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The Bear

The Bear

by Robert Smith

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The story of The Bear evolved on a camping trip a number of years(24) ago. I had stayed in camp with my oldest grandson
(4 years old), while the others were scouting the area.

He had been whittling with a small pocket knife while he chatted with me about things he had on his mind. He accidently cut himself. Next, we were on our way to emergency care for him. So I decided to tell him a story (about a bear) to help in keeping his attention from the pain.

Over the years weâ??ve completed the story of THE BEAR!

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ISBN-13: 9781481714860
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 02/15/2013
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The Bear

By Robert Smith


Copyright © 2013 Robert Smith
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4817-1485-3

Chapter One

It was September, and Dad had promised Billy that he could go hunting with him this year, only he had to maintain good grades at school. He was always one of the last kids to be selected for a spelling bee. And, English was another story. He just had a hard time in school. Billy was just too "scared" to get involved. He didn't want other kids to know how 'dumb' he was, and he sure hoped that he could talk his dad into letting him go hunting this year.

Dad would be home soon, and start getting things ready for this hunting trip. Dad's brother, Mike, was going with him. Billy hurried and did his chores. When Dad arrived home, he was in a great mood. At supper time, all Dad talked about was this weekend's hunting trip. So, Billy thought now was as good a time as any to ask Dad. Mom knew how badly Billy wanted to go, and if he played it right he would have Mom on his side. So, he said, "Boy we sure are going to have fun. I've got my things all ready to go. I can put them in the truck after supper." Dad looked at Billy with that look that made him feel that he could see inside of him. And, asked if he remembered what their deal was. Billy said he did, and was sure that he was doing a lot better in school. But, deep down inside of himself, he was not so sure of himself.

Billy said, "Dad, you promised that I could go with you and Mike this year". And then Dad looked at Mom. She looked back and gave him that look of hers! Billy knew then that he was going for sure. When Mom had that look in her eye, Dad knew that Mom would win. So Dad just looked at Billy and said, "Yes, we sure are going to have a good time, Son".

The next day, Billy was out of bed before his dad. He made sure that he had all the things that were on his list. If Dad didn't get up soon, Mike would be here and he would give Dad a bad time. So, Billy put the coffee on for Dad. Mike would want coffee, too! Gosh, he just could hardly wait for things to get rolling!

Billy could hardly sit still between his dad and uncle. He was on his way to his first hunting trip. It would take about five hours to get there. Dad and Mike talked about the big bull elk they missed last year; it would be a different story this year. When they arrived at the area that they were to make camp, Billy was to look for a good place to set their tent; so if it rained , water would run away from the tent.

Dad showed Billy how to dig a pit with rocks half way around the pit. Then, they put a grate, that they had brought with them, on the rocks. This way they could control their campfire. After supper, they picked up camp and Dad said "It's time to hit the sack". Billy was so anxious he could not go to sleep. He'd have to do a little Ystar gazing.

Well, they rose early, Dad and Mike started breakfast, while Billy made up their bed rolls. Eating breakfast, Dad told Billy that he would have to stay around camp that day. Mike and he would scout the area. Billy could scout around the camp, but to stay close. And keep his eyes and ears open for danger. They would return for lunch.

After they left camp, Billy went to get his bow & arrows that he had made. He thought he would get busy scouting the camp site area as Dad had directed. He found a little creek and looked for fish. He heard a squirrel and looked for it, spotting it on the other side of the creek, sitting on an old stump. Thinking he could sneak up on the squirrel he crawled on his hands and knees through some brush.

And was just looking out of the brush, when he saw a bear-a black bear!!!! Without thinking, he put an arrow in his bow and let it fly!! Wow!! To his surprise, he had hit the bear right in the rump. Oh boy!! The bear jumped, letting out an awful groan in pain!! Billy jumped up! About that time the bear saw him!! With a disgusted and painful look, the bear asked Billy why he had shot him in the rump. " What? A bear that talks & I just shot him in the rump?"

The bear just said, "Get over here, young man, and pull this arrow out"!

"I didn't know that bears could talk!"

"There are a lot of things that you people don't know about us animals. Now if you would kindly get over here and pull out this arrow!.

"Well, I don't know, you sure look mean!"


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