Be My Witnesses

Be My Witnesses

by Darrell L. Guder


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Be My Witnesses by Darrell L. Guder

What is the church's mission in the world? What message does it proclaim, and who is to proclaim it? The mission, says Darrell Guder in this book, is to complete the work of salvation that God began in the incarnation of his son Jesus Christ. The message is the gospel -- the good news of the incarnate Christ. And the messengers are the Body of Christ -- the church -- who have been called to be his witnesses. Only as we understand Christ's incarnation and the church's role in proclaiming its meaning, according to Guder, can we understand our calling to be witnesses of God's salvation.

Written out of Guder's wide-ranging experience as a minister and professor in the United States and Europe, and especially his work with the Fuller Seminary Institute of Youth Ministries and with Young Life, this book will challenge students and educated laypersons to grapple with serious theology about the church as it relates to what Christians are doing daily about their faith.

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ISBN-13: 9780802800510
Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing
Publication date: 10/19/1985
Pages: 252
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.57(d)

Table of Contents

Part 1Toward a Theology of the Church's Mission
Chapter 1The Church's Place and Purpose in Salvation History3
1.1The Power of the Presuppositions3
1.2Called to Serve8
1.3Christ in Salvation History12
1.4The Church as Part of the Gospel15
Chapter 2The Incarnation: the What and the How of God's Action18
2.1God's Way of Disclosing Himself18
2.2The Incarnation of Christ and the Continuing Enfleshment of the Gospel24
2.3The Church as the Body of Christ27
Part 2The Church's Mandate: Be My Witnesses
Chapter 3The Vision of the Church in Acts35
3.1From Jerusalem to the End of the Earth35
3.2"Be My Witnesses"40
3.3The Enabling Event of Pentecost44
3.4The Community of Witness48
Chapter 4Realism About the Church55
4.1The Disappointment of History55
4.2The Sobering Challenge of the Institutional Church65
Part 3Defining the Church's Mission Incarnationally
Chapter 5What is the Gospel?75
5.1Saying Too Much and Saying Too Little75
5.2Some Summary Statements78
5.3Doing Modest Theology of the Church88
Chapter 6Being the Witness: the Equipping Community as Witness91
6.1The Risks of Defining Witness as Persons91
6.2Being and Becoming the Witness96
6.3The "Equipping Community" as the Presupposition for Being the Witness105
Chapter 7Doing the Witness: Christian Action as Witness112
7.1Incarnation Instead of Abstraction112
7.2"Saved to Serve"117
7.3The Inward Dimensions of Doing the Witness124
7.4The Outward Dimensions of Doing the Witness128
Chapter 8Saying the Witness: Understanding Evangelization133
8.1"Evangelization" Rather Than "Evangelism"133
8.2The Possibility of Evangelization136
8.3The Necessity of Evangelization140
8.4The Inward Dimension of Evangelization148
Chapter 9Saying the Witness in the World: Incarnational Evangelization153
9.1"Earning the Right to be Heard"153
9.2Every Witness an Evangelist159
9.3The Gift of Evangelists167
9.4The Prophetic Witness174
Part 4Becoming the Church of Incarnational Witness
Chapter 10Correcting the Church's Course181
10.1A Cautionary Approach to Criticism181
10.2Changing How the Church Views Itself182
10.3"In but not of the World"195
10.4The Cultural Bondage of the Gospel197
Chapter 11Ministry for Incarnational Witness204
11.1General Ministry and Specialized Ministry204
11.2Equipping the Equipping Community211
11.3The Authority of Ministry219
Chapter 12On not Separating the Inseparable226
12.1An Appeal for Theological Unity226
12.2The Inseparable in our Concept of Salvation230
12.3The Inseparable in our Concept of the Church233

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