Beautiful Origami Paper Wreaths: Handmade Japanese Decorations for Every Occasion

Beautiful Origami Paper Wreaths: Handmade Japanese Decorations for Every Occasion

by Noriko Nagata


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These origami decorations may look complex and expensive, but they are actually easy to create and will never wilt or shed, making them highly economical!

Each wreath is assembled from a number of paper sheets that are folded and then cleverly slotted together. No glue or tape required! The ring itself is held together by the tension of the individual paper pieces using the techniques of modular origami. Full-color, step-by-step instructions help you fold and assemble these beautiful pieces.

Different designs are provided for each month of the year—34 in all—and you can endlessly vary the colors and materials, which are readily available in any craft store.

Here are just a few of the seasonal and festive themes found in this book:
  • Valentine Hearts
  • Spring Cherry Blossoms
  • Tulips and Roses
  • Shooting Stars
  • Goldfish and Bunnies
  • Fall Harvest
  • Christmas
  • And many more!

This is a simple and creative way to add touches of beauty to your home or to create low-cost decorations for weddings, parties, holidays, and other special occasions.

These versatile designs can be used in many creative ways:
  • Wall and door hangings
  • Table centerpieces
  • Tree ornaments and toppers
  • Doorknob hangers
  • Picture frames

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9784805315606
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
Publication date: 11/10/2020
Pages: 112
Sales rank: 244,310
Product dimensions: 8.60(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Noriko Nagata was first inspired to fold origami more than 30 years ago after being impressed by theoretical physicist Koji Fushimi's book, Geometry of Origami. She strives to continue making simple, unique, elegant and beautiful pieces with carefully considered folds and connections. Her work has appeared in several Japanese publications, including Unit Origami Boxes (edited by Tomoko Fuse), monthly issues of Origami (Japan Origami Association's publication), A Study of Twist Boxes and more. Noriko's work has also been featured in countless international magazines. She coauthored The Mathematics and Science of Origami with renowned American modular origami artist Thomas Hull. Noriko is a member of the Japan Origami Association, the Thinking About Origami Education Society and the British Origami Association.

Table of Contents

Foreword 3

A Guide to Origami Folding Symbols 4

Two Common Origami Bases 5

How to Fold a Sheet into Thirds 5


Auspicious Cranes Wreath 6

Evergreens Wreath 7

Plum Blossoms Wreath 7


Simple Hearts Wreath 8

Sweetheart Wreath 8

Camellia Flowers Wreath 9


Simple Hina Dolls Wreath 10

Deluxe Hina Dolls Wreath 10

Cherry Blossoms Wreath 11


Flower Bouquet Wreath 12

Knotted Tulips Wreath 13


Samurai Helmets Wreath 14

Wisteria Vine Wreath 15


Simple Roses Wreath 16

Fancy Roses Wreath 16

Froebel Patterns Wreath 17


Hydrangea Flowers Wreath 18

Shooting Stars Wreath 19


School of Goldfish Wreath 20

Sailing Yachts Wreath 20


Moonlight Party Wreath 21

Bunnies Wreath 22


Fall Harvest Wreath 23

Mushrooms Wreath 23


Fallen Leaves Wreath 24

Japanese Maple Leaves Wreath 25


Poinsettias Wreath 26

Christmas Ornaments Wreath 27

More Wreaths and Decorations!

Ribbons Wreath 28

Tulips Wreath 29

Little Bears Wreath 30

Mother Duck and Ducklings Decoration 30

Hearts and Cranes Centerpiece 31

Folding Instructions

Auspicious Cranes Wreath 32

Evergreens Wreath 36

Plum Blossoms Wreath 38

Simple Hearts Wreath 40

Sweetheart Wreath 42

Camellia Flowers Wreath 43

Simple Hina Dolls Wreath 46

Deluxe Hina Dolls Wreath 48

Cherry Blossoms Wreath 51

Flower Bouquet Wreath 54

Knotted Tulips Wreath 58

Samurai Helmets Wreath 60

Wisteria Vine Wreath 64

Simple Roses Wreath 66

Small Fancy Roses Wreath 68

Large Fancy Roses Wreath 70

Froebel Patterns Wreath 71

Hydrangea Flowers Wreath 72

Shooting Stars Wreath 74

School of Goldfish Wreath 76

Sailing Yachts Wreath 78

Moonlight Party Wreath 80

Bunnies Wreath 84

Fall Harvest Wreath 86

Mushrooms Wreath 89

Fallen Leaves Wreath 91

Japanese Maple Leaves Wreath 93

Poinsettias Wreath 95

Christmas Ornaments Wreath 98

Ribbons Wreath 101

Tulips Wreath 104

Mother Duck and Ducklings Decoration 106

Little Bears Wreath 108

Hearts and Cranes Centerpiece 109

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