Basics About the Typical Adult Female Human

Basics About the Typical Adult Female Human

by William M Lybarger EdD CT


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Guys, ever wonder how women think…Why they act the way they do?...Why they say the things they say?...Why they may sometimes seem to be, or are, unpredictable? Well, this booklet explains at least some of their thinking and behavior and its impact on our relationships with them.

The booklet includes three major parts that form its framework and are based upon my clinical education and service, and life experiences:

1). Background (things to keep in mind – especially for men - when using this booklet)

2). Observations (a blend of specific areas and issues of behaviors and gender differences that can be of importance in building and maintaining relationships)

3) Suggestions (things that might be important to your woman when sharing a home and family life).

Once you have read through and become familiar with its content, you should give it to your woman and ask that she carefully read and evaluate the importance of each item in the Observation and Suggestion sections. For each item she will have the opportunity to rate its level of importance for her, using a four point scale, and add notes to personalize her responses. Also, space has been provided for your woman to add her own observations and suggestions that have not been included in the booklet.

When she has finished her review she should return her completed booklet to you to read through and become familiar with her responses.

Then, the two of you should sit together where you will not be disturbed and carefully review her responses and clarify any issues or concerns that either of you may have. The stage is now set for the two of you to share how you might best provide those considerations and behaviors she needs to feel like a woman who is totally loved and appreciated. You will now have intimate knowledge and insight to guide you in providing it for her. This is not necessarily a “one-way street”…this process can easily include considerations and behaviors you need to feel like a man who is totally loved and appreciated!

My intention in compiling these things in booklet form is to provide a tool for a better understanding of - and communication with – your woman. This tool’s primary function is to provide a structured frame of reference for discussing mutual expectations, perceptions, common issues, and possible misunderstandings that we men and our women may experience in a relationship from time to time. It is not intended to provide a full or complete review of those things but is intended to serve as a starting place for discussion. It is my hope that all users of the booklet will find it to be easy to read, easy to understand, and easy to use in establishing, maintaining, repairing and/or improving a long-term loving relationship.

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