Basic Human

Basic Human

by Ferdson James


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There might be one kind of perception in mind when you come across Basic Human. My main focus and reasoning are based on the Psychological and inspirational approach to God realization and human consciousness.The world is operating none theistically and most of the people never knew any more than what human beings can do that makes them virtually believe much in humanism. So, to make people aware that there is more to the physical structural function (human body) in human existence, Basic human in an inspirational perception instituting theism out of the secular awareness of the world. As we all know that we are mostly familiar with people in our activities and easily wary our mind into some mysteries concerning humanity. One thing that should be understood is the mysteries could not have been mistakenly happened or continues happening.Concluding the origin of human existence to evolution would be vanity upon vanity. Then verbatim proof of God, the creator of human beings could be vague a belief but more receptive to let everybody finally retain their conscience as the only hope to the mysteries.The book is written most specially to point out the essential facts against the misconceiving notions embedded in the most people

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ISBN-13: 9781453772447
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 09/11/2010
Pages: 118
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