Bayard and Martin: A Historical Novel About Friendship and the Civil Rights Movement

Bayard and Martin: A Historical Novel About Friendship and the Civil Rights Movement


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The novel provides the country with an outstanding rendition of the relationship between Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the Gay activist Bayard Rustin. It takes the reader on a journey that begins in January 1956, when Rustin arrives in Montgomery, Alabama to instruct Dr. King and his followers on how best to utilize the concept of non-violence, as an effective tool to fight the evils of segregation. It continues as Rustin draws up the organizational structure for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and continues as Rustin organizes and coordinates the most famous march in this country's history, the 1963 March for Jobs and Justice in Washington, D.C. There never would have been Dr. King's, "I have a dream speech," delivered that day from the Lincoln Memorial if not for Rustin's organizational skills. In this novel, the authors point out that Human Rights is a value that all people are guaranteed in this country, if we can only get beyond the petty prejudices that still exist. They also answer the question would Dr. King have considered the Gay Movement a civil rights issue? That answer is a resounding yes. For the history buff and readers who want to spend time reading a novel that educates, entertains and empowers, this novel is a must read.

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ISBN-13: 9780997655223
Publisher: Jaed Publications, LLC
Publication date: 06/20/2019
Pages: 410
Sales rank: 1,208,154
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About the Author

Professor Frederick Williams is the author of four published novels, has ghostwritten five autobiographies and is the editor of the anthology, "Black is the Color of Strength." He recently completed a screen script, "Wipe Out: Defending Black Wall Street," for a film bringing to the screen the great accomplishments of Black Americans on Black Wall Street in 1921 Tulsa, Oklahoma, and the hate that destroyed it. He helped establish the African American Studies Department at the University of Texas at San Antonio. He taught a variety of courses to inclue; African American Political Thought, African American Politics, a course on the Novelists of the Harlem Renaissance and African American Literature from Phyllis Wheatley to the Black Arts Movement. He is presently Executive Editor of Jaed Publications LLC.

Lane Denton served in the Texas State Legislature from 1971 to 1977 and was Chair of the House Committee on Social Services and Chair of the Sub-committee on Public Welfare and in that role, he exposed the abusive treatment of out of state Black children in detention homes, and as a result the Texas Attorney General closed them down. As a Freshman Legislator in 1971, he was the leader of the reform movement that changed the manner in which the legislature functioned. He wrote the landmark Texas Open Records Law. In 1975, he was selectd as one of the top 100 Leaders in the State of Texas. He served on the staff of the Ted Kennedy For President Campaign in 1980. He was also the Director of the Southwest Region for the President Jimmy Carter Administration. He is presently writing his memoirs to be released in 2020.

Z. Sterling Zensmeyer's early career was in theatrical and television productions which was interrupted by the AIDS epidemic. He is one of the two living members of the original Buddy Team formed in 1983 at Gay Men's Health Crisis. He established the first full-service HIV/AIDS residence in the Bronx and Harlem. He also spearheaded the development of the AIDS Day Treatment programs throughout New York City. He has a long history of LGBT political activism serving two terms as President of the New York City Stonewall Democrats. He is the Executive Producer of the award-winning film, "Latter Day," and the acclaimed chamber opera, "Fellow Travelers." He is currently Executive Director of the Center for Contemporary Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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