Beastly Deluxe Edition (Kendra Chronicles )

Beastly Deluxe Edition (Kendra Chronicles )

by Alex Flinn
4.3 3


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Beastly Deluxe Edition 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Maili_Jane More than 1 year ago
Beastly. Kendra is a great character, though she is little seen; except when you read Lindy's diary in which case, she pops up more often. Adrian starts out as a real pain in the tush and becomes really rather likable and sweet, though he does have a few really cheesy lines. This story is for someone who likes beauty and the beast stories, and who likes supernatural stories in general. The story is sweet and the characters are good. I liked Magda and Kendra and the tutor, whose name I'm drawing a blank on. Adrian starts out as a jerk and has a bit of a creep moment when he decorates Lindy's room in all her favorite things but slowly becomes more likable and eventually even really sweet. Lindy is a sweet kid who just doesn't fit in at her richy rich kid school, I relate easily to her love of books and feel sorry that she had to grow up with the father she had, and that goes for Adrian too, they both had crummy dads. Overall, this is a good story, it had its problems but all books have their fair share, no writer is perfect. I bought and plan on reading Bewitched, the second Kendra Chronicle, which is actually what made me pick this book up in the first place, I read the synopsis for the second book and wanted to know more, but figured I should read the first one first. This is not a book that I fell in absolute love with, but it's a high bar I've set, so it's 4 stars out of 5. Bottom line? I recommend this book. Enjoy!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
WaffleLuver24 More than 1 year ago
In this story, a young teenager named Kyle has everything he could ever want: a mansion, a girlfriend, and he is very rich. On the outside, he is beautiful, but on the inside where it counts, he is beastly. At school, Kyle meets a very hideous girl who happens to call him ugly on the inside.He asks her to the dance just so he can get back at her for calling him ugly. He already has another date for the dance. At the dance, he tries to give his date a white rose, but she refuses saying she wanted an orchid. He gives the rose to the ticket seller as an afterthought. When the hideous girl shows up, Kyle tells the girl that she is ugly and that no one would want to date her. The girl says that Kyle will have to pay for this and she leaves. When Kyle was home, he walked upstairs to his bedroom and there was the ugly girl. She turned out to be a witch who turned Kyle into a beast. His entire body was covered with hair. He showed his father, who took him to many doctors, but none of the doctors could help. Kyle's father had relocated Kyle to live with the maid in an average house in Brooklyn. He becomes greatly depressed. One night a burglar breaks into his greenhouse, filled with roses. The beast is so upset that he dangles the man upside down from the top of the building. The man offers the beast his daughter as long as he is released; the beast gladly accepts, thinking that he will be rescuing the girl from whomever else the father will offers her to. The girl does not trust the beast, but over a while, they develop a friendship. On the night of the 2-year anniversary of his transformation, she runs away and gets in danger. This book was a great book. I would recommend it for fans of romance, magic, fantasy, and the classics, Such as Beauty and the Beast. This book definitely resembles Beauty and the Beast, but it gives Beauty and the Beast a more modern spin. Henceforth, making the book easier for teens to relate to and enjoy. This book was definitely for the readers that enjoy happy and uplifting endings. Where, everything works out and everyone ends up living happily ever after. But, the book also has it's dark parts, for example: Kyle becomes depressed and decides to change his name to Adrian, which means darkness. He feels that he belongs in the darkness because of what he is. I honestly thought this book was entertaining and enjoyable. I will be reading it again. I am definitely a fan of Alex Flinn, and look forward to other books she makes in the future. I would recommend this book for young teens.