Bayou Bad Boys

Bayou Bad Boys



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ISBN-13: 9780758208514
Publisher: Kensington
Publication date: 12/28/2005
Pages: 384
Product dimensions: 5.58(w) x 8.10(h) x 0.92(d)

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Known primarily for her contemporary heart-warming novels set in small towns, Joann Ross is the bestselling and award-winning author of over 100 novels. Some of her most popular series are the Shelter Bay series, the River’s Bend series, and the Irish Castlelough series.

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Bayou Bad Boys 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
TeensReadToo More than 1 year ago
I like my bad boys any way I can get them, and Kensington Brava sure hit the nail on the head with BAYOU BAD BOYS. What could possibly go wrong with three stories featuring ultra-alpha males, southern drawls, and women with brains and beauty? With this book, the answer is not a thing!

All in all, BAYOU BAD BOYS is one hot ticket to Louisiana! You don't want to miss this winning collection of Southern stories-or the hotties that grace the pages!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I like my bad boys any way I can get them, and Kensington Brava sure hit the nail on the head with BAYOU BAD BOYS. What could possibly go wrong with three stories featuring ultra-alpha males, southern drawls, and women with brains and beauty? With this book, the answer is not a thing! I've always loved JoAnn Ross's writing style. She has a very distinctive voice, and it shines through loud and clear in CAJUN HEAT. For Gabriel Broussard, leaving his hometown of Blue Bayou was the answer to his prayers. He couldn't wait to hightail it out of there all those years ago, and he's certainly made the best of his time away from home. An actor with all the fame, fortune, and money a guy could ask for, he's been living his dreams-until two dates with a world-renowned actress somehow turned into an 'engagement' and then was broken due to his quote-unquote 'addiction to kinky sex.' What was kinky were the pairs of underwear getting thrown over the gates of his estate, but Gabe can't really complain. What he can do is turn his back on the press who are hounding him and head back to Blue Bayou for some rest, relaxation, and recovery. Except Blue Bayou still has one thing he's never forgotten-Emma Quinlan. As soon as Emma lays eyes on the man she's never stopped loving, she knows there's still something between them. Unfortunately, she can't decide if it's unfinished business due to Gabe's leaving all those years ago without a proper goodbye, or the heat and desire she still feels for him. Is there any way at all that a small-town girl at home in the bayou could have a future with one of Hollywood's darlings? She's determined, almost reluctantly, to find out. Nancy Warren, one of my favorite authors, brings us YOU GIVE ME FEVER, a real humdinger of a story that burns up the pages. Lucy Charles is a history lecturer at the University of Toronto, where she lives. She'd recently began researching her own family's background all the way back to the 1700s, and with thorough investigation had tracked living relatives-however distant-to Louisiana. Determined to have more to include in the family newsletter than recycled recipes, she sets off from Canada to the New Orleans Garden District-and is struck speechless not only by the Tara-like mansion she arrives at, but also by the drop-dead-gorgeous man in the garden who's none other than her very-much removed cousin, Claude LeBlanc. Suddenly, vacationing with very distant relatives while researching family history takes on a whole new meaning-mainly, that of having a fling with the mysterious Claude, the first man in a long, long while to get her juices flowing. Claude, on the other hand, isn't happy with his mother, Beatrice, who offered their home up as lodging to a virtual stranger. Sure, they're technically related, but to invite a stranger into your home and hand over family secrets seems a bit far-fetched. Until he meets the delectable Lucy, a woman full of passion, mystery, and a head for history. Suddenly, having her in his home is causing all types of complications, and mapping out the family tree is the least of his worries. E. C. Sheedy brings IN GOOD HANDS to the Bayou-based anthology, and what a pair of hands it is! Dane McCoy lives on Delacroix Island as a personal choice-not too far from New Orleans, but far enough-because he values his privacy and solitude. Housing his sister Marilee's (think Paris Hilton) 'best friend' Esme Shane isn't his idea of a good time. A book illustrator, Esme needs one last beach to complete her portfolio for her editor, and Delacroix Island is the perfect place to do so. Dane understands all of that, but he's not happy. Especially when his sister describes Esme as a 'mouse', a quiet, unassuming woman who will stay out of his way. Funny, but the Esme Shane he meets when the plane lands is a thirty-nine-year old firecracker who's unbelievably hot. Esme realizes right away that Marilee has launched another one of her plans. Her bro
Guest More than 1 year ago
I loved all three stories they were great. Once you start ready them you just can't get enough and you want more. The romance was hot sexy and steamy!!! Loved It!
Guest More than 1 year ago
CAJUN HEAT by JoAnn Ross When Gabriel Broussard left Blue Bayou for Hollywood, he had no intention of returning. Until he needs to escape Hollywood and the gossip and lies that abound there. Emma Quinlen's heart was shattered when Gabe left town all those years ago, and the moment she sees him again, her continued attraction to him is undeniable. With Emma being insecure because of her lush curves, thinking that Gabe surely prefers the thin bodies that are typical in Hollywood, Gabe has no choice but to prove her wrong. Facing the pain and the mistakes of their past is no easy task, but every heated moment they are together makes both of them wonder if they could have something more than a brief fling. Gabe and Emma are wonderfully written characters who sizzle throughout this great story. YOU GIVE ME FEVER by Nancy Warren Lucy Charles goes to New Orleans to trace her roots, she has no expectations of finding love. When she first meets her distant cousin, Claude LeBlanc, she mistakes him for his mother's groundskeeper. It isn't long before she finds out who he really is and the two of them are caught up in a red-hot affair. When a series of jewelry thefts happen and Lucy suspects that Claude is involved, she's torn as to whether or not to turn him in. Claude can't believe his good fortune in meeting Lucy, but she doesn't have a clue about who he is or what he really does he fears her reaction when she finds out. Nancy Warren heats up the pages with this tale about trust and love, and the fine line between the two. IN GOOD HANDS by E.C. Sheedy Dane McCoy happily lives a life of seclusion, enjoying the quiet and solitude of his island home. Imagine his disappointment when he allows his sister to talk him into allowing her friend, Esme Shane, to spend a couple of weeks in his home so she can use illustrations from his beach for her portfolio. The woman who shows up at his home is anything but mousy and shy, she is beautiful with long legs that stir his imagination. Suddenly, having a visitor is very appealing and Dane can't resist the sweet temptation of seducing Esme. When Esme is persuaded to go to Dane's beachfront to finish her portfolio, she expects to meet a middle-aged geek who stays holed-up with his computers. Realizing that she has been misled by Dane's sister, who failed to mention that Dane was gorgeous, Esme decides to give in to Dane's smooth seduction, thinking a quick affair would be harmless or would it? Neither Dane nor Esme were what the other expected them to be, but they are perfect together and E.C. Sheedy has done a wonderful job of getting them together, in all ways. This anthology is a fun read by three authors who are favorites in women's fiction. Each story is well-rounded and none are rushed to completion as can be the case with anthologies. I highly recommend this book to readers who love hot southern men and the women who find them irresistible! COURTESY LAURIE/ROMANCE JUNKIES
Guest More than 1 year ago
If you like your bad boys hot, spicy and wonderfully sensual then Bayou Bad Boys is the book for you. ______________ Cajun Heat by JoAnn Ross has the ultimate bad boy in Gabe Broussard. He is hiding out in his hometown after a Hollywood scandal has him running for cover. Gabe back in town is all Emma Quinlan needs, her former crush back in town to play with her desires. Emma decides to get Gabe out of her system once and for all. Hopefully then she can move on. But Gabe turns the tables and fulfills every one of her desires and then some. Gabe and Emma have one hot and sizzling connection. They burn up the sheets in this delightful tale. _____________ Nancy Warren¿s You Give Me Fever has historian Lucy Charles going to New Orleans to trace her families past. Her host is a very distant cousin, invites her to her home. Lucy is thrown by her attraction to her host son, the very earthy and sexy Claude LeBlanc. Things are not adding up with this branch of the family and Lucy is determined to find some answers. Will the chemistry between her and Claude cloud her vision or will it set her soul on fire. _____________ In Good Hands by E.C. Sheedy has Esme Shane sketching a friend¿s brother¿s island getaway. But Dane McCoy isn¿t the old recluse she thought he would be. He is the most attractive man she has ever met. Dane doesn¿t trust Esme reasons for being on his island but the more he is around her the more he comes to desire her. Can he but his mistrust aside and let Esme into his heart. _____________ Bayou Bad Boys is an anthology that each story sizzles. Makes you want to go find a bad boy of your own.
harstan More than 1 year ago
¿Cajun Heat¿ by JoAnn Ross. Movie star Gabe Broussard returns to Blue Bayou for some needed rest from the Hollywood scene. However, rest is far from his mind when he sees his former Cajun girlfriend spa owner Emma Quinlan. To her chagrin while knowing he will leave she desires him to stop those unwanted feelings she makes up a list of what she wants him to do to her, but buries the wrong list in the cemetery. Gabe has the real thing and plans to do each item more than once. --- ¿You Give Me Fever¿ by Nancy Warren. Five years have passed since highly regarded playwright Devon Burnett has written a successful play. Desperate, he rents a cottage in the middle of Bayou country to concentrate on his craft. Maya Poe knows who her famous temporary neighbor is and more so empathizes with his need to escape as she has done the same thing following an accident that nuked her modeling career. A chance midnight on the Bayou encounter leaves each desiring the other. --- ¿In Good Hands¿ by E.C. Sheedy. When his sister Marilee persuades Dane McCoy to allow Esme Shane to vacation on his island because she owes her he reluctantly agrees. Marilee insists the mouse will not get in his way. However, he quickly realizes the mouse is a tall beautiful athletic female who he wants. Esme should know that nothing is for free after eating beignets as the rich Dane is the centerfold of hunks and she wants him too. --- Though the hurricane puts an eerie background to the anthology, these are three enjoyable hot Bayou romances. --- Harriet Klausner