Beautiful Chances

Beautiful Chances

by Alicia Rae

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Beautiful Chances by Alicia Rae

After losing her parents and sister in a tragic car accident, Lily distances herself from those still around her. As she solely focuses on her work, she refuses to form any emotional attachments in fear of struggling through another unbearable loss.

…until Kyle enters her life with his possessive and overbearing personality. Instead of running, Lily finds herself drawn to him. Helping her on a path to healing, Kyle stands by her side and lends her his strength.

A bond is formed, but it is tested when the unthinkable happens.

Can taking a chance on love conquer all?

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BN ID: 2940152945232
Publisher: Alicia Rae
Publication date: 03/28/2016
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 234,441
File size: 4 MB
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Alicia Rae is a Contemporary Romance Author who lives in Dekalb, Illinois, with her husband and three beautiful boys. Alicia has a passion for reading all types of romance, writing to bring a story to life, and wedding photography. She loves to hear from readers! Text RAE to 22828 to join her mailing list or join Alicia Rae's Readers Facebook group at: Believe in yourself and follow your dreams... Much love, xxx Alicia Rae

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Beautiful Chances 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 17 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Alright, maybe I missed something here. I really don't understand how this got a 4 star! I was so bored most of the time I had to skip pages and pages. I get Kyle is a sexy alpha male but it just seemed he was too perfect we got no insight of who he really was. As for Lily, well first I totally understand why she is the way she is. She is BROKEN!!!! I get it, however how can you be so broken and so selfish at the same time. I felt we missed a huge part of where Lily came from and who she is. So the reason I gave it 2 stars and not 3 was cause of the ending. REALLY! Have to endure some boring parts of the book you leave it at that. I would not read it again nor do I recommend it.
loves_reading_01 More than 1 year ago
She really captures you every flip of the page.  And Kyle?? Lord have mercy is HOTTTTTT and a true alpha! Absolutely love this book. :) cannot wait until the next one comes out.  Must buy! 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Very slow and spent too much time on nothing important and nothing was resolved or discovered or there really wasn't a good plot. Really one of the worst books I have ever read, and there have been some with really bad typos but still a whole lot better than this
TammieHTH More than 1 year ago
This book is a great story. I loved Lily and Kyles story. She ran away so she didnt have to face anyone after the death of her family. She met Kyle and he got her to open up and live. She writes romance novels without ever having a boyfriend. She was a virgin and Kyle her first boyfriend and her first date showed her what its like to have love and romance in her life. She was able to write from experience now and decided to spice up her novels somewhat. But she found out more about the death of her family and it brought her to her knees. Im ready to see if she and Kyle go on and live a life together. I loved Kyle! Hes every girls dream. A man who gives hearts and flowers. Hes wealthy and very caring and yet an alpha man. Love the book and cant wait to read the next book!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
shirley_frances More than 1 year ago
3.25 stars Lily has been living in Florida, away from her family since she lost he parents and her sister in a car accident. She's content with living at the beach, tanning and writing, but in reality she's only rolling with the motions and not truly living. In comes Kyle, a handsome man she met at the beach. Although initially fearful of getting close, she can't deny that the attraction between them is huge. He makes her feel things she didn't expect to feel again. However, along with those feelings comes in the fear and the doubt. Now it remains to be seen if Kyle can get through the walls she has surrounded herself with for the last couple of years. I won't lie and say that I liked this story from the start. Although Alicia Rae did a great job of drawing me into the story, she came too close to losing my interest when events kept turning up that had me shaking my head and muttering 'WTH?!' I won't go into great detail about it, because what may not work for me might work for you, but I thought I should put it out there regardless. I liked Lily. Her grief was well-founded and I though that the author did a wonderful job depicting the range of emotions a person goes through when dealing or denying their grief. Lily does both. She runs away from the grief only to realize that she cannot move forward with a relationship with Kyle if she doesn't confront it. Now Kyle. I liked him fine in some ways, but he exasperated me in others. Although thoughtful and caring, he came across as overbearing too. Something I did not appreciate. He was sexy and handsome, but way to cagey for me. I couldn't really form any sort of connection to him throughout the story, so in the end I just went along with whatever the author had set out for him, figuring I would get some kind of insight into who he was. I didn't. That alone lessened my enjoyment of the story. As I stated before, there were things that I believed where not necessary for the story to be told. I'm not a fan of 'insta-love', but I can accept and deal with them if the connection between the characters is palpable enough to jump off the page. Yes, Lily and Kyle did have amazing chemistry, but along with it came some things that I just couldn't overlook. I won't list them, I'll just say that sex as go-to way of strengthening a connection between characters that just met, IS NOT the way to go. Give me flirtatious banter and sexual tension, getting-to-know each other dialogue, emotions regarding the new found feelings, growth as a couple. These are the things that make a story and awesome read for me. I did enjoy the little bit of mystery that the author threw into the mix and the growth that Lily achieved as the story progressed. I also enjoyed the addition of the secondary characters, especially Lily's cousins. Through them I could see the girl that Lily used to be and how much the accident had affected her. I enjoyed their interactions and their banter. She truly came out of her self-imposed shell when she let go with her family and I took it as my reward for sticking with the story when at times I wanted to just give up. Beautiful Chances is the first book in the Beautiful series. It has a bit of romance and an abundance of sex coupled with a small cliffhanger and an unsolved mystery. I'm curious to know how Lily and Kyle fare in My Beautiful, the second book released November 5th. I am especially curious to know if the author will give me the chance to get to know Kyle better. I really do want to like him. All in all, an emotionally charged story about loss, grief and learning to move on. I received this title in exchange of my honest opinion.
sueLT More than 1 year ago
Really am sick of books not having an ending.felt this book could have been one not a series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
purpinkrose More than 1 year ago
Twenty four year old Lily Tidsdale lives in an ocean front cottage on Sanibel Island, Florida. She has for three years, she needs time and space away from everyone. She has a few friends one being Luke who works in the pizza place, he's her best friend, not even Luke knows her story. Lilys a writer and loves photography as a hobby. She spends her days on the beach writing every day till the sun goes down. This is where she first sees him, and he's looking right at her. "I decided to give my fingers a break when I felt it-that sense of someone watching from a distance. I glanced up and came eye-to-eye with a man sitting on the beach. His intense stare was fixated on me, like a hawk. My pulse quickened uncontrollably" Lily waves at this gorgeous man. And he comes over and introduces himself " Hi. I'm Kyle...Kyle Madison" Lily feels drawn to him which scares her she's NEVER felt like this. a few days later Lily is on the beach writing and when the sun starts setting she stays to take pictures, were she falls asleep. "I felt like I was walking on a cloud when a voice whispered in my ear. I turned my head to nuzzle into the warmth to evade the breeze, and inhaled the most intoxicating male scent" Lily and Kyle start spending some time together going on a few dates. When Lily gets her first letter from a fan.... Ok girls, get ready for a hot alpha boyfriend in the form of Kyle Madison..... I loved this story, everything about it. This is another one to add to your TBR list. Alicia Rae does a fabulous job with this story it leaves you wanting more. The characters pull you in. I love the cover. The story is believable and you can picture everything about the settings. I loved it. This gets 5/5 stars and 1/5 for movie moments.
chucha_13 More than 1 year ago
It has been three years since Lily moved out of Colorado. Three years since her soul was broken, three years since the nightmares started, and it has been three years that she has been alone. She now prefers to spend her time in solitude, writing novels and taking pictures. She refused to get any emotional entanglements because her heart could never take another loss. Kyle – I loved how Kyle could be romantic one minute and an overbearing alpha the next.  He’s just perfect for Lily. Kyle forced his way to crumble the walls that Lily built around her. He did it with his charms and persuasiveness. He doesn’t take no for an answer. But what I love about him the most is that he never left her – despite the nightmares, the running away, her closing off – he remained with her and helped her through the ordeal. Day by day, he helped her heal and urge her to live her life. Just when everything seems to be okay with the both of them, old secrets are revealed, surprising revelations are spoken, friendships get tested and old wounds resurfaced. Will their love be enough to survive it? WOW. I already fell in love with the cover the first time I saw this, reading this book – I was in awe. It was an emotional read – the sense of loss and grief was just intense. But at the same time, this book also shows how powerful love is because it heals – even the deepest, darkest parts of our soul. I love the plot, the characters (especially Kyle), the steamy scenes were off-the charts HOTNESS. Beautiful Chances is not just an ordinary love story – it’s a story about love, life, and taking chances. Your heart will ache for Lily and fall in love with Kyle. Just like me, I’m sure you’ll be looking forward for the next book in the series!!!! *ARC Copy was given in exchange for an honest review.(
jojoNE More than 1 year ago
Beautiful Chances joins the growing list of books in the New Adult genre and shows a lot of promise for a young author. Feelings of grief, survivor's guilt, and loneliness are what fuels the beginning of this story as Lily is the sole survivor of a tragic car accident. Not wanting to feel such painful emotions ever again has her closing herself off and trying to leave her past behind by heading to Florida. These early scenes reveal the pain she's going through vividly and brought a tear to my eye. These flashbacks are nicely woven into the narrative to perfectly convey what Lily's going through and make her flight understandable. She just wants to be alone where there's no pesky feelings weighing on her anymore. Unfortunately you can't run from the past and only by addressing it can you deal with it, which is what the rest of the story is about.....acceptance and being able to move on. By closing herself off she appears standoffish when arriving in Florida but outsiders slowly work their way into her life as she started to awaken from her self-imposed hermitage. The first person to have an effect on her is her friend Luke, who's a friend but wants to be more and ultimately gets hurt because of his feelings. The most important person in her new life though is Kyle who I found immensely appealing but who seemed too good to be true at times. He's an old-fashioned kind of hero who wants nothing more than for Lily to be happy. He wants to claim her the moment he sees her and quickly works his way into her life completely. There's surprisingly little angst in their romance as Kyle devotes himself to her happiness and she doesn't want to deal with negativity which leads to a relationship that felt a bit bland to me. They acted almost too mature for their ages by never letting issues get between them. Their sexual relationship started quickly too and was definitely steamy but it seemed uneven in its give and take, likely due to her naïveté in this area. The speed by which their relationship commenced might have contributed to my overall feelings as things seemed to go from 0 to 60 in the blink of an eye. On a whole though I enjoyed this story and its characters. It's ultimately sweet, sexy, and shows the ability to overcome the past after feelings of grief and sadness early on. There was a sense of foreboding throughout Lily's time in Florida that was lightly touched on that I wish had been expanded upon however. Lily went through a lot but was able to recover which made her an admirable heroine, though I never warmed to her completely. And even though I found Kyle's commanding nature to be too much at times I still found him immensely appealing and myself dreaming of him long after the final page was turned. He's a well-crafted hero! Readers who don't like cliffhangers will be a bit frustrated by the ending of this book but I for one am looking forward to the next book in this series and seeing Ms. Rae's talent grow.
dearbrighton More than 1 year ago
I've always wondered if there was ever a good kind of "possessive" in a relationship. Most of the time I think it's code for jealous jerk but I have new feelings on possessiveness thanks to Alicia Rae. Lily is a girl who has experienced a devastating family tragedy and has fled to Florida to pretty much hide out. She's not interested in forming any more attachments in life and just wants to focus on her work. Coincidence (or fate) brings Lily and Kyle together for the At the beginning of Beautiful Chances you could literally feel Lily's pain and grief over the accident. The flashbacks were haunting and just as real to you as they were to Lily. Seeing Lily and Kyle's relationship grow as she learned to work through her past made me smile for Lily. At first I wondered if perhaps Kyle was too perfect and the "possessiveness" that I worried about would be another hurdle for them to overcome. Alicia Rae brings to life a man who reminds me of the gentleman of the past; Lily is his love and Kyle wants to take care of her. He wants to support her and loves her all in the same breath. There is just the right amount of love, life, sadness and suspense woven though out the story. The only thing had me in a huff was that I didn't know at first that there was a second book coming out soon as the story ends on a slight cliffhanger. But it definitely has me looking forward to more of Lily and Kyle.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
OMG...Kyle....what I would do to have a man like that. Kyle and Lily's passion is truly inspiring. Anxiously awaiting for book two.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Really great story! A definite must read! Do not hesitate! Guaranteed to make you laugh, cry, smile, and sigh (Kyle)!!!