BASIC ADULTS Word Search Puzzles, Vol 3

BASIC ADULTS Word Search Puzzles, Vol 3

by K S Kato


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Welcome to Basic Adults Word Search Puzzles volume 3 which is keeping it's promises and goals of entertaining and educating every person in the world of puzzles, hence leaving the brain young, fresh and more active.
Our objective is to keep the brain young, fresh, working and active as you search for every word in the puzzles within the shortest time possible, from the interesting list of words selected for you, the faster you complete the puzzles, the brighter your brain becomes.
Enjoy and learn more as you look for every word in the 17 by 17 grid size puzzles, from a list of 30 words provided below the puzzles. These words can be searched for in any of the directions, either forward or backward, downward or upward, diagonal, horizontal or vertical direction.
These puzzles are visible and clear, favouring all persons with visual impairment
. It's very easy to play, just get a pen or a pencil, complete all the puzzles by crossing out or circling all the words provided below. Enjoy the best of 100 Basic
Adults Word Search Puzzles accompanied with 100 solutions, full of fun.

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ISBN-13: 9781537668031
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Publication date: 09/14/2016
Pages: 130
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