Beatles For Sale: How everything they touched turned to gold

Beatles For Sale: How everything they touched turned to gold

by John Blaney


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(Book). Beatles for Sale is a brand new way of looking at a story you may think you know inside out. Author John Blaney shows for the first time how the group and their inner circle invented so much of what we now recognize as the modern business of making and selling rock music. This was certainly not because Lennon, McCartney, Epstein, and the rest had a clear vision of the way things ought to be. Very often it was simply down to making things up as they went along because no one had been there before and no one knew how to do these things. The book details the ups and downs of the group as they promoted, advertised, and sold records, played concerts, sold merchandise, made films, and set up publishing and record companies of their own. It is a story of naivety and greed, inexperience and luck, gullibility and ingenuity. It is the story of every aspect of how the Beatles made money and how virtually every group since then has followed in their footsteps.

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ISBN-13: 9781906002091
Publisher: Outline Press, Limited
Publication date: 05/28/2008
Pages: 288
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.40(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

John Blaney is a passionate Beatles fan who brings to his writing the expertise and rigour of a professional historian. He trained as a graphic designer and studied History Of Art at Camberwell Colledge Of Arts and at Goldsmith College (both in London) before taking up his presaent post as curator of a museum of technology.

Table of Contents

Picture section     6
Introduction     17
Money, That's What I Want: Early gigs, trips to Hamburg and management contracts     22
Mean to Me: Record deals and battles with EMI     62
Only a Northern Song: Publishing, royalties, and the value of a song     100
I Read the News Today: Meeting the press in the UK and the USA     130
I Wanna Be Your Fan: The strange tale of The Beatles Fan Club     160
Songs, Pictures and Stories of the Fabulous Beatles: The birth of an image     174
You Never Give Me Your Money: T-shirts, wigs, toys, and more     190
ACT Naturally: The Beatles at the movies     208
Come and Get It: Expanding business and declining interest     234
Apple Bonkers: Waging a war against Apple Computer Inc     266
Endnotes     273
Timeline     277
Bibliography     284
Index     285
Acknowledgments     288

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