a board member of the Cleveland Anti-Defamation League until 1999 and formerly on ADL’s National Legal Affairs and National Fact Finding Committees. Mr. Steinhouse, who had family in German-occupied territory during World War II, and had been personally affected by the Holocaust, became interested in research on the rescuers of Jews, sparked first by a visit to Budapest where he spoke with Holocaust survivors who related stories of how they were saved by the brave and fantastic actions of Raoul Wallenberg in an adventure rivaling those in the imagination of any fiction writer. This resulted in six published books on heroes of the Holocaust in his Holocaust series: "Wallenberg is Here!", "Righteous&Courageous", "Improbable Heroes", "Barred", "Wily Fox", and "We Shall Be called Israel". The books received rave reviews from Holocaust scholars and authors.

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