by Al Ferber

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Between beatitude and oblivion, between war and orgy, between the waking and the dead was the Jazzed Generation: Bernard Corset, Yank Bivouac, Rupert Rugburn, Helmut Bungholes, and Beatrice-- Bernard's muse and soul. Between ON THE ROAD and CATHOLIC BOY, between HOWL and OEDIPUS, between CATCHER IN THE RYE and the INFERNO were the BEATITUDES.

Hop Wechsler

Jack Kerouac smoked his first joint in a jazz club in 1941....went on the road in the 50's and died somewhere in another galaxy...yet I would swear that he took a ride with the crew in Beatitudes.. I could hear him comment on how things are never things, and hip is in the eye of the unhip. The ride of Beatitudes took me along the road less traveled that only Kerouac and Ginsberg translated for me until Ferber came along. The truth is in the characters and the lie is in the truth.

Jack Apsche.

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Publication date: 11/12/2003
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