Be Your Spirit: A Guide to Health and Happiness Based on the Yoga Sutras

Be Your Spirit: A Guide to Health and Happiness Based on the Yoga Sutras

by Randy Niederman PhD MSW




Discover your spiritual path to serenity, health, and happiness. Be Your Spirit is a mind, body, spirit program designed to improve your health and happiness. The program is based upon Yoga, which is a branch of Hinduism, the world's oldest religion. Yoga dates back to cave monasteries that existed in the Himalayas 5000 years ago. Today Yoga is generally known as a form of exercise involving physical poses and stretches. Ancient Yoga had little to do with these postures. The yogis of the Himalayan monasteries focused upon meditation as a means for achieving Self-realization, which is a state of being your Spirit. Be Your Spirit draws upon teachings from Hinduism, in particular the Yoga Sutras. The Yoga Sutras was written in approximately 200 BCE by Pantanjali. The Yoga Sutras is a concise step by step guide to Self-realization. Be Your Spirit presents the teachings of the Yoga Sutras within a framework of Western psychology, neuropsychology, and physics. Be Your Spirit consists of practices directed at cultivating serenity, vitality, and spiritual awareness. The goal of these practices is to develop a greater connection to your Spirit for the purpose of increasing your health and happiness. In particular this book is designed to help those who are struggling with depression, anxiety, and addiction. Be Your Spirit is a seven step program that consists of the following: Understanding the relationship between mind and Spirit... Increasing awareness of your Spirit... Increasing self-awareness through self-examination... Developing mental and emotional serenity... Learning how to live in harmony with others... Harnessing and cultivating your life force energy... Developing a meditative practice. Randy Niederman, Ph.D., M.S.W., has taught social work at the University of Georgia, Western New Mexico University, and Barry University (FL). His Ph.D. dissertation was a research study entitled, "The Conceptualization of a Model of Spirituality." Dr. Niederman has worked

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