Bat Out of Hell: Live with the Melbourne Symphony

Bat Out of Hell: Live with the Melbourne Symphony

by Meat Loaf


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Bat Out of Hell: Live with the Melbourne Symphony

The 2004 release Bat Out of Hell: Live With the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra is pretty much what the title claims it is -- a live version of Meat Loaf's classic album, performed in its entirety, right down to the dialogue spoken between songs. Since there's no point in doing this live unless it's done perfectly, it shouldn't come as a surprise that this is more a re-creation than a reinterpretation, with very little to differentiate it sonically from the original studio album; even Ellen Foley's substitute Patti Russo sounds shockingly similar to her recorded counterpart. Since the Todd Rundgren-produced 1977 original is a masterpiece of studio wizardry and musical arrangement, there's not much reason to listen to Live instead of the original. Meat Loaf seems to admit as much with his liner notes, where he says "If you have this CD, you're a real fan!!" (The rest of the liner notes read: "Thanks & keep rockin'"). He's not wrong -- you have to be a real fan to want to hear this more than once. Not that it's bad -- it's far from bad, actually, it's well-performed, and Meat Loaf is in great voice -- but if you have the option of listening to this or the classic original, there's not a reason to choose this, since the 1977 original is as giddily intoxicating upon the hundredth listen as it is on the first.

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Release Date: 04/17/2007
Label: Sanctuary Records
UPC: 0060768643123
catalogNumber: 86431


Disc 1

  1. Bat out of Hell
  2. You Took the Words Right out of My Mouth (Hot Summer Nights)
  3. Heaven Can Wait
  4. All Revved Up with No Place to Go
  5. Two out of Three Ain't Bad
  6. Paradise by the Dashboard Light
  7. For Crying out Loud

Disc 2

  1. Life Is a Lemon (And I Want My Money Back)
  2. Mercury Blues
  3. Dead Ringer for Love
  4. Testify
  5. All Revved Up with No Place to Go
  6. You Took the Words Right out of My Mouth (Hot Summer Night)
  7. I Couldn't Have Said It Better
  8. Two out of Three Ain't Bad
  9. Out of the Frying Pan (And into the Fire)
  10. For Crying out Loud
  11. Paradise by the Dashboard Light
  12. I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That)
  13. Bat out of Hell

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Meat Loaf   Primary Artist
Kasim Sulton   Bass
Mark Alexander   Keyboards
Pete Edwards   Violin,Assistant Principal
William Evans   Trumpet
John Beverly Jones   Flute
Cindy Watkin   Viola
Andrew Weiss   Cello
John Miceli   Drums
Keith Levenson   Conductor
Simon Collins   Viola
Wilma Smith   Violin,Concert Master
Helen Ayres   Violin
Andrew Hall   Violin
C.C.   Background Vocals
Rudolf Osadnik   Violin
Trevor James   Double Bass
Peter Fellin   Violin
Christine Johnson   Violin
Mary Allison   Violin
Isin Cakmakcioglu   Violin
Robert Macindoe   Violin
David Shafir   Violin
Robert Clarke   Percussion
John Arcaro   Timpani
Eleanor Mancini   Violin
Kirsty Bremner   Violin
Matthew Tomkins   Violin
Robert Cossom   Percussion
Alison Rayner   Violin
Vicki Philipson   Oboe
Julie Payne   Trumpet
Rosia Pasteur   Viola
Sarah Morse   Cello
Isabel Morse   Viola
Mark Mogilevski   Violin
Trinette McClimont   Horn
Deborah Goodall   Violin
Anne Martonyi   Violin
Goeff Lierse   Horn
Keith Johnson   Cello
Prue Davis   Flute
Brett Kelly   Trombone
Steve Reeves   Double Bass
Tristram Williams   Trumpet
Joanne Evans   Cello
Paul McMillan   Viola,Assistant Principal
Russell Davis   Horn
David Thomas   Clarinet
Miranda Brockman   Cello
Gretta Bull   Violin
Jonathan Craven   Bass Clarinet
Graeme Evans   Horn
Peter Exton   Violin
Randy Flowers   Guitar,Keyboards
Cong Gu   Violin
Brock Imison   Bassoon
Kirstin Kenny   Violin
Eric Klay   Bass Trombone
Philip Lajta   Violin
Suzanne Lee   Double Bass
Andrew Macleod   Piccolo
Fabian Russell   Tuba
Angela Sargeant   Cello
Fiona Sargeant   Viola
Matthew Tighe   Oboe
Natasha Thomas   Bassoon
Trevor Jones   Viola
Christopher Moore   Viola
Paul Crook   Guitar

Technical Credits

Kasim Sulton   Music Direction
Peter Mokran   Producer
James Cadsky   Engineer
Greg Wales   Engineer
Patti Russo   Contributor
Rudolf Osadnik   Principal
Robert Macindoe   Principal
Robert Clarke   Principal
Vicki Philipson   Principal
Sarah Morse   Principal
Cameron McCauley   Engineer
Goeff Lierse   Principal
Prue Davis   Principal
Brett Kelly   Principal
Steve Reeves   Principal
Tristram Williams   Principal
David Thomas   Principal
Jonathan Craven   Principal
Graeme Evans   Principal
Brock Imison   Principal
Andrew Macleod   Principal
Fabian Russell   Principal
Barbara Glaser   Orchestral Manager
Neverland Express   Contributor
Trevor Jones   Principal
Trevor Green   Managing Director

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