Be Healed By The God Who Cares

Be Healed By The God Who Cares

by Sherif A. Michael



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Be Healed By The God Who Cares by Sherif A. Michael

This booklet offers tangible hope to all those suffering from physical and spiritual illness. Jesus Christ, the Second Person of the Triune Godhead, spent over forty percent of his earthly ministry healing the sick. The Gospel of Mark says that when the disciples preached the Word, the Lord confirmed the message by miraculous signs (Mark 16:20), including healings. This booklet preaches the Word. God, who upholds the universe instant by instant, is fully capable of confirming our message with physical healing, as he did in the times of the apostles.

Jesus urges us to believe in Him, the source of Life, and have faith. If we have faith in Him all things are possible. To develop our faith, we will examine His claims to Deity such as "I and the Father are one," and review the evidence. We will see that through Christ's stripes we are all spiritually healed. In addition, God heals daily many around the world of disease.

To help us believe and develop faith, we will look at: some of the Old Testament prophecies made hundreds of years before which Christ fulfilled; the proofs for Christ's bodily resurrection; the Moral Law evidencing the existence of a Moral Law Giver; and the testimony of present day healings.

Sherif Michael lives in California. He holds a BA in political science and an MBA in international finance from UCLA. He also holds a Juris Doctor in Law from Western State University. Sherif has lectured in Christian apologetics and comparative religion at university campuses, business groups, churches, and community centers in nearly thirty countries on five continents for such organizations as Student Life, Campus Crusade, Agape France, and a wide array of main line and nondenominational Christian churches. After six years in the New Age in mantra and hatha yoga, Sherif committed his life to Christ and has been involved in international banking, commercial brokerage, and real estate development. He is married to a Canadian-American wife with two young adult boys. Sherif authored the popular apologetics website, which is translated in 12 languages, and has been a guest on forty radio and half a dozen television shows, including the 700 Club.

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ISBN-13: 9781936780402
Publisher: Mill City Press, Incorporated
Publication date: 06/15/2011
Pages: 84
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Be Healed by the God Who Cares 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Donald-o-Smith More than 1 year ago
Unlike much of Sherif Michaels writings that are on a level appropriate for religious scholars, his new booklet "Be Healed by the God Who Cares" is written for the more common man like myself. Although it might prove of a greater value and more beneficial to someone who suffers from an illness or pain it is good reading for anyone who wants to know more about the nature of God. This is an excellent quick short read that I would recommend for everyone.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago