Battle for Krypton

Battle for Krypton

by Nichole Flink


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Battle for Krypton by Nichole Flink


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ISBN-13: 9781491828755
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 11/19/2013
Pages: 204
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.47(d)

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Battle for KRYPTON

By Nichole Flink


Copyright © 2013 Nichole Flink
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4918-2875-5


My name is Ulysses Junior. You know my father's story as well as mine. This story is a story of engagement, an adventure for happiness. In case you decided that the cover looked great, or you just read the back and haven't read the first two books prior to this one. I told a story about my own kind turning against my father and trying to take over Earth. Thanks to me, we stopped my own "Uncle" who was in charge of the opposing army and sent the Kryptonians home. During that great battle, I was five years old, now I'm twenty; my mother is forty-one, my father is forty-two. My father was honored with the name Guardian of the Earth. The name will be passed down to the oldest child, so I'm supposed to take the name, but I haven't been able to because I need to get married first, however, there was only one problem ... I wasn't any good with girls. I tried and tried, but I was the only superhero who wouldn't get the girl at the end of his heroic adventure. I thought it was more of an appearance problem but my mother said I was dead wrong.

Anyway, this story starts off in my house, in my room, at the top of a very cold mountain in winter. It's almost dinner time and I haven't left my room due to depression. I was on my laptop starring at this webpage called Peoplebook. Everyone that went to my school had one so I thought about signing up for one; however I never got a chance to during school as I was more focused on my academics to get into college, (which I decided not to go once I decided I was going to work with my dad) till today. The questions they asked were ridiculous and awkward, so I never signed up and forgot the idea. Have you ever had intercourse? Or when was the first time you wet the bed if you did? All I could do was rub my forehead and think how awful it was; I had nothing to do these days because I'm no longer in school, but I should really start finding a job soon. I just assumed I would have been helping my dad at his job, and learning what his job was. My mother was busy between going to night classes to learn to be a nurse, and between her day job teaching elementary school children. My dad is a CIA agent and works for the government. I still think about moving out once in a while but doing so might make my parents depressed, so I've stuck around. I never went to college because I won't need to in order to get a job with my father (that's what his boss told me after the Kryptonians left anyway). My mind was running in circles because of depression and trying to think of what I should do with my future, when my mother shouted from downstairs.

"Junior! Dinner!" Today was the first day of Christmas break. Not that my family and I celebrate; my mom celebrates Hanukkah instead, my dad just converted to being Jewish so there wouldn't be a problem. It's up to me whether I want to become Jewish or convert. I haven't decided yet so I just celebrate for now.

"I'm not hungry!" I yelled back. That's when I heard her footsteps make their way upstairs. She opened my door and peeked in. I tried to ignore her by starring at my laptop pretending I was doing something; even though there was nothing on the screen.

"Do you want to talk about it?" She asked concerned.

"Please?!" I said desperately closing my lap top and setting it down. I sat up on the edge of my bed and waited for my mother's next move.

"Okay," she said walking in and sitting down on my bed next to me. She was wearing her fur coat and jeans, while for the moment no shoes with three pairs of socks. It was the winter season so it's really cold especially since we lived on top of a mountain it was practically below 40 degrees. However, my father and I don't feel differences between weather unless were injured or sick, (even though we can't get sick) because we're aliens. Mom just stared at me and I waited for her to say something.

"Wow, you look exactly like your father. I really don't know why girls won't go out with you. You're just so handsome," she giggled.

"Mom," I whined.

"I'm sorry sweet heart maybe it's the way you act or what you say to them."

"To be honest mom, I try not to say anything unless they ask me for advice, then I try to say nice things, so I don't think it's what I say."

"Junior, I'll tell you something, girls don't want some hunk of a super hero most of the time, they want someone who will care and who will listen to what they have to say."

"Well, if I'm not doing that already, I'll never get a girl and be lonely the rest of my life."

"No you won't, you just need to find someone to help you. I mean you went through school without a friend. I think it's time you found a friend before looking for a girlfriend. Don't you?"

"I guess so but who? Everyone thinks I'm weird," I asked before being interrupted.

"I think you two should get your butts downstairs where there's a fire going, where there is a warm meal, and I received an interesting email that you two should read," my father said leaning in the doorway not wearing a shirt.

"Why are you not wearing a shirt?" I asked.

"I was working out. Come on read the email I got. It is really for you," he said walking away. I looked at Mom and we both shrugged and followed him downstairs, then down another flight of stairs to the basement; there wasn't a lot of room in the basement as there were tons of boxes piled up, but there was at least a small walkway. My dad sat down at his computer and pulled up the email. His old spaceship he first came here in was behind him; it wasn't in good shape. I just kept standing there starring at it when I felt my mother poke me in the arm. I turned back towards my father who was waiting for me to come out of my fantasy world. I stood behind him and waited.

"Read it," he said getting up and dragging my mom back upstairs. Without my mom having a say they were no longer in the room. I sat down and started reading the email:

Junior, or should I say Ulysses ...

It's been awhile since we've seen each other and I have something very important to ask. I know it'll seem awkward but in a month I need to get married to someone royalty so I can take the thrown. So without further delay I want to ask for your hand in marriage ...

"Wait. What?" Shocked and confused with my feelings, I thought about what my mother and I just talked about a moment ago. We discussed about why girls didn't want to date me and now one wants to marry me? I didn't even finish reading it. What could the rest be about? I continued reading with the question in my mind, why me? Why would she choose me over any other strong high monarchy? Who was it even from?

You are the only royalty member that I have met and punched in one day and I know you'd be a perfect king. I really need your help if my deadline expires a war will break out on our home planet. Of course, it will be a war for the throne; the citizens against the royal family. I know you are only half Kryptonian but I can marry anyone royal and you are the only one. Please except my invitation and come to Krypton.

Sincerely, Lira.

Lira? Of course, she was the one I met the day the Kryptonians left. I was shocked, but at the same time happy. All I could think of was the last time when we kissed before she left, I'll admit I was in awe over it. I couldn't let her down and especially since I found myself a girlfriend ... no more than a girlfriend. There was nothing more to think about I wanted to go to Krypton, but why was I still confused on what I wanted, and what I should do? I walked back upstairs to find my parents and found Mom serving herself in the kitchen. Dad, who seemed to have a black eye, was finally wearing a shirt, eating at the dining table by the fire place. I thought at first mom might have hit him for dragging her upstairs, but it wouldn't have hurt dad, so for the moment I ignored it even though it bothered me. They were really quiet. I didn't know what to do and couldn't find the right words. My mother turned around and noticed that I was standing in the doorway. She stood there and stared; now it was her turn to wait for me to say something, but I didn't know what. Still trying to put it together in my mind I walked past her to the kitchen and served myself. I didn't know what to bring up the black eye or the marriage? She sat down next to Dad on his left side. He was sitting in the main chair. They both remained quiet while I joined them sitting down in the chair to my dad's right. It was so quiet you could hear a pen drop two doors over, literally. My dad slammed his fork down on his plate and looked up at me. I froze; it scared me he threw the fork down so hard I thought he was going to hit me. I couldn't tell if he was angry with me or the email, even my mother jumped.

"I need to know if you're going," he said casual like as if nothing happened. I opened my mouth to say something but couldn't find the right words like always though my mother came to my aid.

"Uly you need to give him time to think," she said annoyed with the stunt he just pulled.

"He doesn't have time to think about it I told you that. How long do you think it will take to get to planet Krypton?" My dad asked starting to get impatient.

"Uly, please just keep calm okay. I know how you feel about this but you can't raise your voice and get angry."

"I didn't I just asked a question," my father started to talk calmer but it wouldn't stay that way, "and I don't have any feelings towards this I just needed to know if he was going. It'll take me a while to re-build the ship," his voice started to rise again and trust me when I say you don't want my father angry.

"Uly calm down."

"Why do you keep saying that? I'm perfectly calm I only asked a question."

"What do you want Uly? What question? You asked two different questions which do you want answered? I say it takes months to get to Krypton. Okay? That's what you wanted right?" My mother asked raising her voice. I don't like to see either one of them angry because now I definitely had nothing to say about this mess.

"Relax Clarissa. Now you're raising your voice."

"Yes, because you don't hear the tone of your voice. I say not to do something and you always say you aren't, when you are! You should know what you're doing, Uly!"

"Yeah I do, I don't need you telling me that!" Now it was a shouting war and I was the only one to break it up. They always act like kids when they argue but I expect that. It's been like this since my sister left for college and since my mother lost my brother. They were always arguing I totally understand I mean they both have a right to be upset. They are lucky to have Joy and me, but they're still grieving my dead little brother. It doesn't help that a year ago my sister went to college. Their emotions are just overflowing with confusion and sorrow. They heard I had to go to space and they probably didn't have the heart to let me leave. I mean after I leave they would probably be alone and left to worry about the two of us.

"I want to go," I said but neither one heard because they were busy fighting. I raised my voice, which I was taught not to do while people were talking, but I did it anyway thinking that they weren't really talking.

"I said I'll go!" The room got quiet and they both stared at me as I stared at my plate. After that they both picked up their forks and started eating again like nothing had happened.

"Okay Junior, if that's what you want," my mother said her voice calm again.

"Alright then I'll start on the ship tonight," my father agreed looking back down at his plate. I looked up at both of them and set my fork down.

"Dad," I said curious and eager to change the subject. I mean this whole time I was thinking about it, I just didn't think it was the right time to bring it up. Now that one problem was solved there was the other one that I tried to ignore.

"What?" he asked never looking up from his plate and still eating the pasta on his plate.

"Where did you get the black eye?"

"I was working out and dropped the weight on my face," he answered too quickly, and he wasn't a good liar. I figured that out years ago, so I knew he was lying now. My mother put down her fork because she knew he was lying, and because she didn't realize he had one. She was on his left side and his black eye was on the right, not to mention it wasn't as noticeable as it was now. Mom wasn't paying attention when she went to sit next to him, or when they were arguing. My father just kept eating, pretending not to be nervous although you could tell he was. Probably because mom would give him another black eye on his other side for not saying anything.

"Dad I know you're lying. So I'll ask again, how did you get that black eye?" My dad was silent and he stopped eating but still looked at his plate. My mother grabbed his face and turned it towards her; she held it still just starring at it. Neither dad nor I could figure out what she was thinking.

"Junior go and get me the first aid kit and a bottle of alcohol," I got up and went down the hall. I walked into the pearl bathroom trying to remember where the first aid kit was. I found it in the cabinet under the sink. I ran out of the bathroom down the hall to the cellar room, and grabbed a bottle of alcohol. When I got back my parents weren't in the dining room, but our plates were gone. I heard the sink on and discovered my mother was washing the dishes in the kitchen.

"Go out and sit with your father. I'm going to finish then go outside and get some ice," I walked out into the living room. I saw my dad sitting on the couch with his hands folded starring at the ground. He looked calm leaning back against the couch, although I knew he was in trouble with mom for not saying anything. I sat next to him and waited; I figured he might have something to say but he didn't say anything. I just sat in silence anyway, because I knew that being there to listen was important. I set the first aid kit and the bottle of alcohol on the table and sat with my hands folded like him, but I leaned forward on my knees. I stared at him trying to find something to say but couldn't. Finally, after a couple of minutes of thinking I thought of something to say, "Dad if you want to talk ... I'll listen I mean I'm the one that got you in trouble with mom."

"No, she's just angry I didn't tell her I was hurt," he started to fidget with his hands. At first I thought he was just nervous about what mom would do to him, but when I glanced I saw why. His right hand was swollen, the colors blue and purple made his hand an art work, not to mention it was way bigger than his left. I began to wonder how I didn't notice.

"Are you okay?" I asked.

"I'm fine," he really didn't seem alright. I just sat there for his sake when the phone rang; I waited a moment and let it ring a second time to make sure Mom wasn't going to answer. When the phone rang a third time I knew she wasn't going to answer it. I got up and went to the kitchen to answer it.


"Junior? Is your father alright we heard he was hurt?"

"I'm sorry, who is this?"

"It's me, Aunt Beyonca ... I'm going to stop by to check on him okay?"

"Yeah, that's fine maybe he'll tell you what's wrong."

"Okay, I'm on my way, bye."

"Bye," I hung up and went back to him. How did she know that dad was hurt? When I came to the couch I noticed he wasn't breathing well.

"Dad?" I asked beginning to get scared. He didn't answer me at all. I stood by the couch ready to run for mom, "Dad please say something."

"I'm fine."

"You don't look fine."

"Don't worry yourself to death about me, I'm fine."

"Dad, don't tell me lies you are not!" I yelled walking over and sitting back down next to him. He leaned forward on his knees, and I could tell he wasn't able to breathe. He was trying to take deep breathes, but I could tell it wasn't working. I started to rub his back hoping it would help him breathe a little better, but it wasn't. I couldn't help but feel scared to have him pass out, when I heard the door open.

"Mom! You better hurry dad can't breathe," I heard a thud by the door, and footsteps going through the kitchen, when Mom appeared around the corner coming over to the couch and to dad's aid.

"Uly! Put your arms up so you can breathe better." My mom was trying to help my dad breathe by holding his arms up, and I felt I was useless. What happened to my dad that hurt him so bad. Why did everything start to show up now? Was it really because he was working out? Did he beat himself up that bad?

"Junior, go back down to the basement and get the box of medical equipment. I have to get your father to our room he needs to lie down, after you bring me the equipment come up here and get the ice, okay?"

"Yeah," I ran down to the basement. I started pulling things out into the walkway to find the medical box. I couldn't find it; when I felt like giving up, I told myself dad needed the supplies or he could die. I kept looking when I remembered my mom put some stuff under the stairs. I pushed everything back in place and ran back to the entrance; I looked under the stairs to see a brown box labeled "medical supplies" in my mom's handwriting.


Excerpted from Battle for KRYPTON by Nichole Flink. Copyright © 2013 Nichole Flink. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse.
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