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Bean Power

Bean Power

by Tamara Holt

Editorial Reviews

Barbara Jacobs
The notion that certain foods can actually help inhibit specific diseases gains credibility daily, as just-published medical studies trumpet the power of fiber, fruits, and vegetables. Here, caterer Holt extolls the virtues of legumes as an aid in controlling weight and diabetes and as a boost to healthy hearts and bodies. Quick to point out that the flatulence typically associated with beans can be minimized, she also explains how to buy and store these high-fiber sources. Eighty-five recipes follow, all fairly simple and including both preparation and cooking times. Among some of the more unusual are lentil and onion compote, white bean risotto with shrimp, succotash vinaigrette, smothered beans with sausage and peppers, and, yes, desserts--raspberry-almond-bean pie, orangy rice and bean pudding, and soybean granola. Quite possibly, the right book to entice nonvegetarians.

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Random House Publishing Group
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Cancer Prevention Cookbook

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