BE REAL: The Art of Creating Exceptionalism in Modern Business

BE REAL: The Art of Creating Exceptionalism in Modern Business

by Julian M Allen Jr


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Be Real - The Art of Creating Exceptionalism in Modern Business contains the disappearing multigenerational soft skill set that has inspire others to exceed their personal daily best performance since the founding of this nation.

Our society consists of three groups of people: those who lead, those who follow, and those who depend on the first two in order to survive and prosper. We inhabit each of these groups during our life; some for an extended period of time, and others only briefly. Within each group you will also find individuals who are either "part of the problem" or "part of the solution." Your commitment to improving your soft people skills indicates your desire to transition from a follower into a leader while, attempting to avoid becoming "part of the problem". Accepting such a challenge brings a lifelong commitment to exceptionalism and mastery of soft people skills.

Unfortunately, interpersonal interactions are not always pretty, politically correct or edifying. The only truth about humanity is that we will eventually figure out a way to ruin all of God's creation. This is my attempt to support those I may never meet in life who are striving to step forward as my generation begins the transition into one that is dependent on the leaders and followers to survive and prosper. Thank goodness there are people who aspire to accept responsibility for the well-being of others and who willingly tackle the unending human-based problems that plague society. Those who are most successful will be thrust forward into greater responsibility by followers who recognize their gift, and willingly follow them wherever they choose to lead.

I was blessed with an unusually broad selection of mentors and experiences during my private sector career. I never found an organization without at least one crippling problem; the only question was where the problem was located and how severely it hindered the organization's journey toward success. The real world experiences of those who have already carried responsibility can help lay a strong foundation to support the forward progress of others-"your" forward progress.

My greatest hope is that you leave the world a better place than you found it by building on the experience of those who came before you, instead of wasting your lifetime just learning what to avoid.

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