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Beachcomber's Guide To Gulf Coast Marine Life / Edition 3

Beachcomber's Guide To Gulf Coast Marine Life / Edition 3

by Susan B. Rothschild, Nick Fotheringham


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This updated guide provides the latest findings about the biology and ecology of the Gulf of Mexico. It reflects the effects of recent storms and hurricanes, and includes an expanded chapter on sea turtles. Hundreds of detailed drawings introduce you to more than 300 marine creatures commonly found along the beaches and bays of this area. Easy-to-read descriptions explain the taxonomic feeding, mating, and migratory habits of these coastal residents. In addition, this guide tells you about many offshore creatures, such as oysters, shrimp, and lobsters, and the numerous animals that inhabit the subsea oil platforms.

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ISBN-13: 9781589790612
Publisher: Taylor Trade Publishing
Publication date: 02/01/2004
Edition description: Third Edition
Pages: 200
Sales rank: 588,299
Product dimensions: 8.10(w) x 10.90(h) x 0.30(d)

About the Author

Susan B. Rothschild, Ph.D., a resident of New Bedford, Massachusetts, has worked in the U.S. fisheries management, water quality assessment of Chesapeake Bay, and U.S. environment regulation at local levels. Nick Fotheringham, Ph.D., has taught marine biology and invertebrate zoology at the University of Houston and the University of Texas. He is a resident of Thousand Oaks, California.

Table of Contents

Preface to the Third Editionviii
Preface to the Second Editionx
Chapter 1General Shore and Faunal Features1
The Habitats1
The Fauna4
Invertebrate Taxa5
Chapter 2Jetties and Groins9
The Ubiquitous Barnacles10
Fleet-Footed Scavengers11
Oyster Drills and Hermit Crabs12
Flowers in the Crevices14
Crabs and Shrimp on the Jetty15
Migration of the Sea Hare16
Spiny Delicacies17
Beach Fleas and Skeleton Shrimp17
Jetty Animals That Resemble Plants18
Chapter 3Sandy Beaches21
Life on the Upper Beach22
Life on the Littoral Beach24
Snails That Leave Trails25
Worms in the Surf Zone27
Life Below the Littoral Zone28
Starfishes and Sea Pansies28
Yellow and Purple Whips30
Life Beyond the Breakers30
The Edible Blue Crab and Its Kin34
Spider Crabs37
Chapter 4Flotsam and Jetsam39
Portuguese Man-of-War40
Purple Sailors and Bubble Rafts41
Onions from the Sea42
The Floating Sargassum Community42
A Deep-Sea Castaway45
Chapter 5Offshore Bottoms: The Shrimp Grounds46
The Ubiquitous Fauna47
Nearshore Worms and Neighbors50
Spring Bloomers53
Shrimp for the Table and Aquarium55
Crabs--Like Hermits and Frogs58
Creatures to Entice the Sea Lover60
The Elusive Octopus62
Chapter 6The Bay Shore: Salt Marshes63
Mussels and Worms in the Mud65
Fiddler Crabs and More Fiddler Crabs66
Key to the Fiddler Crabs of Northwestern Gulf Coast67
Life in the Marsh Debris68
Land Crabs69
Invisible Grass Shrimp70
Chapter 7The Bay Shore: Mud Flats71
Razors, Jackknives, and Boring Clams71
Clams for Food, Roads, and Barter73
Mud Crabs and Mud Shrimp74
Delicate Ribbon Worms75
Augers, Drills, and Moon Snails76
Hermit Crabs on the Bayshore77
Worms and Their Neighbors77
Life in the Seagrass Meadow79
Clams and Scallops of the Grass Beds81
The Inconspicuous Cucumber83
The Carnivorous Whelks83
Tusks and Bubbles84
Chapter 8Artificial Reef Habitats86
Barnacles Upon Barnacles87
Add Soft Colors and Textures88
Serpentine and Mossy Forms89
Denizens of the Crevices94
Pill Bugs, Crabs, and Sea Spiders95
Clams, Oysters, and Mussels98
Chapter 9Oyster Reefs102
Reef Inhabitants103
Oyster Predators104
Oysters as Shelter105
Chapter 10Shell Habitats107
Shell Inhabitants108
Slipper Shells108
Bryozoans, Sponges, and Scaleworms109
Anemones and Flatworms110
Chapter 11Plankton and Nekton112
Plankton and Nekton112
Sea Nettles, Sea Wasps, and Sea Walnuts113
Chapter 12Sea Turtles119
Loggerhead Turtles123
Green Turtles127
Kemp's Ridley Turtles134
Leatherback Turtles137
Hawksbill Turtles141
Appendix AA Note on Biological Terminology144
Appendix BPhylogenetic List145

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