Be Organized: Reclaim 90 Minutes of Your Day, Every Day

Be Organized: Reclaim 90 Minutes of Your Day, Every Day

by Marie Ricks


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Keep your house clean, your family fed, and your budget balanced. With over three decades of professional organizing experience, Marie Ricks will walk you step by step to a calmer, happier life. Each chapter focuses on a specific topic like meal prepping, shopping, organizing your whole house, managing stress, and more to help you create more time in your day and more peace in your home.

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ISBN-13: 9781462122103
Publisher: Cedar Fort, Incorporated/CFI Distribution
Publication date: 07/10/2018
Sales rank: 548,400
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Table of Contents

Author's Disclaimer xi

Introduction 1

1 Get. Be. And Stay Organized Concepts 3

It takes a lot of work to be organized, but it takes a lot more work to be disorganized.

Use tools, systems, and routines

Do the best you can

2 Chaotic To Controlled 7

Cleon out, cleon up, and organize your possessions.

Purge ruthlessly: Keep one, share one

Use the ABC storage method

Action project: Purge and organize the bathrooms

Set up launch and landing pads

3 Haphazard To Habitual 18

Achieve successful life management no matter the season of life.

Action project: Conquer clutter

Practice self-ordering as you go

Ease your pain; help others do the same

Take the hassle out of housework

Learn housecleaning methods

4 Madness To Method 40

Gain skills to act more poised than you sometimes feel.

Action project: Purge and organize the master bedroom and the master bedroom closet

Maintain 22-tie rule (if one comes in, another goes out)

Finish one season; prepare for the next

Prepare before

Gain momentum in four easy steps

5 Rushed To Relaxed 55

Keep life under control, paperwork filed, and information retrievable.

Action project: Purge and organize the home office

Find paperwork in thirty seconds or less

Keep family journals

Think wirh your brain; remember with your hand

Use permanent lists

Do what's important before it becomes urgent

6 Simultaneous To Sequential When Stressed 78

Gain expertise in handling the inevitable stresses of life.

Action project: Purge and organize the entry, living room, and family room

Handle stressful seasons like a pro

Manage grief and loss

Welcome a new child

7 Fast Food To Fine Food 88

Never have to decide what to serve for dinner again.

Action project; Purge and organize the kitchen

Take the decisions out of menu planning

Employ superior grocery-shopping skills

Improve cooking skills

8 Frivolous To Focused Finances 98

Work toward financial constancy, one step at a time.

Action project: Organize acquisition routines

Create a family spending creed

Implement a family budget

Rid yourself of all debt

Employ five rules for fair fighting

9 Panicked To Paced 106

Life's surprises will come, but you can be ready.

Action project: Organize weekly family councils

Simplify at all levels

Make your day like a dance

Start less; end earlier

10 Last Minute To Leisurely 116

Life is almost always nicer when you start early

Action project: Purge and organize the laundry room

Eliminate surprises

Don't do more; do better

Manage tardiness

11 Ambiguity To Ambition 124

Make some decisions just once.

Action project: Purge and organize the garage and storage areas

Increase storage capacity

Engage in morning essentials

Employ the law of firsts

Buy more-less often

12 Flustered To Finished 133

Employ skills to amplify personal and familial functioning.

Action project; Purge and organize closets, drawers, and cupboards

Learn to finish completely

Retire from putting out others' fires

Keep little things little

13 Whiner To Winner 140

Give them a more organized future.

Action projects Purge and organize children's bedrooms

Teach organization words

Teach competency

Teach return and report

Teach self-initiative

14 Conclusion 153

Appendix: Organization Forms 155

Acknowledgments 162

About The Author 163

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