Beautiful Torment

Beautiful Torment

by Gen Ryan


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Desiree Garcia always runs from her problems. But escaping memories and tragedy is impossible, no matter the distance. When her last FBI case pushes Desiree to her limits, she knows it’s time to move once more. This time, she heads back home and returns to her family and to her best friend she abandoned so long ago.

Hunter Collins was there for Desiree from the day they met at just twelve years old. He stood by her and waited for her, even when she joined the FBI, leaving him and all she loved behind. Now she’s back, he’s determined to not let her go again.

When faced with a police case that she can’t say no to, Desiree and Hunter navigate through the investigation as she faces the horrors of her past. As they struggle to solve the case, it’s up to Hunter to keep her tethered.

Will love and friendship be enough to save Desiree from herself and all that is tormenting her?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781925655025
Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing
Publication date: 08/12/2017
Series: Thin Red Lines , #3
Pages: 286
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

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Beautiful Torment (Thin Red Line, #3) 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Debi-Kircher More than 1 year ago
Beautiful Torment (Thin Red Lines Book 3) by Gen Ryan 5 Stars “That even after pain, you should reach for the sun and try to find your happiness.” That one line says so much more than the few words it took to make it a sentence. Im blown away...This is the first book I've read by this author and I read it in one sitting because even though I had things I had to do I could not put this book down. I can tell there is history that I missed out on by not reading the first two books first but it in no way took away anything from this story. I will be reading the first two though as soon as I can. This author built amazing characters in this book, I fell in love with Desiree, Hunter, and Sydney and did not want the book to end. This was full of grief, sadness, tragedy, loss, love, hope, and forgiveness, and I felt every one of those feelings while reading. This book had a great flow and the style was easy yet moved at a great pace. There was a couple times in the book where it was like “oh wait, how did I miss that?” I like books that catch me off guard and this one did, and I loved it!! I hope there's more because I would love to see where the future takes all of these characters that deal with real life issues that aren't solved in a day and aren't always pretty. Brilliant Read!!
Bobbi Wagner More than 1 year ago
Beautiful Torment (Thin Red Lines Book 3) by Gen Ryan is the third book in her Thin Red Lines series. This book can be read as a standalone but I would highly recommend reading this series from the beginning so that you get the full understanding of this series and characters. This story is full of suspense from the beginning to end and you will even find some romance. I enjoyed this author's writing style and her attention to detail. Her characters are connectable and true to life. They will pull you into their world of suspense and leave you sitting on the edge of your seat. The twists and turns they take you on will have you turning page after page just waiting to see what will happen next. Find out what happens when these characters take on a case that will either break or make them. Desiree Garcia is a woman who runs from her problems but they always seem to catch up to her. She can't forget them nor can she escape them. Her last FBI case pushed her to her limits so she moved home to the comfort of her family and best friend she abandoned a long time ago. Hunter Collins met her when she was twelve years old. He has stood by her and waited for her even when she joined the FBI, leaving him and everyone behind. Now that she is back, he is determined not to let her go again. When he presents a case to her, asking for her help, will she regret saying yes? Will it bring up old demons for her? They struggle through the case that brings up bad memories for her but will he keep her from losing it? Desiree and Hunter's relationship is one that starts as a friendship and through the years even though she left for a while is still as strong as ever. He is the one person she can count on to keep her grounded. Their banter and sexual reference will keep you laughing and wondering why they are not together. You will love these two characters together and they really do make the story flow together. They complement each other and I can't see this story being the same without one of them. One of my favorite things about this book is how the author was able to connect Desiree with the person they were looking for. She stayed so tough throughout this story when she found a connection to that person. Hunter is a great character, he just has so many feelings for Desiree. He is not afraid to tell her, even her mother has been on his side. I just wanted to yell at them for them to finally get together instead of fighting what is right there. He does have some guilt about bring her in on the case because of her emotional struggle with her past. I did question her compassion with the killer and her determination to help the killer despite what she went through. The secondary characters are good and bad and you will have your favorite. I enjoyed how supportive her family was to her. These two will take you through some twists and turns that you won't see coming. Find out what happens to these characters as their relationship becomes stronger the closer they get to finding their killer. This is my second book by Gen Ryan and it is my favorite of the series. She kept my attention glued to the page just wanting to see what would happen next. Gen is a teacher of forensic psychology by day and by night is frantically typing her stories on her laptop. Once again this author has created a fast story that will leave you wanting more. You will need to see what happens behind each page. I highly recommend this story as I know