Basketball Officials Guidebook Volume III - NFHS Mechanics: For a Crew of Two Officials

Basketball Officials Guidebook Volume III - NFHS Mechanics: For a Crew of Two Officials


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ISBN-13: 9781582080420
Publisher: Referee Enterprises, Incorporated
Publication date: 10/28/2003
Pages: 284
Product dimensions: 8.40(w) x 10.90(h) x 0.70(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1NFHS Mechanics Changes11
NFHS mechanics changes through 2003-0512
Mechanics changes through 2001-03 A look back13
Chapter 2Definition of Terms14
Visual definition: definition of terms17
Visual definition: ball side mechanics18
Visual definition: 'inside-out' look19
Visual definition: spacing for the lead20
Visual definition: spacing for the trail21
Visual definition: straightlining22
Visual definition: avoid 'quicksand'23
Chapter 3Philosophy25
Officiating philosophy26
Court coverage philosophy for two officials28
Chapter 4Basketball Basics29
Chapter 5The Pregame33
Pregame conferences34
Pregame outline36
Chapter 6Philosophy of Signals38
Signals chart40
Stop clock or do not start clock40
Stop clock for foul40
Stop clock for jump ball41
Three-second violation41
Stop clock for radio/TV timeout41
Stop clock for foul, then point to offender41
Technical foul42
Pushing or charging42
Intentional foul43
Double foul43
Illegal use of hands43
Player-control foul44
Three-point field goal44
Illegal dribble44
Over and back or carrying the ball45
Designated spot throw-in violation45
Five-second violation45
10-second violation45
Directional signal46
Designated spot out-of-bounds46
No score46
Foul called; goal counts46
Awarded goal: basket interference or goaltending47
Two free throws47
Bonus free throw47
Free throw violation by opponent47
30-second timeout48
60-second timeout48
First horn48
C signal48
Start clock49
Start separate clock49
Beckon substitute49
Kick signal49
Signal Sequence--Timeout51
Additional signals52
Chapter 7Foul Signaling Sequence55
Player-control foul57
Foul called; throw-in58
Foul called; no goal59
Shooting foul60
Shooting foul; goal is scored61
Offensive off-ball foul62
Trail helps on made basket63
Chapter 8Reporting Fouls65
Foul reporting area67
Reporting numbers68
Foul reporting sequence69
Chapter 9Court Coverage71
Court coverage: basic frontcourt responsibilities73
Splitting the court on drives to the basket74
Pass/crash in the lane75
Boundary coverage: basic frontcourt responsibilities76
Boundary coverage: frontcourt lead exception77
Court coverage: backcourt, no defensive pressure78
Court coverage: backcourt, defensive pressure79
Judging goaltending80
Boundary coverage: backcourt81
Chapter 10Lead Position83
Lead must use ball side mechanics85
Lead ball side: movement after made basket86
Lead movement toward sideline87
Chapter 11Trail Position89
The 'inside-out' look91
Trail movement off sideline92
Trail must pick up shooter on skip pass94
Trail must work 'backside' in lane area96
Trail looks weak side when lead moves ball side98
Trail movement on jump shot99
Substitutes beckoned100
Chapter 12Court Positioning103
Court positioning: pregame108
Court positioning: halftime109
Court positioning: NFHS 60-second timeout110
Court positioning: NFHS 30-second timeout111
Chapter 13Case Studies113
Chapter 14Jump Ball117
Jump ball positioning120
Jump ball: one-handed toss121
Jump ball: two-handed toss122
Jump ball: quick toss123
Case Study 1Jump ball: set offense124
Case Study 2Jump ball: fastbreak126
Case Study 3Jump ball: officials switch128
Chapter 15Free Throws131
Free throw coverage134
Free throws: technical foul administration135
Free throw: lead movement136
Free throws: trail movement137
Case Study 4Offensive rebound cross138
Chapter 16Throw-ins141
Throw-in spots145
Administering a throw-in146
Throw-ins: boxing-in when lead administers147
Case Study 5Endline vs. man: off-ball screen drop pass148
Case Study 6Endline vs. man: post pass opposite wing150
Case Study 7Endline vs. man: pick the picker152
Case Study 8Endline vs. zone: backdoor lob154
Case Study 9Endline vs. zone: deep corner pass156
Throw-ins: boxing-in trail administers frontcourt158
Throw-ins: lead ball-side159
Case Study 10Sideline vs. man: opposite wing shot160
Case Study 11Sideline vs. man: double screen162
Case Study 12Sideline vs. zone: low-block screen164
Case Study 13Sideline vs. zone: wing drop pass166
Throw-ins: boxing-in trail administers backcourt168
Throw-in: trail administers above free-throw line extended169
Throw-in below free-throw line extended170
Switching on fouls171
Chapter 17Transitions173
The 'bump-and-run'178
Transition: trail movement off sideline179
Lead helps in backcourt180
Pass/crash during transition181
Transition: lead helps on three-point attempt182
Transition: lead cuts corner183
The buttonhook184
Case Study 14Steal in frontcourt to fastbreak186
Chapter 18Halfcourt vs. Man-to-Man189
Case Study 15High-low pass194
Case Study 16Pass and cut196
Case Study 17Drop pass to low block198
Case Study 18High pick to backdoor lob200
Case Study 19High pick to top of the key shot202
Chapter 19Halfcourt vs. Zone205
Case Study 20Swing pass vs. match-up zone210
Case Study 21High-low pass vs. match-up zone212
Case Study 22Skip pass to backdoor cut vs. match-up zone214
Case Study 23Swing pass vs. 1-3-1216
Case Study 24Swing pass vs. 1-3-1 trap218
Case Study 25High-low pass vs. 2-3 trap220
Chapter 20Three-point Offenses223
Case Study 26Three-point shot vs. man: double screen228
Case Study 27Three-point shot vs. man: top of the key230
Case Study 28Three-point shot vs. man: high post pick232
Case Study 29Three-point shot vs. man: wing motion234
Case Study 30Three-point shot vs. man: corner pass to top of the key236
Chapter 21Defensive Traps and Presses239
Case Study 31Fullcourt press break vs. man244
Case Study 32Fullcourt press break vs. halfcourt trap246
Case Study 33Fullcourt press break vs. fullcourt trap248
Case Study 34Fullcourt press break vs. 1-2-2 zone trap250
Case Study 35Fullcourt press break vs. 1-2-2 zone trap: steal252
Chapter 22Delay/Spread Offense255
Officiating the delay offense259
Case Study 36Spread (delay) offense vs. man260
Chapter 23Last-second Shot263
Case Study 37Fullcourt baseball pass270
Case Study 38Halfcourt backdoor lob272
Chapter 24Odds and Ends275
Chapter 25Postgame Review283

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