Barron's AP Statistics Flash Cards

Barron's AP Statistics Flash Cards

by Martin Sternstein Ph.D.
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Barron's AP Statistics Flash Cards 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
MoMo17 More than 1 year ago
The AP Barrons Flashcards are a one of a kind study material for the advanced placement statistics course. Through my experiences in taking AP statistics my senior year of highschool, I have found it to be a very content heavy course. It isn't a regular highschool course so therefore does not require regular highschool review. Concepts are key in this subject area and the AP flashcards more than assist in a student's review. The flashcards come with an array of questions for students and are divided by topics. For example, if I knew I wasnt doing quite well in the probability section of this course, I would go straight to those flash cards and begin to answer those questions. The questions aren't easy either. They are intended to make the student think and actually apply what has been learned. It gets better! These flashcards give detailed explanations of why the correct answer is what it is in case a student may be baffled. Proffessor Sternstein did an excellent job in creating this study material and I feel more than prepared to take my exam and even take on challenging courses in college!
bahtara More than 1 year ago
The Barron's Ap Statistics Flashcards make me sooo very confident about passing the Ap Exam come May 4th. When I use the cards I find that I am being challenged more than a regular Mock Exam. Everytime I answer one of the flashcard questions I feel so empowered, and ready to take my exam. My teacher let me know that the questions were meant to be harder than the actual AP exam, and if I can succeed in answering those questions then I am on my way to at least a 4. THESE FLASHCARDSSS ARE AMAZING AND MOTIVATIONAL!!!! I highly recommend these flashcards!!!
dalifet_hernandez More than 1 year ago
The Advanced Placement Statistics exam is a few days away, and I have just been "brushing up" on a few skills that I am having trouble with, which is where the flashcards come to the rescue. They provide generous amount of review and provide excellent explanations that are easy to understand. Thanks Dr. Sternstein!
Jaimi_Ross More than 1 year ago
This year taking two advance placement courses I thought that I would be extremely overwhelmed. It is becuase of these fantastic flash cards that I havent. Taking AP Statistics now and AP Calculus last year the Barron's flash cards have provided extreme understanding of topics I thought I would never understand. These flash cards no matter if in Statistics or Calculus are extremely helpful and informative. They break down and explain various topics in simply language and are a good source of last minute studying days before the exam. I highly recommend these flash cards. Mr. Sternstein rocks! Great work!
Maryama_O More than 1 year ago
With the AP Statistics test approching fast, I was so happy I had these cards as a resource.The cards are a great study tool. The questions hit every topic and the explanations for the answers are thorough so you know what you've missed and don't make the same mistakes twice.The probability and inference cards have been a real help, as those (for me) are the hardest parts of the test. Plus they're easy to carry around!
Markova_McPherson More than 1 year ago
Coming into this year I had trouble with probability and applying the ideas of probability to word problems. After using the probability flash cards in this pack I have acquired a bettter understanding of probability and really appreciate these flash cards. I really recommend the Barron's Flash cards, especially if you have problems with probability.
Jen_29 More than 1 year ago
The barron's Ap Statisrics flash cards are an amazing investiment. Not only are these flash cards easy to carry around, but they are arranged by topic so you can study any areas that you feel as though you need improvement in. The best thing about these flash cards is that they include multiple choice and free response questons which is great because the test is 50% multiple choice and 50% free response. These flash cards are truely the best of both worlds and you will not regreat purchasing them.
jharlam More than 1 year ago
If you are having a hard time with STAT, this will make it easier to understand various concepts and formulas.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Jane_Viau More than 1 year ago
My Advanced Placement Statistics students have been using these flashcards with great success. The package is organized into four sections: Data Analysis; Experiment Design; Probability; and Inference. The 400 flaschards include multiple choice and free response question types. Thorough explanations of solutions are on the back of each card. The package comes with a round key rign and each card has a small hole punched into - this feature makes the cards easily transportable and students can bring the cards with them wherever they go. I love this resource as an additional means by which to prepare students for the AP Exam.