Beast and Beauty: Make My Day Book-18

Beast and Beauty: Make My Day Book-18


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Foreword by Kim Jacinto-Henares,
The Teachers Who Shaped His Life - p6

CHAPTER 1. Voice of voiceless, I am the Equalizer - p10
CHAPTER 2. Funny thing happened on the way to
Malacañang - p11
Part 1. The Unspeakable Aspiring for the
Unattainable - p11
Part 2. Cory Has The Eyes Of A Woman In Love - p13
Part 3. Cory, beware Cesar's Old Shell Game - p15
Part 4. Love is blind, conquers all, destroys! - p17
CHAPTER 3. Cory, the Army and the Americans - p18
Part 1. Civil War: deep wounds that never heal - p18
Part 2. Security Guards or Masters of Destiny? - p20
Part 3. Stupid CIA creeps opened Pandora's Box - p22
Part 4. Who will join me to die for Cory? - p23
Part 5. Phony war for a protection racket - p25
Part 6. The Cory speech that never was, on
National Affairs (1) - p27
Part 7. The Cory speech that never was, on
Economic Affairs (2) - p28
Part 8. Speech that never was: When all the songs have been sung (3) - p30
Part 9. Good luck Cory, swim with the sharks - p32
CHAPTER 4. CIA's Panamanian dictator - p34
Part 1. Panama's tortured history reflects ours - p34
Part 2. Noriega: US creates its own monsters - p35
Part 3. Here lurk other Noriegas paid by CIA - p37
CHAPTER 5. Were the Elizaldes cronies of Marcos? - p38
Part 1. Jacinto and Elizalde steel plagued with the same problems - p38
Part 2. Marcos took over Elizalde's TV, newpaper and steel mills - p40
Part 3. Elizalde and the Filipinos improved Armalite for Colt - p42
CHAPTER 6. Shay, whadya expect from Flash Gordon? - p44
CHAPTER 7. Restless souls wander the earth as ghosts - p45
CHAPTER 8. Cory, flatterers are our worst enemies - p47
CHAPTER 9. The Holy Mafia: Opus Dei - p49
Part 1. Secret World of Opus Dei, by Walsh - p49
Part 2. Big Dif between what Opus says and does - p51
Part 3. Taking a leak at the CIA and Opus CRC - p52
Part 4. Octopus Diaboli, guardians of the press - p64
CHAPTER 10. Pinoy Woodstock: bury our grief in song - p55
CHAPTER 11. The genius of Sixto Roxas - p57
Part 1. Ting's eco-system plan better than
NEDA's - p57
Part 2. Winnie Monsod's Cargo Plane Cult - p59
CHAPTER 12. The Destiny of Man - p61
Part 1. Virgin births in the future! - p61
Part 2. DNA and the Future of Man - p62
Part 3. Grand Option: eternal life as part of God - p64
CHAPTER 13. ¿Porque debemos aprender español? - p65
CHAPTER 14. Personalities - p67
Part 1. LABAN: Kris started People's Power - p67
Part 2. Amang's essences of purest copal - p69
Part 3. The true story of Gen. Marcos Soliman - p70
Part 4. Lee Aguinaldo, the lonely heart - p72
Part 5. Hot-headed Juan Luna killed his wife - p73
Part 6. Stella by Starlight, for our amazement - p75
Part 7. Funny thing on the way to White House - p77
Part 8. Platypus had a Japanese grand-uncle - p78
Part 9. Our AFP and gov't are run by comedians - p80
Part 10. Lincoln: something good about
Americans - p82
CHAPTER 15. Childermas, April Fool in December - p83
CHAPTER 16. Lost heritage diminishes our humanity - p85
CHAPTER 17. We have met the enemy and he is us - p87
CHAPTER 18. Glory be to America, war without end,
Amen - p88
CHAPTER 19. The day Our Lady was conceived - p90
CHAPTER 20. Dilemma of the Man in the Middle - p92
CHAPTER 21. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - p94
CHAPTER 22. Fun to be a Ham, world in your sala - p95
CHAPTER 23. Too late, our time bomb ticks on - p97
CHAPTER 24. I only rob blind men of their pennies - p99
CHAPTER 25. Grandest Truth is Patriotism of Humanity - p100
END OF BOOK - p102

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