Barron's How to Prepare for the AP Statistics Advanced Placement Examination

Barron's How to Prepare for the AP Statistics Advanced Placement Examination

by Martin Sternstein

Paperback(Older Edition)

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ISBN-13: 9780764110917
Publisher: Barron's Educational Series, Incorporated
Publication date: 01/28/2000
Series: Barron's Test Preparation Series
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 486
Product dimensions: 7.84(w) x 10.84(h) x 0.87(d)

Table of Contents

Author's Notevii
Theme 1Exploratory Analysis1
Topic 1Graphical Displays3
Bar charts
Cumulative frequency plots
Center and spread
Clusters and gaps
Multiple-Choice Questions and Answers13
Free-Response Questions and Answers19
Topic 2Summarizing Distributions22
Measuring the center: median and mean
Measuring spread: range, interquartile range, variance, and standard deviation
Measuring position: simple ranking, percentile ranking, and z-score
Empirical rule
Histograms and measures of central tendency
Histograms, z-scores, and percentile rankings; boxplots
Effect of changing units
Multiple-Choice Questions and Answers38
Free-Response Questions and Answers48
Topic 3Comparing Distributions50
Double bar charts
Back-to-back stemplots
Parallel boxplots
Cumulative frequency plots
Multiple-Choice Questions and Answers55
Free-Response Questions and Answers60
Topic 4Exploring Bivariate Data62
Correlation and linearity
Least squares regression line
Residual plots, outliers, and influential points
Transformations to achieve linearity
Multiple-Choice Questions and Answers76
Free-Response Questions and Answers86
Topic 5Exploring Categorical Data: Frequency Tables93
Marginal frequencies for two-way tables
Conditional relative frequencies and association
Multiple-Choice Questions and Answers99
Free-Response Questions and Answers103
Theme 2Planning a Study109
Topic 6Overview of Methods of Data Collection111
Sample survey
Observational study
Multiple-Choice Questions and Answers113
Topic 7Planning and Conducting Surveys117
Simple random sampling
Characteristics of a well-designed, well-conducted survey
Sampling error: the variation inherent in a survey
Sources of bias in surveys
Stratifying to reduce variation
Multiple-Choice Questions and Answers121
Free-Response Questions and Answers128
Topic 8Planning and Conducting Experiments131
Experiments versus observational studies versus surveys
Confounding, control groups, placebo effects, and blinding
Treatments, experimental units, and randomization
Completely randomized design for two treatments
Randomized paired comparison design
Replication, blocking, and generalizability of results
Multiple-Choice Questions and Answers137
Free-Response Questions and Answers141
Theme 3Probability147
Topic 9Probability as Relative Frequency149
The law of large numbers
Addition rule, multiplication rule, conditional probabilities, and independence
Multistage probability calculations
Discrete random variables and their probability distributions
Simulation of probability distributions, including binomial and geometric
Mean (expected value) and standard deviation of a random variable, including binomial
Multiple-Choice Questions and Answers168
Free-Response Questions and Answers185
Topic 10Combining Independent Random Variables193
Independence versus dependence
Mean and standard deviation for sums and differences of independent random variables
Multiple-Choice Questions and Answers199
Free-Response Questions and Answers204
Topic 11The Normal Distribution206
Properties of the normal distribution
Using tables of the normal distribution
The normal distribution as a model for measurement
Commonly used probabilities and z-scores
Finding means and standard deviations
Normal approximation to the binomial
Multiple-Choice Questions and Answers219
Free-Response Questions and Answers225
Topic 12Sampling Distributions227
Sampling distribution of a sample proportion
Sampling distribution of a sample mean
Central limit theorem
Sampling distribution of a difference between two independent sample proportions
Sampling distribution of a difference between two independent sample means
Multiple-Choice Questions and Answers238
Free-Response Questions and Answers244
Theme 4Statistical Inference247
Topic 13Confidence Intervals249
The meaning of a confidence interval
Large sample confidence interval for a proportion
Large sample confidence interval for a mean
Large sample confidence interval for a difference of two proportions
Large sample confidence interval for a difference between two means
Multiple-Choice Questions and Answers263
Free-Response Questions and Answers271
Topic 14Tests of Significance273
Logic of significance testing, null and alternative hypotheses, P-values, one- and two-sided tests, Type I and Type II errors, and the concept of power
Large sample test for a proportion
Large sample test for a mean
Large sample test for a difference between two proportions
Large sample test for a difference between two means (unpaired and paired)
Chi-square test for goodness of fit
Chi-square test for independence
Multiple-Choice Questions and Answers291
Free-Response Questions and Answers308
Topic 15Special Case of Normally Distributed Data318
Single sample t-procedures
Two sample t-procedures
Inference for slope of least squares line
Multiple-Choice Questions and Answers327
Free-Response Questions and Answers332
Practice Examinations335
Practice Examination 1339
Answers to Practice Examination 1350
Practice Examination 2359
Answers to Practice Examination 2372
Practice Examination 3381
Answers to Practice Examination 3395
Practice Examination 4403
Answers to Practice Examination 4415
Practice Examination 5425
Answers to Practice Examination 5437
Practice Examination 6447
Answers to Practice Examination 6462
AP Exam Hints472
Table AStandard Normal Probabilities478
Table Bt-distribution Critical Values480
Table CX[superscript 2] Critical Values481
Table DRandom Number Table482

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