Beautiful Ever After

Beautiful Ever After

by Georgia Cates

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Everything in my life has changed.
This woman, my paid companion, has turned my world upside down
... while making it right for the first time ever.

We were brought together by need.
Hers was money.
Mine was companionship. And sex.

Caitriona Louden gave me the girlfriend experience.
All of it.
And now she's gone.

I'm not supposed to miss her.
I'm not supposed to love her.
But I do. Both.

Our contract expired, and she walked away.
Now my world is falling apart without her in it.
Because she is my everything.

A fairy-tale romance.
It's ours to have.
And this woman I've come to love so dearly is my beautiful ever after.

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BN ID: 2940161203408
Publisher: Georgia Cates Books, LLC
Publication date: 05/07/2019
Series: Beautiful Illusions Duet , #2
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 1,309
File size: 533 KB

About the Author

Georgia resides in rural Mississippi with her wonderful husband, Jeff, and their two beautiful daughters. She spent fourteen years as a labor and delivery nurse before she decided to pursue her dream of becoming an author and hasn’t looked back yet.

When she’s not writing, she’s thinking about writing. When she’s being domestic, she’s listening to her music and visualizing scenes for her current work in progress. Every story coming from her always has a song to inspire it.

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Beautiful Ever After 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
MaimeosAngelsEL 6 days ago
Georgia Cates is a relatively new author to me. I was intrigued when I read the blurb for this duet. Maxwell (Hutch) Hutcheson is reeling from the fact that Caitriona Louden walked away from him after their contract ended. Neither of them had expected the connection between them and yet the flames burned bright between them. I was drawn to both these characters and Ms.Cates style of writing drew me in and kept me entertained throughout the story. Despite her feelings for Hutch, Lou is determined to move on. However, she doesn’t count on Hutch’s determination and yet he cannot help wanting to find her.   This story is all about the strength of the love between Hutch and Lou and fighting against those who would keep them apart. I admired Lou’s strength and determination and the love that Hutch has for her was heart warming. Beautiful Ever After will tug at your heart strings and in my opinion is a fitting conclusion to the love story that is Hutch and Lou.
JWright57 12 days ago
I was excited to get to the second part of the Beautiful Illusions Duet and I have to say this book did not disappoint it was everything I expected and more. Beautiful Ever After continues Maxwell (Hutch) Hutcheson and Caitriona Louden love story so you do have to read Eight One Night first. Hutch is desperate to find Lou, he can’t believe she walked away when their contract ended and is struggling to understand why she won’t return his calls or messages, he knows there must be more to the reason she left than meets the eye and he is prepared to do what ever is needed to have her back in his life but does Lou want to be found........ This is a true love story with characters I adored, this book ticked every box for me, it tugged in my heartstrings, it captivated me and it gave me all the feels I want and in a great read. The conclusion was perfect and I can’t wait to see where the very talented Georgia Cates takes us next because this duet will certainly be on my best reads of 2019.
Chloe Trivelpiece 13 days ago
This is the finale of the story of Lou & Hutch.  And what a beautiful ever after it is. There are still struggles, but the love that Hutch and his mo maise have is stronger than ever. Lou really shows her strength both mental and physical.  She is does what she has to do to ensure Hutch's happiness.  She sacrifices so that he will succeed. I love Hutch's determination to find and keep Lou.  His dedication to her and to his family is admirable and make him so swoony! This is a fantastic duet that I couldn't put down!  If you are looking for a bit of Cinderella story with a twist, look no further than this! It was fantastic to read about past characters! It was like having a mini reunion to see what everyone has been up to! Thank you for writing this beautiful duet! I cannot wait to see what you come out with next!!
Anonymous 6 days ago
Jill__D 11 days ago
4 stars for - Beautiful Ever After - book two in the Beautiful Illusions Duet by Georgia Cates. You must read book one - Eighty-one Nights - prior to reading this in order to have an understanding of what exactly is happening. Fans of Ms. Cates will recognize a plethora of beautiful faces in this second book and cheer on all their familiar antics when it comes to protecting the ones they love. When we last left Edinburgh things weren’t looking too good for Lou and Hutch with outsiders trying to reek havoc in their lives. Lou is heartbroken and poor Hutch is confused yet more determined than ever to get to the bottom of Lou's sudden desertion. All the mysteries and questions are answered and retribution is delivered in the most exacting ways. This book was not as heavy on the sexy times as book one having the relationship "issues" more front and center but I did not find it lacking at all. I laughed, cried and swooned finding Hutch just as endearing in this book as I did in the first. Do yourself a favor and read this duet today!
Sandy-thereadingcafe 11 days ago
4.25 stars--BEAUTIFUL EVER AFTER is the second and final instalment in Georgia Cates’ contemporary, adult BEAUTIFUL ILLUSIONS erotic, romance duet focusing on thirty-three year old, Scottish businessman and widower Maxwell ‘Hutch’ Hutcheson, and twenty-two year old, American student Caitriona ‘Lou’ Louden. BEAUTIFUL EVER AFTER should not be read as a stand alone as it picks up immediately after the events and cliff hanger of book one EIGHTY-ONE NIGHTS. There is a slight cross-over with the author’s SIN TRILOGY series with the inclusion of the Breckenridge family from the aforementioned series. SOME BACKGROUND: Desperate for money Caitriona Louden becomes an Inomorata woman, a ‘for-hire’ girlfriend for the rich and powerful. Never expecting more than a temporary arrangement, Cait is matched with a man named Hutch, the man with whom she will fall in love. Told from dual first person points of view (Lou and Hutch) BEAUTIFUL EVER AFTER follows the continuing story of thirty-three year old, Scottish businessman and widower Maxwell ‘Hutch’ Hutcheson, and twenty-two year old, American student Caitriona ‘Lou’ Louden. At the end of book one EIGHTY-ONE NIGHTS, our heroine Caitriona Louden walks away from the man that she loves in order to protect our story line hero. Devastated and heart broken Lou falls into a depression, a depression matched by Maxwell Hutcheson. Unable to accept the loss of his love Max desperately searches for Caitriona Louden, a woman he knows only as Lou. Threats from the past pushed Lou out of his life but Max isn’t willing to let go without a fight. What ensues is the rekindling relationship and romance between Hutch and Lou, and the potential fall-out as Max’s past threatens everyone he loves. BEAUTIFUL EVER AFTER is an emotional story of heart break and loss; betrayal and vengeance; acceptance, love, and moving forward. Once again, if you are a fan of the author’s BEAUTY series you will see a familiar outline and parallel correlations the author calls a ‘fusion of old and new material’. Georgia Cates pulls the reader into a sexy, spicy and sensitive story; a stunning and wonderful look at life, fate, romance and love.
bbarneybooks28 12 days ago
According to Caitriona Louden, especially after her experience as an Inamorta paid female companion, love is a beautiful illusion…it’s nothing but a fairytale, something fictitious and impossible, which means that regardless of the validity of feelings, the lie is easier to believe than the truth, no matter how much one or both parties wish things were different. Maxwell Hutcheson wanted the girlfriend experience, but he thought he wanted one with an expiration date and that’s exactly what he gets with his arrangement with Caitriona Louden. What Hutch realizes too late, though, is that he wants to prove to Lou that a beautiful ever after is possible, but he definitely has his work cut out for him, not only when it comes to finding Lou but also when it comes to keeping her deceased wife’s family from causing anymore trouble for the love of his life and his little Ava Rose. The second part of Hutch and Lou’s story begins right after their contract expires and everything has gone to heck due to Lou’s need to leave without having to say goodbye to the man she loves. If she would have stayed just a bit longer and talked to Hutch, a lot of things would have occurred differently, but I feel like she needed to flee in order for Hutch to prove to her just how much he loves her and wants her to be his forever. Lou definitely comes into her own in Beautiful Ever After; I loved watching her take care of the ones she loves by beating her nemesis at her own duplicitous games. Lou proves just how strong of a woman she is and how deeply her feelings are for her gorgeous guy and his beautiful little girl and the fact that she carries herself with grace and poise, even when she’s terrified of what could happen proves that she has what it takes to come out of this harrowing situation with everything that she wants and deserves. Hutch’s reactions and actions with everything that happens in this book proves exactly the kind of man he is and just how invested he is in making Lou his in every sense of the word. I loved the cameos of some of my absolute favorite Georgia Cates’ characters, and the fact that Lou sought them out to help her fix the difficult situation she and Hutch find themselves in is fitting since Bleu and her ‘Bella Mafia’ know how to get things done and take care of problematic people. I knew headed into the conclusion of Hutch and Lou’s story that Hutch’s deceased wife’s family would be an albatross around their necks, but they were more meddlesome, at least one of them, than I thought they would be, but thankfully, Hutch and Lou will do whatever it takes to protect what they’ve built and everything they planned to be. 4 Poison Apples
CeeCeeHouston 12 days ago
5 Beautiful story stars Beautiful Ever After is the second part of the ‘Beautiful Illusions’ duet by Georgia Cates and this title truly does live up to its name. An epic, heart-pounding love story that will leave you breathless and utterly fulfilled. This is a story where two people meant to be together who have been forced apart while others work in the background for their own devious ends. Book 1 ended with Lou leaving Hutch when their contract concluded but neither was happy with how things finished. Hutch hadn’t realized how much Lou would impact on his life, or how much he would come to care for her. Knowing that he’s in love with her hurts when he can’t have her by his side or in his life. Even though Lou feels the same, she knows she has to leave him behind and move on alone. It’s the hardest thing she’s ever had to do. But, she’ll try. Hutch is determined to get Lou back. He’ll do anything to show her how he feels. Nothing and no one, not even his evil relative will stand in his way. Their reconnection is likely to bring you to tears, it certainly did for me. But, their enduring love takes away the sting and makes it all so worthwhile in the end. I loved how Hutch never gave up. He and Lou are the perfect partnership and deserve their Beautiful Ever After.