Be A Dear And Give My Tight, Virgin Hole A Hard, Sloppy Pounding

Be A Dear And Give My Tight, Virgin Hole A Hard, Sloppy Pounding

by Edmund Quimlove

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Be A Dear And Give My Tight, Virgin Hole A Hard, Sloppy Pounding by Edmund Quimlove

Jonathan and Tabitha Pemberton are ready to settle down to a nice dessert after a lovely dinner. But what’s this? There are no desserts there to be eaten. Tabitha, however, has an idea for an after dinner treat. She’d like Jonathan to do a bit of sexual role playing with her.

Jonathan plays the role of a door-to-door lion tamer, while Tabitha plays the role of a young, sex-starved, virgin, wanting nothing more than to open her heart, and her legs, for Jonathan while her father is away. Tabitha’s character may be a virgin, but she knows what she wants, and she wants it hard, wet, and smeared all over her sweet, innocent face…

“Do you understand what I’m saying Mr. McTavish? My little kitty…she has a hunger…a hunger for hot man-flesh. She wants it inside her.”

“Yes, yes, I follow you,” said Jonathan with a wink. “So, she does not seek to devour you as well?”

“She is normally quite well behaved for me, though she can be quite excitable. Sometimes she gets worked up into such a tizzy that I must spend several minutes petting her until she calms down. Sometimes she even spits at me.”

“Fascinating. That sounds like something I’d like to see. Do tell me more.”

“Perhaps you should simply come take a look at her. Would you mind?”

“Should we perhaps wait until your father is home?”

“No! Heavens, no,” said Tabitha. “The beast is mine alone. I wouldn’t want my father around while you were taming my little puss-puss.”

“You are suggesting that she is quite small?” asked Jonathan.

“Oh, ever so small,” insisted Tabitha.

“And is she quite hairy?”

“Not today,” said Tabitha with a coy grin. “She’s just been groomed.”

“I see,” said Jonathan, a note of enthusiasm in his voice. “Well, I should be happy to take a gander at your little kitty, though being that she is not a lion, I cannot guarantee that I will be able to quell her ferocious tendencies.”

“Oh, I understand, really I do,” said Tabitha, a note of desperation in her voice. “I just want you to have a go at her. And if she’s still quite riled up, perhaps you could have another go at her. You might even be able to have three goes at her before my father arrives home.”

“Very well, sweet girl. Where is it that you keep this beast locked up?”

“Oh, she’s in my bedroom. Wait here a moment while I go wake her up and get her prepared for you. When I call for you, head up the stairs to the second door on the right.”

“As you wish,” said Jonathan, rising to his feet politely as Tabitha stood. She exited the parlour into to the foyer, then turned to head up the staircase. “I shall be waiting on the edge of my seat,” Jonathan called after her as he took his seat once more.

Jonathan spent the next few minutes twiddling his thumbs in his own parlour, doing his best to stay in the mindset of his character. Here he was, a traveling lion tamer, alone with a rather lustful young woman. Dare he climb the stair to her room? Dare he enter her private chamber, part her smooth, lily-white thighs, and gaze upon her most holy of holies? Dare he bury his musket betwixt the nether lips of such an innocent girl, whose father might return at any time?

“Oh, yes,” Jonathan mutter quietly to himself. “Oh, yes, I do dare.”

“I’m ready,” came the singsong call from up the stairs.

“I’m coming!” Jonathan called back.

“Oh, you soon will be…”

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Publisher: Edmund Quimlove
Publication date: 09/06/2015
Series: Pembertons
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About the Author

The Honourable Sir Edmund Quimlove is a teller of stories, an imbiber of whiskey, and a lover of women. Though he is often viewed as a rather uncouth individual, he is actually quite the romantic at heart, to which his wife can attest. He was born at an early age upon the high seas, and became a swashbuckler by trade, until a chronic groin injury forced him to settle down to a life of gambling, drinking, and general carousing. That is, until the day he met Nancy, and his world changed forever. Now, he earns his living by selling his sex-laden tales to randy ladies and gents around the world.

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