Beautiful Sunrise: Her Father Tries to Keep His Daughter from Marrying a Certain Man

Beautiful Sunrise: Her Father Tries to Keep His Daughter from Marrying a Certain Man

by Darrell Arrington


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Beautiful Sunrise: Her Father Tries to Keep His Daughter from Marrying a Certain Man by Darrell Arrington

This book tells the story of how a young woman may react to her surroundings when she changes, what circumstance may cause her to go to Jesus for help, and the way he could help her. It's the same for the young man. What could possibility happen to a man who wants it all and direct others' lives as well as he lives the life he wants?

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ISBN-13: 9781524616380
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 07/14/2016
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.51(d)

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Beautiful Sunrise

Her Father Tries to Keep His Daughter From Marrying a Certain Man

By Darrell Arrington


Copyright © 2016 Darrell Arrington
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5246-1638-0


Alex Hayes, a black male is registering for classes at Birmingham College. As he selected his classes, he began to think, "Why didn't I go to one of the black schools in the area, they are all black students and are very good schools; I won't have to put up with this phony interracial scene. I would feel more comfortable there and they could teach me as well. He began to reason to himself "But Birmingham College has one of the best computer programs around this area and having a degree from here may make a big difference when I start looking for a job. I know that computers are the up and coming industry and I want to be right in the middle of it all. So, I guess that's why I chose this college and I like the basketball program as well"

Alex began to reflect back on what his grandfather always asked, "Papa", His grandfather always called him papa "don't you want to go to college and become a doctor or lawyer or maybe a pastor?"

Alex remembered that he never responded to the question. Alex grandparents raised him and he saw his grandfather as being a man among men. He called him "Da." It was something about Da that set him apart from other men. He was strong in character, always wanting to do the right thing, but he did have his anger periods. He was a hard working, good, clean man. He taught Alex to always walk proud with his head held high, be fair with everyone, and treat people equally. His grandmother, whom he called "Ma," taught him about Jesus and to love as God love all people.

As Alex thoughts returns to his class load, he realize it wasn't too bad for his first semester. He planned to totally apply himself to his studies. This is his first semester and Alex knew, although he did not want to go to college, it is what he needed for a more successful life. He also realized that there is no reason to get caught up in partying and college life. If he did, he would have a good time but may not get all that school offered, nothing good would come out of it for him.

During the last week of September, Alex was approached by another student, an upper classman. The young man walked up to Alex and said "hello, my name is Dennis Faraday," as he extended his hand.

Alex said "hello" as the two men shoot hands.

"Is this your first year here at BC."


"How do you like it so far?" Dennis asked

"So far everything is going just great; I can expect the classes will get somewhat harder, but that is what I am here for, to learn."

Dennis said "that is really a good attitude. What are you doing for extra curricular activities?"

"I am going out for basketball, that's about all. I don't plan on messing around too much; I think this is a great school. But I want to get this four years of school business over as soon as I can."

Dennis replied, "I understand, and follow what you say, but have you ever thought about joining a fraternity?"


"They are lots of fun, lot of thing to do."

Alex said "I bet it is, but I'm not to sure about that."

"I've asked around about you and I get good reports, you seem like a good candidate for our fraternity. We're having an introduction night this coming Friday at 8pm, and I'm inviting you to come. Okay?"

"What will I have to do." Alex asked.

"Nothing, just come listen to our presentation and if you like what you hear, then get back with me and I'll take you in. In other words I'll be your sponsor."

"That sounds nice, but I don't know, will all the members be there?" Alex asked the question to see if there would be any other blacks there.

Dennis responded "probably most of the members will be there."

"I'll be there Friday night, just for the presentation, right?" Alex asked. Reassuring himself of his reason for attending the event.

Dennis said "right."

"Where do I go?"

Dennis turned around, pointing and said, "Look through those trees, see that big house with the old truck parked on the right side of it? Eight o'clock, be there."

Alex seeing the house said "I'll be there."

Alex knew how crazy frats can be and was not really interested in joining. But he wanted to see the presentation.

That wasn't his thing and Alex was sure he was not going to go through all that initiation stuff or walk the burning sands, etc. Alex had also learned that if he pledges he would be the first black to be initiated into this fraternity and everything he had heard about fraternity life had been very interesting. He knew this would need serious consideration even though he was not interested in pledging, he knew his mind was not firm.

Alex arrived at the fraternity house Friday evening on time. He went in and was directed to the area where the presentation was to be given and had a seat. He looked around and saw another black man present. He listened to the information about the fraternity. Although, it was very interesting and informative, when the opportunity came, Alex got up and left, but he noticed the other black man stayed.

After a week or so, Alex heard that the black man that stayed at the house when the presentation was being given, was going through some of his initiations. While he was doing what the fraternity brothers told him to do, was almost killed or seriously injured which may affect him for the rest of his life. Alex was thinking about this incident and thought, "ten years from now I'll be happy to pledge, when the racial attitudes has somewhat changed here, but not now."

Alex remembers hearing about a young white man walking through the heart of a black section of Birmingham growling, waving his hands and walking awkwardly like he was a monster. He ended up hit in the head and left in the street gutter for the police to pick up.

He also heard of a white girl having to drive through the same section of town totally naked. When he heard it, he knew it was a sorority prank.

Alex felt that these types of activities could be too dangerous for him and he decided not to get involved where he would have to tell someone to buzz off because he was not going to do something that would cause him pain. He also knew if a person could get through the foolishness, belonging to a fraternity or sorority for women, would have good benefits throughout life.

But all in all, Alex was for sports and he loved basketball and that's what he wanted to do.

Basketball try outs started and Alex was on the floor doing his best. He was trying out for Coach Armstrong, a tall, white hair, well built older man. He had a strong voice with a commanding tone. He seemed a professional; a person that did not have favorites on his team.

It bothered Alex that his style of playing may not be acceptable to the coach. But, he made the team. He discussed his basketball schedule with his instructors and they are supportive as long as he keeps his grades up.

There were twenty five students who went out for the team, ten got cut. Included in the ten were two blacks. The coach likes to have fifteen players on his team.

Alex was somewhat a star in high school. He had been noted in "Who's Who" in basketball in America for the highest top five scorers in America. He was a natural playing basketball.

Alex, a level headed young man, understands that his popularity in high school does not matter here, nor trying to show boat his street talents. This is organized college basketball he wanted to play, so he has to follow the rules. But, team practice was so boring. Getting use to the coach teaching scientific method of playing ball, the usual lay ups, passes and team plays. This type of stuff is good for organizational ball, but it does get boring. As he played, he notices a few other players that can play pretty good.

After starting practice, Alex began working out in the gym as often as he could. He wanted to build stamina as well as muscular arms and legs for endurance. He practiced sprints; he would run come to a sudden stop and sprint the other way, stopping certain intervals. He would do this as long as he could, hoping to improve his breathing and leg strength.

He would then practice his "fast moves," to help his ability to move in all directions swiftly. This exercise would strengthen his legs and help with his endurance as well. He wanted to keep fit for basketball as well as martial arts. No one had seem martial arts except in the movies.

When Alex first entered the gym he was impressed by its size and the athletic departments available for the students learning and use. Not only did the gym have basketball but gymnastics, volleyball and swimming, to mention some of the programs available in the gym; not mentioning the outside programs.

Fred, the other black player happened to stop by one day and observed Alex working out with the running and asked him what was he doing.

Alex answered, "working out, I want to get and keep my legs strong and flexible but I need to get my endurance up for playing ball again as well."

"Will you show me and let me train with you?"

Alex said "of course."

They began to work out almost daily, and Fred could see and feel the difference in his legs. Of course in the beginning he was so tired; he could have fell over and melted into the floor.

Three of the other players came by one day and saw the workout and asked the same question, what are you two guys doing? They got their answer and they stayed and practiced. So almost every day, there were five ball players in the gym practicing and improving their strength, endurance and balling handling skills.

After awhile they began to practice on their ball playing techniques, improving their shooting abilities, passing and free throws and their overall team playing. The five became friends off the court. They would help each other when possible in their classes, to make sure that no one would be dropped from the team. They would sometimes go off campus together for a meal at a local restaurant or to a place where they could sit and talk over a soda or coffee, about different things.

The five are: Alex Hayes, 5'10"-195 Guard Freshman, Fred Harden, 6'2"-190 Guard Freshman, Mike Gower, called Big Man 6'8" 220 Center Freshman, Joey Fisher, 6'2" 215 Forward Sophomore and Jim Sanger, 6'4" 210 Forward Junior.

Coach Armstrong saw them practicing a couple of times. He watched them practice organized ball and what he saw was looking pretty good. He also watched them put a little street ball into it, dribbling, passing and making long field shots. Some of the plays were difficult but they were getting good at it. The Coach was happy to see this type of enthusiasm, but he knew that most of the stuff they were doing was not part of his plan.

He talked to them about it and the five agreed that what they were playing around with was not intended to be used in the games. Coach said, "Okay, but if you do, I will close this gym to you and not allow you to practice here except during practice times." "It's a deal coach."

The players said. They all shook the coach's hand, patting him on the back as he was leaving. "Sure, you are shaking my hand and patting me on the back and pushing me out the door."

"No! No! Coach" they all agreed, "we are not like that."

The coach smiled as he left the floor.

The five players talked about their classes and how they were doing, their families and how it was at home. They like listening to Alex tell how it was in Vietnam, and he would tell them what he knew about combat life. He was a headquarters clerk, so he did not know firsthand very much about what was going on in the jungle where the fighting was going on. Although, he twisted the truth sometimes.

One day Alex was alone in the gym and started doing a kata, a martial art dance, he had learned from Tao Lee while he was stationed in Vietnam.

Fred and Big Man came in and saw him and asked what was he doing.

When Alex realized they were there, he stopped his practice.

He replied, "Oh! Nothing."

"Come on man, we don't mean to intrude or stick our nose into your business, but what was that, it was nice."

Alex realized they had seen him, so he decided the best thing to do is give and explanation. "It's part of martial arts for self defense, it's an Asian art. This is not something that, if you get the opportunity to learn, you tell everyone you know."

Big Man said "I have heard about this stuff, Karate, Kung Fu, right?"

Alex said "Right!"

The other three members of the five learned what Fred and Big Man was doing and they wanted to learn a little of this stuff also. Alex began by showing them punches, kicks and more of the moves, both defensive and offensive.

After their practice, basketball and martial arts, Alex and the guys would often meet at the school hangout, sit around and talk about everything.

Big Man looked at Alex and asked, "how did you learn that stuff? You know what I mean?" He spoke softly so no one would hear what was said and if they could hear, they would not pay attention to them.

"You want to hear about that?" Alex asked, as he was surprised that anyone would be interested.

Big Man "yea man, I really would!"

The others sitting around agreed.

Alex said "okay!" and started telling them. "After I finished high school and a few months later I turned 18. I signed up for the military. This is the funny part, after I had qualified for the service, I had a choice of career fields. One of my choices was Aircraft Controller. I did not want to go to a long term school so I chose Administrative clerk, which school was only a few weeks. I went through basic training, which is not a joke, but it was pretty good training for going to war. After basic training, I was sent to technical training school. After that, I was sent to Vietnam as an Administrative Specialist (Office Clerk). As a clerk, I was far from any disturbance. While there I began to see how computers were the future and wanted to get in on it. That's why I'm here."

Alex continued, "In Vietnam, I was in a safe area and was normally allowed to work during the day and off at nights and weekends, although, mission requirements always prevailed. I met Tao Lee, a Chinese store owner in Vietnam that I would always go to for my local treats. Tao Lee and I became good friends and would do some things together occasionally, have a drink, meet girls and things like that. I learned that Tao Lee was a martial artist. Not knowing very much about the martial arts, I asked if he would show me some of the moves. At first he resisted the idea, but I kept asking him.

Later he agreed and gave me a demonstration.

I was fascinated at the moves and his agility and asked if he would train me. Tao Lee reluctantly agreed because very few Americans had been involved with martial arts and he didn't believe Americans could grasp the philosophy behind it. So during my off times and when Tao Lee was available to train, I was there. After more than a year, I had learned everything Tao Lee had taught me and he was pleased with my progress; "you might say I had gotten to be good" as he gives a little self assurance smile. Tao Lee told me that there was much more to learn, but I knew how to protect myself.

They were all amazed to hear the entire story. Then they changed the subject and began talking about what young men love to talk about, women.

Most of the guys Alex knew wanted to meet women and would talk about them all the time. There were thousands of women at this college, and at least a thousand freshmen. "I need at least a hundred of them," said Joey, an upper classman. Everyone laughed.

Alex with a smile on his face, looked at him and said, "I'm counting."

Joey said, "Okay, my man."

His friends always tried to introduce Alex to one of their friends, but once he met the girl, he would soon show that he was not really interested in her. He just had not met anyone that really rocked his boat. There was one young lady in his English class, who turned his head, but she was so in love with herself and in his opinion, she thought she was the prettiest girl on campus and very hard to talk to. He knew he didn't want to get involved with a person like that.

Although Alex knew he wanted a girlfriend; being raised by a caring and loving family and with his grandmother's influence of having a Godly life, Alex decided he didn't want to play around. He know if he did he may miss that certain someone who could come his way. He wanted a woman's love really bad, but didn't want to jeopardize a serious relationship by messing around with every woman he came across; so for the time he would concentrate on school and basketball. Alex was waiting for a serious relationship.


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