Basic Polish: A Grammar and Workbook / Edition 1

Basic Polish: A Grammar and Workbook / Edition 1

by Dana Bielec
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Taylor & Francis
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Basic Polish: A Grammar and Workbook / Edition 1

Basic Polish presents concise explanations of grammar with related exercises, to build confidence in using the modern language.

Assuming no previous knowledge of Polish, its step-by-step approach guarantees the reader a thorough grounding in the basics of its grammar. Each of the forty units introduces a particular grammar point and provides a variety of exercises to enable the student to practice what they have learnt.

Features include:

* notes on the Polish alphabet, pronunciation and stress
* full answer key to all exercises
* Polish-English glossary.

Dana Bielec is the author of the popular Polish: An Essential Grammar, also published by Routledge.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780415224376
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 12/14/2001
Series: Grammar Workbooks Series
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 248
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.20(h) x 0.70(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

Table of Contents

1. Noun Genders and Adjective Agreement 2. Nouns and Adjectives in the Plural 3. Plural of 'Men" Nouns and Adjectives 4. Direct Object (Feminine and Neuter) 5. Verbs with Present tense -am, -a, -aja 6. Direct Object of Masculine Nouns (Accusative Case) 7. Prepositions Followed by Accusative Case 8. Direct Object (Singular) of Masculine 'Alive" Nouns 9. Direct Object (Plural) of Masculine "Men" Nouns 10. Direct Object Pronouns: prepositional Pronouns (Accusative) 11. Possession (Singular Nouns) 12. Possession (Plural Nouns); Whose 13. Genitive Case of Adjectives 14. Prepositions Followed by Genitive Case 15. Verbs with Genitive Case Object: Prepositional Pronouns (Genitive) 16. Verbs with Present tense -em, -e, -eja -edza 17. Cardinal Numbers 1 to 4. 18 Numbers 5 to 20; Indefinite Numbers; Quantities 19. Ordinal Numbers 1 to 20; Name: Age 20. Questions 21. Verbs Ending in -owac, -iwac, -awac, -ywac; Verb Aspects 22. Negation; Simple Conjunctions; There Is; Something 23. Indirect Object (Singular); Verbs with Present Tense -e, -y, -a 24. Indirect Object (Plrual); Dative Case Prepositions 25. More Verbs with Present Tense -e, -y, a 26. Dative Case of Pronouns 27. Pronoun sie; Verbs with Present Tense e, -y, -a 28. Instrumental Case (Nouns, Adjectives) 29. Other Uses of Instrumental Case 30. Prepositions Followed by Instrumental Case 31. Verbs with Two Imperfective Forms 32. Locative Case (Nouns, Prepositions) 33. Locative Case (Adjectives, Pronouns) 34. This, That, Such, What Like, Which 35. My, You Etc., Own 36. Each, Every, all 37. Clock Time 38. Byc (Past, Future); Days 39. Months: Seasons; Time Expressions 40. Dual-Case Prepositions * Key to Exercises * Glossary ofTechnical terms * Polish-English Vocabulary

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