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Beautifully Broken & Astoundingly Whole: Throw Off the Facade of Perfection. Capture the Strength of Growing in Grit, Grace, Hope, and Love.

Beautifully Broken & Astoundingly Whole: Throw Off the Facade of Perfection. Capture the Strength of Growing in Grit, Grace, Hope, and Love.

by Sarah Crossman Sullivan JD


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It’s time to awaken the awe inside you.

Here. Now. Us. This is where the great wonder resides. Love, or the absence of it, is at the core of everything.

You are a formidable force, for every day you choose to act out of love or fear; out of resurgence or exhaustion; out of mercy or insecurity. At times we suffer from an epidemic of empty—amassing stuff, posting perfection, weary, fighting snide skeptics who contend we aren’t enough. Sometimes the negative voices are an inside job. It’s time to SHUSH the noise from the knuckleheads and nonsense we let in.

Through a captivating collection of moving, funny, and reassuring essays, Sarah Crossman Sullivan shows us how to vibrantly revive. This employment lawyer and former prosecutor boldly shares how love is our call for life. As an attorney, corporate consultant, entrepreneur, special education expert, and mom of four, she reveals how your team is whomever is right in front of you. Barista, board member, or baby—opportunity awaits to astoundingly alight life.

Like a warrior ahead and a big sister alongside, Sarah Crossman Sullivan ignites every one of us who has at some point felt the light within dwindle and dim. This daughter of a civil rights champion brings authentic assurance of all that is astoundingly possible.

She unlocks our courage, teaches us how to build bridges and overcome, and demonstrates love’s revolutionary power in the ordinary, absurd, and profound.

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ISBN-13: 9781733918701
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Publication date: 09/24/2019
Pages: 304
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About the Author

Sarah Crossman Sullivan, JD, is a successful attorney-counselor-advocate, writer, speaker, and corporate consultant. She revitalizes individual and corporate performance by awakening love-driven leadership. She has spent more than 20 years serving as an employment lawyer, Assistant District Attorney, chief corporate counsel, entrepreneur, and special education expert. Featured on a variety of major news outlets, she is an in-demand speaker, known for her dynamic, invigorating style and humble, funny, relatable stories on life—from work to friendships to parenting and marriage. She helps people conquer dreams while embracing the mess, mundane, and marvelous. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia.