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Baseball Prospectus

Baseball Prospectus

4.5 4
by Chris Kahrl, Joseph Sheehan, Jeff Bower
Baseball Prospectus provides performance analysis of almost 2,000 players from today's stars all the way down to rookie ball and draft picks. If you want the final word on what the players really did, and how well they'll do in the future, you need this book.


Baseball Prospectus provides performance analysis of almost 2,000 players from today's stars all the way down to rookie ball and draft picks. If you want the final word on what the players really did, and how well they'll do in the future, you need this book.

For 1999, Baseball Prospectus

  • Predicted the continuing improvement of Omar Daal and Eric Milton; breakthrough seasons for Tony Batista and Jeff Suppan; and the arrival of rookies tim Hudson, Ron Belliard, Corey Koskie, and Joe Mays;
  • Forecasted declines from Kirk Rueter, Scott Brosius, Sean Berry, and Randy Winn; and
  • Warned readers that the 1998 wild card Cubs were a flash in the pan, while the 1999 Athletics were going to contend.

Baseball Prospectus 2000 Edition features essays on every team, with evaluations of at least fifty players per organization using Clay Davenport's exclusive Davenport Translations. DTs compare performances across leagues and ballparks to give you the most accurate analysis of hitting and pitching statistics available. This all-new edition introduces Michael Wolverton's new method of evaluating relief pitchers, as well as expanded leader boards and major and minor league ballpark info.

It even suggests what the most important baseball research issues for the new century should be.

Baseball Prospectus is the only comprehensive baseball annual that provides depth, insight, and entertainment for both the casual fan looking for a fun read and for the serious fantasy league player who wants to get an edge on the competition.

Editorial Reviews

Library Journal - Library Journal
This volume profiles 2000 players, with each entry offering a pithy career narrative, a statistical look at performance over the last five years, and projections for the 2000 season. Ranging from the lowest rung of the minor leagues to the majors, the players are categorized by team, each of which is introduced by a double-columned two-page narrative. The authors are not sports journalists but fun-loving fans who write with a lot of irreverence and humor, and their volume will be enjoyed primarily by statistic-crazed fans and addicts who play a season-long game called fantasy baseball. However, librarians should note that books like this sprout like mushrooms each spring (see, e.g., The Scouting Notebook, Stats, 2000, a popular competitor). The problem is that one month into the season, as players get injured and traded, these books become obsolete, and a year later there is hardly anything more useless on library shelves. Thus, such books are not generally recommended for libraries unless they are weeded annually.--Paul Kaplan, Lake Villa Dist. Lib., IL Copyright 2000 Cahners Business Information.\

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Baseball Prospectus 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Baseball Prospectus for years has been the best source of player information available. For the baseball fan, it gives a summary of all players from A ball to the Superstars. For Fantasy GM's it is different from other sources in that it tells you which players are good, which ones are bad, and makes astoundingly accurate predictions about the upcoming year. Any fantasy mag or book can tell you the same re-treaded stratagies, this book will give you the edge over other owners because you will know what to expect from players.
Guest More than 1 year ago
A solid book, but the writing is getting blander by the year. The material on Pitcher Abuse Points sure looks like some people trying to gloss over some results they didn't like. The work to determine if Pitcher Abuse Points predict injuries was clearly done and commented on, but the obvious question of whether or not they actually predict injuries was skipped, and it looks like it was skipped because the authors didn't like the answer. The quality of the writing has been steadily dropping as the production values have been improving. All that being said, this is still the best annual baseball book in the world. It's just not as good as it used to be in 1997 or 1998. With the growing amount of quality baseball material available on the web, I expect more for $22.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The best baseball book I've ever seen. My dad used to buy the Baseball Abstracts, and I have all his old ones. Mr. James was definitely a groundbreaking contributor to baseball, but this book is every bit as great and important. Baseball Prospectus rocks.
Guest More than 1 year ago
A good book! I didn't buy in 1999, because by the time I got around to ordering, I couldn't find a copy. The writing is easy to read, provides some interesting perspective on things, and although I don't always agree with it, there is obviously a good deal of research and thought behind it. I would prefer to cut down the number of players covered, and add another sentence or two about the remaining players. Who has anything new to learn about Tony Gwynn or Rickey Henderson? If a player's been around forever, and people already know about the guy, keep it short. Spend more time on people like Matt Riley and Aaron Myette. This book is not as funny as it has been in the past, but it's more grown up, and there is a sense of community about Baseball Prospectus that I find very appealing. It would be nice to have real stats included, too. But still...a great book, and Chris Karl clearly loves baseball and his work on this book. More Chris on CLTV!