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Beatle Meets Destiny

Beatle Meets Destiny

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by Gabrielle Williams

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A boy recovering from a stroke falls in love with a new girl . . . while dating his sister’s best friend.


A boy recovering from a stroke falls in love with a new girl . . . while dating his sister’s best friend.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
This quirky Australian import is founded on the notion that an 18-year-old named John Lennon (and thus known as "Beatle") might find his destiny in a girl named Destiny McCartney. Highly superstitious Beatle, who already has a wonderful girlfriend, believes that his meeting Destiny on the night of Friday the 13th--when he normally avoids being out after dark--signifies they are meant to be together. Destiny, one of nine siblings all bearing meaningful names (Hope, Faith, Frank, Ernest, etc.), does not believe in destiny or in "signs," as her friends do, but is attracted to Beatle. The boy-with-girlfriend-meets-new-girl scenario is the only traditional aspect of Williams's quick-paced novel, set in the suburbs of Melbourne; she delivers a romance filled with highly original characters, multilayered plots, and idiosyncratic twists. The book's offbeat nature is established on the first page, when Beatle is introduced as a "nonidentical" twin with a "nonidentical" birthday: his twin sister was born six weeks after him, earning them a Guinness record. Clever, amusing, yet surprisingly thoughtful, the book will appeal to readers looking for something a little different. Ages 13–up. (Oct.)
Children's Literature - Heather Robertson Mason
Beatle (real name John Lennon) is a pretty interesting guy. He is a twin, although his sister Winsome was born two months later. He had a stroke that left him with a limp and a wonderful girlfriend. But it isn't until Beatle meets Destiny McCarthy that things get really interesting. Suddenly he finds himself with two girlfriends and a guilty conscience. Beatle isn't the only one in the story misbehaving, though. Destiny lies about a stolen tapestry to save her art project and Winsome is dating her English teacher, who happens to be Destiny's brother. Can anything good happen when so many people are behaving so badly? This is a story about signs, superstitions, and, yes, destiny. The universe seems to want Beatle and Destiny together. The constant coincidences and the author's asides can be a bit much at times, but Beatle is such a likable character, so he keeps the keeps the story going. He is genuine and readers will keep rooting for him no matter how many mistakes he makes. The story takes place in Australia and some readers may experience the shock of differing cultural norms (for example, Beatle and Destiny go to a bar on their first date). This shouldn't stop anyone from picking up the book, however. All in all, a very cute read. Reviewer: Heather Robertson Mason
VOYA - Teri S. Lesesne
John Lennon, known as "Beatle," meets Destiny McCartney one night at a train station. He is attracted to her mostly because she is wearing sunglasses at night and reading a book. Of course, when the two discover their name connection, they decide it must have been fate that drew them together. Fate plays a part when the two run into each other the following day as well. There are more connections: Destiny's brother is a math teacher at Beatle's school, a teacher who is coincidentally dating Beatle's twin sister, Winsome. Winsome, by the way, was born on a different day, in a different month and year than Beatle. Strange? The story has only begun to twist its way along. While the characters are certainly unique and the situations are beyond the usual, this novel covers familiar terrain: fate, family, friendship, and romance. The phrase "the course of true love never runs smooth" applies here, as Beatle and Destiny face plenty of obstacles. What helps provide a road map of sorts in this rather convoluted story is the handful of chapters, marked by a film reel instead of the usual heart shape, that are part of a documentary about twins. How this connects Beatle and Destiny is one of the many surprises in store for readers. Reviewer: Teri S. Lesesne
School Library Journal
Gr 8–11—Australian high school senior Beatle (real name: John Lennon. Really.) is superstitious enough to head home early on Friday the 13th. There's a greater likelihood of a car accident on that night and he doesn't want to push his luck by staying out late. Also waiting for the tram is Destiny (last name: McCartney. Really.). The pair decide that fate has brought them together and go for ice cream. The relationship blooms, or would, if not for Beatle's trusting girlfriend, Cilla, who happens to be best friends with his twin sister. Destiny has her own problems, related to purloined art materials, her astrology column in the local paper, and a job listing answered out of boredom that quickly turns creepy. The main story—Beatle and Destiny's budding relationship and Beatle's own entanglements—is a sweet, if complicated and ill-timed, romance, but the thread of the narrative gets lost at times amid interviews with twins, including Beatle and his sister, for a documentary and the constantly shifting focus from Beatle to Destiny. Still, the disparate plot points come together in a reasonably satisfying conclusion. An additional purchase for teens looking for a light romance with a smattering of drama.—Brandy Danner, Wilmington Memorial Library, MA
Kirkus Reviews

A quirky comedy of errors plays outin thisenjoyable love story set in modern-day Melbourne. Eighteen-year-old John "Beatle" Lennonrepresents one half of a set of twins--though his sister, Winsome,was born months afterhim due to an accident that resulted in Beatle's premature birth. Loath to become anything like his absent, ne'er-do-well father, Beatle is horrified when he finds himself stumbling into love with Destiny, a gorgeous, funny girl he meets by chance one Friday the 13th even as he is still involved in a long-term relationship with his girlfriend, Cilla. Readers willing to suspend their disbelief regarding the sheer number of coincidences that populate these pages will enjoy the awkwardly hilarious scenarios that result, and the overarching suggestion that fate is at work throughout the novel helps make the bizarre twists palatable. Characters, both primary and secondary, are strongly developed, and the Australian locale andcultural detailswill spark American teens' interest, with some terms and geographical facts explained in the backmatter. (Fiction. 13 & up)

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