Beauty and the Bayou (Boys of the Bayou, #3)

Beauty and the Bayou (Boys of the Bayou, #3)

by Erin Nicholas

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A sexy small town, beauty and the beast rom com!

Sawyer Landry knows he's been beastly to be around for the past few months. But he can't seem to remember how to be fun-loving and friendly. Until he sees Juliet Dawson on his boat dock… and realizes that hip waders are, apparently, one of his turn-ons. But despite the beauty in the boots, the last thing he needs right now is a city girl in his way for the next two weeks. 

But he's not really getting a vote. Juliet is determined that her little brother rebuild the dock he and his idiot friends smashed. She's quirky, klutzy, independent…and possibly an even bigger pessimist than Sawyer is. He's incredibly drawn to the cynical fish-out-of-water, who seems to be the one person who isn't intimidated by his growling. 

The big, gruff boat captain is the first person in a long time to want to watch out for her and Juliet finds that hotter than his grandma's jambalaya. Well, that and his sexy scar, his emotional baggage, and the sense of humor and fun that is buried deep. But Sawyer doesn't need any more people to worry about long-term and the things that make him feel protective of Juliet aren't going to go away.

So, this two-week adventure can't be anything more than a fling. With Juliet down on the bayou, there's an even bigger threat than alligators and hurricanes. There's the very good chance of someone ending up with a broken heart. 

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Publisher: EN Fiction, Inc.
Publication date: 08/13/2019
Series: Boys of the Bayou
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Format: NOOK Book
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Beauty and the Bayou (Boys of the Bayou Book 3) 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 30 reviews.
MaimeosAngelsEL 9 days ago
I love the crazy, whacky Landry family and Erin Nicholas brings Autre, Louisiana to life for me. I would love to be a part of this family and their group of friends.   This is the third book in the series and can certainly be read as a stand alone, however, do yourselves a favour and one click the first two books as well. This is one of my favourite series of 2019.   Juliet Dawson is such a great heroine, I just loved her; whilst Sawyer Landry is grumpy and gruff to all around him, with emotional baggage, he has no intention of becoming involved with anyone. Trying to repair the damage her brother and his friends caused to the dock of The Boys of the Bayou tour boats Juliet struggles. When Sawyer sees Juliet he is intrigued. Juliet believes that beneath his gruff exterior, he could be fun, if only he will let her in. The chemistry between Sawyer and Juliet is intense, the only question is can they ignore their feelings or will they give in to the growing attraction that smoulders between them?   As always the members of the Landry family were a hoot and I loved the banter and the camaraderie. Beauty & The Bayou is a story with lots of snort worthy, laugh out loud moments which had me falling for Sawyer and Juliet, hook, line and sinker from the first to the last page. I loved it and I cannot wait for the next book in the series.   There was absolutely nothing that I would change and I cannot wait for the next book in the series.
grammyx3 5 days ago
Erin Nicholas has outdone herself with this one! I just loved it! Sawyer and Juliet are the perfect couple. They were absolutely just made for each other. This storyline was lots of fun to read. The dialogue is super! I can't wait for the next book.
Anonymous 5 days ago
Just loved the sweet story,How they overcome their emotional & physical struggles! Lover of Books
Anonymous 6 days ago
This book had all the feels for me;I cried, I laughed, I just felt it all. In my opinion it's the best I've ever read. Erin Nicholas is a master story teller and you will never be disappointed in any of her writing.
LynnB888 7 days ago
Beauty and the Bayou is book three in the Boys of the Bayou series by Erin Nicholas, and possibly the most anticipated in the series. Sawyer has been a troubled soul throughout the earlier books and readers are hungry to meet the woman who is going to bring his soul back to life again. Juliet Dawson is strong and self sufficient, but Sawyer sees a kindred spirit who needs the support of their person to be whole. She's quite the character and brought many a smile to this reader's face. Sawyer is the guy we've loved throughout the series even though he was angry and surly. We all just want to gather him close and hug him .. and in this book we get to. The dialogue and emotion is spot on and fulfilling. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a small town vibe with a family centric cast who brings heart, soul and lots of laughs to the story line. You absolutely can't go wrong with any book in this series and I am highly excited for the next one to come!
ScrapNSign 7 days ago
Beauty and the Bayou is a beautiful story of triumph after tragedy! Who knew a book could make duct tape and bubble wrap seem so appealing?!? I've highly enjoyed the entire Boys of the Bayou series so far and never think anything can top them...well, I was proven wrong once again. Erin Nicholas is amazing at drawing you into the characters lives and making you feel their pain and sorrow. Sawyer has been the story I have been most anticipating since the first book and he has a piece of my heart forever!
Anonymous 8 days ago
Another fantastic addition to the Boys of the Bayou series! Juliet and Sawyer are truly adorable and show us that a HEA is within everyone's reach! Wonderful story Erin!
zsoccerbrat 8 days ago
Erin Nicholas is an excellent author that brings her characters to life. She features real problems and incidents that allow the reader to connect with each character and understand them in a way that is not always available by other authors. The Landry boys are not afraid to make fools of themselves, love their family and friends hard, and experience extreme passion for their significant other. This particular book was great because it followed the oldest Landry, Sawyer, on his adventure from grieving to peace. I was wondering how Erin was going to accomplish this and I love how she did it. I look forward to the next book and anything else she plans to write!
EileenAW 9 days ago
Sawyer and Juliet’s love story in Beauty and the Bayou by Erin Nicholas, book three in her Boys of the Bayou series, was amazing as they were perfect for each other. Ms. Nicholas’ books are a must read for me as they grab me and don’t let go from the moment I open the book and read page one. Sawyer has been grumpy, bristly, beastly, and overly safety conscious since the death of his best friend; the fun-loving, looking for a good time guy has been missing in action. Then one day he discovers a beautiful woman wearing hip waders and a life jacket on his boat deck and suddenly he realizes that this look is turning him on. Juliet Dawson is determined that her little brother rebuild the dock he and his idiot friends smashed. She is a city girl who is just might be a bigger pessimist than Sawyer; especially since she is an expert at playing the “What-ifs” game. Juliet suffered a childhood stroke which limited her body strength yet she did not allow it to stop her. She was strong, smart, self-deprecating, brave, and able to be prepared so that she couldn’t be limited in her inclusion of various activities. Juliet was perfect for Sawyer. She made him feel safe, understood, and appreciated. Sawyer was not only drawn to Juliet but wanted to watch out for her, take care of her, or maybe protect her. As Sawyer and Juliet spend time together not only are they getting more attracted to each other but sparks are flying; at least these sparks won’t ignite a fire in the bayou. Juliet was learning to overcome her fears and that sometimes you have to do things you don’t like because the people you love need you to. What started as a two-week adventure for Juliet was turning into more than just a fling with Sawyer; hopefully a future together. Ms. Nicholas wrote a wonderful, humorous, challenging, and sexy story that is not to be missed. This story is filled with sexual chemistry, fun dialogue, and endearing characters. This book contains a cast of characters one would only find in an Erin Nicholas story. I am so glad Sawyer and Juliet found the courage to take a chance at love and a forever together. I highly recommend Beauty and the Bayou to other reader and cannot wait for the next book in the series. I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.
flchen1 9 days ago
== ** == ** == The bayou is beautiful indeed! == ** == ** == Sawyer's a man's man--big, capable, unafraid, he's definitely an example of the guys Juliet wants her brother to have as a role model. He's known for being fun, flirty, almost bigger than life. He's also broken. Devastated when he lost his best friend in a freak accident last year, he's not been the same since. He's become Mr Gloom and Doom, Mr Triple-Check-Your-Seatbelt, Mr Park-Your-Butt-on-the-Seat-at-ALL-Times... His family and friends are giving him space to be, but he's feeling lost. Juliet's baby brother Chase and his friends did something stupid, and Juliet is going to make sure he learns his lesson, so she volunteers him and herself to rebuild the dock they busted up. Her background's shaped her into Ms Cautious. She knows it's better to be prepared than to be caught off-guard. Her motto is to measure five times, and then and only then to cut once. Erin Nicholas's Boys of the Bayou series has been all winners from the start, and Beauty and the Bayou is no exception. Ms Nicholas lets us see how sometimes those who know and love us best still can't ease our pain. And sometimes it takes a new friend to elicit just the measure of comfort and healing needed to bring us back to our truest selves. Ms Nicholas's characters are incredible. Sawyer and Juliet are people I want to befriend, and I want to move to Autre to hang out with Ellie, Cora, Leo, and all the rest! Readers who have enjoyed this series and Boys of the Big Easy will love the chance to catch up with Gabe and his charming family when they arrive for a swamp boat tour. New readers will have no trouble falling even more in love with the Landrys and the entrancing, compelling universe Ms Nicholas has created in Louisiana. I especially love the way Ms Nicholas reminds me that while love can indeed heal, love also appreciates us just as we are. We don't need to fear our brokenness or our weaknesses because those very things can be exactly what fills a need in another. And yes, life is not without risk and even the best planners among us cannot adequately prepare for the unknown lurking around the corner. But ultimately the loving embrace of our family or found-family? That is the best balm of all. Beauty and the Bayou has it all--fabulous characters, great plot, tons of heart, happy tears, and more heat than a Louisiana bayou. And that Boys of the Bayou office? That place has seen more action than a Bond flick. The bottom line? Beauty and the Bayou will leave you satisfied and hungover--Erin Nicholas packs more of a punch than Kenny's moonshine. And that's REALLY sayin' something ;)
Anonymous 9 days ago
I love the romance and fun of this story. it goes to show that there's a perfect match out there for everyone. I love a good happy ever after
MaureensBooks 9 days ago
A view weeks ago I read the second book in the Boys of the Bayou series, ‘Sweet Home Louisiana’, and completely loved that book. So when I got the opportunity to read the third book in the series ‘Beauty and the Bayou’ I definitely couldn’t say no. And as fast as I could I started reading. In the ‘Beauty and the Bayou’ we meet Sawyer Landry. Ever since Sawyer lost his best friend a view months back he hasn’t been easy to be around. When the beautiful Juliet Dawson comes to the Bayou to help repair the boat dock her brother, Sawyer instantly feels an attraction to the clumsy lawyer and he finds himself wanting to be kind to the beautiful woman. Soon Sawyer and Juliet spend more and more time together and even though Juliet definitely isn’t the right person for life in the Bayou, Sawyer might be perfect for her. ‘Beauty and the Bayou’ was definitely a book I couldn’t put down. It was easy to read, the characters where easy to like, the setting was great and the romance was good. I definitely enjoyed every single page of this book. The romance between Sawyer and Juliet was really fun to read and definitely had some hot moments. But I did find their romance was a bit sudden. I would have preferred there to be a little more built up to the romance. Now I just felt like they almost instantly loved each other, and although I definitely don’t hate ‘insta-love’ this just felt a little off to me. But luckily for me it didn’t bother me too much. The character I loved the most in this book was Juliet. I just loved her spirit and her determination to do things herself. And the way she acted for the people she loved. Juliet is definitely a tough kick-ass woman. The setting of this book was, just as in the previous book, very fun to read. I loved reading about the Bayou and the big loving Landry family. I also loved the fact we get to read a little bit about the characters of the previous books in this series. There is just something about this setting and it’s characters that I can easily imagine to be real. And it makes me want to try crawfish! LOL!! Yes, ‘Beauty and the Bayou’ was definitely a fun read. And I loved that we got some little previews of the next book in the series. I for one can’t wait to read that one too!
JennC2630 9 days ago
Whoa buddy - things are hot on the bayou. Sawyer is obsessed with safety after the death of his best friend and nobody wants to deal with him. He is grumpy with tourists and his family and he's ready for that to be his life until Juliet comes to the bayou. He never thought he'd meet someone as concerned as he was with safety, but she proves him wrong. These two turn thinking up worst-case scenarios into sexy flirtation and I am here for it. The sexual chemistry builds and builds and when it hits the boiling point? Watch out. Nicholas has a great little community on her hands. The guys look out for one another, the girls can hold their own, and they're all led by Cora and Ellie (and sometimes Leo). We get to catch up with some of the other boys and see how Kennedy and Bennett are heading towards their own boiling point - that's gonna be a fun read. A great read!
Cali-Jewel 9 days ago
Loved this sexy, fun, engaging and heartwarming romantic journey! Can not get enough of these smoking hot Bayou Boys and this storytellers uniquely fun take on romance. I am so happy that Sawyer finally gets to tell his story and it is a riveting one.. Loved every heart aching, laugh out loud and cry so hard people around you look at you funny moment.
JennieF 10 days ago
ARC for honest review with no compensation receive from BookSprout, needs more stars!! Beauty and the Bayou is book 3 in the Boys of the Bayou by Erin Nicholas. This is a standalone but reading books 1 and 2 will give you a better understanding into Sawyer’s emotional state. Sawyer Landry was once a fun loving, sexy flirt, panty melting man but when he lost his BFF, Tommy who he couldn’t save and he also got hurt he changed into a not so like able guy. His attitude has his family deeply concerned and could adversely effect their family business... Juliet Dawson, attorney comes to the bayou with her brother Chase to rebuild the dock he and his buddies destroyed by crashing and air boat into it. She is determined her spoiled, arrogant brother will not use the family money to pay and walk away. He needs to learn there are consequences for your mistakes. What happens next between Juliet and Sawyer will keep your turning the pages, fill you with laughter, watch the sexual tensions, chemistry, the banter, tears and makes for a heartfelt, emotional read to both finding their soulmate and helping each other to heal!!
perriknows 10 days ago
What happens when you mix two people who: A. Overthink EVERYTHING! B Are Doomsday thinkers...everything that can happen will and how can I prevent that? C. Have had terrible things happen to them and now have to cope. Well, you bring them together in the Bayou, toss them with quirky family members, add in a heaping helping of well meaning friends, bake at about 90 degrees with 80% humidity, and see what you get when it's not only the temperature that gets REALLY hot! Beauty and the Bayou is a sexy, fun read about a pretty lawyer, Juliet, who wants her med school bound brother, Chase, to learn some down to earth skills, and a muscle bound Louisiana Bayou man, Sawyer, who wants everyone to be safe, because he knows what happens when tragedy strikes. I love this series! Beauty and the Bayou brings us back to Southern Louisiana where there might be danger around every bend in the river, but there is always family that has your back no matter what. I can hear the Zydeco calling!
kmichels 10 days ago
This book is just another reason why I will never miss an Erin Nicholas romance! Sawyer's reaction to Juliet's arrival, both of their interactions with each other and the secondary characters, their undeniable chemistry, their need to help each other, their obvious love for their families. There isn't one thing about this book that I didn't love. There's nothing I would change. Well, the only thing I would change would be the ability to start at the beginning and read this amazing story for the first time! I went to sleep after finishing with a tear in my eye and a big smile on my face! I'm anxiously awaiting Kennedy's story...
Sandy-thereadingcafe 10 days ago
4.25 stars--BEAUTY AND THE BAYOU is the third instalment in Erin Nicholas’ contemporary, adult BOYS OF THE BAYOU erotic, romance series focusing on the Landry family. This is twenty-seven year old attorney Juliet Dawson, and tour boat operator Sawyer Landry’s story line. BEAUTY AND THE BAYOU can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from the previous instalments is revealed where necessary. Told from dual third person perspectives (Juliet and Sawyer) BEAUTY AND THE BAYOU follows the building relationship between twenty-seven year old attorney Juliet Dawson, and tour boat operator Sawyer Landry. Days earlier Juliet’s younger brother stole a boat and all but destroyed the Landry boat docks. Hoping to make amends without having her brother sent to prison for theft and damage, Juliet sets out to make reparations on her own. Enter Sawyer Landry, the man with whom Juliet will fall in love. What ensues is the building romance and relationship between Juliet and Sawyer, and the potential fall-out as Juliet’s fears come to the surface threatening to drown her relationship with the man that she loves. Juliet Dawson struggles with the repercussions of a childhood illness that continues to affect her daily life. Over protective to the point of obsession, Juliet comes prepared to repair the dock but leaves her heart open to falling in love. Sawyer Landry has been lost since the death of his business partner Tommy Alain, a partner he considered a brother and a friend. Hurting and scarred both inside and out Sawyer battles between head and heart with his attraction to our story line heroine. The relationship between Sawyer and Juliet is one of immediate attraction but Sawyer was unprepared for the steam-roller that was Juliet Dawson. Desperate to teach her brother a lesson, and keep him out of jail, Juliet all but takes over the dock reparations on her own, and in the process, pulls our hero closer to her heart. The $ex scenes are limited but erotic and passionate, without the use of over the top, sexually graphic language and text. We are reintroduced to the large extended Landry family including Josh and Tori (My Best Friend’s Mardi Gras Wedding #1), Owen and Madison (Sweethome Louisiana #2) , sister Kennedy, grandma Ellie, Aunt Cora and billionaire investor and new business partner Bennett Baxter. Bennett and Kennedy’s story is next in Crazy Rich Cajuns. The world building continues to focus on the Landry family dynamics; their tour boat operations, and life in the Louisiana Bayou. Grandma Ellie’s bar is the local hang out for family and friends, as well as the local gossip about falling in love and life in Autre, Louisiana. BEAUTY AND THE BAYOU is a story of family, friendships, acceptance and love. The premise is engaging and captivating; the romance is steamy and hot; the characters are sexy, sassy, and a little bit broken-there is plenty of back and forth snark, double entendre and witty interplay between our leading couple, as well as between the Landry clan.
MaryJoMI 10 days ago
Fabulous. Sawyer and Juliet captivated me. The Landry clan are experts at interfering in each other’s lives. When they met Juliet, they knew she would be the perfect match for super-cautious Sawyer. Juliet is an incredible woman, successful lawyer that lives with a right-side weakness from her childhood. Because of this, she is a master planner, anticipating any and all contingencies before she dives into something new. She doesn’t have spontaneity in her life, but she knows she can traverse whatever she chooses because of her plans. She has become a master playing the “what-if” and “yes-but” games and never expects to meet a man that understands her need to evaluate all these issues. Sawyer lost himself after Tommy’s death. His love of the bayou, while still there, is tarnished with fear for those he loves and trying to keep them safe. When he meets Juliet, he is blown away and immediately adores her life vest and safety goggles … a woman after his own heart. As these two rebuild the dock that Juliet’s brother damaged, will they find a way to moderate their fears and embrace love? Or will their fears force them apart? Another incredible romance involving the entire Landry clan. I love how they embraced Juliet and Chase, they have big hearts and great spirits. I would love to hang out at Ellie’s and enjoy her chicken fried steak!
Bibliophagist 10 days ago
I love Erin Nicholas' books. Anything she writes is an automatic read for me. I've been anxiously awaiting Beauty and the Bayou. It did not disappoint. Sawyer is a protector. He has always been the one who watched over everything and everyone. Until one day when he gets a phone call from his best friend. He can't get to him in time to save him and in his efforts, he suffers a disfiguring injury. In his grief, he becomes extremely safety conscious and over protective of everyone. Gone is the fun loving majority owner of Boys of the Bayou. In his place is a sad and broken man. Juliet is the responsible sister of the drunk frat boy who stole a Boys of the Bayou boat and crashed it into their dock, destroying the dock. Juliet is a lawyer. She suffered from a health issue as a child that has left her with a deficit. She compensates for the deficit by being an extreme planner and overly safety conscious. She adores her younger brother and doesn't want him to be an entiltled jerk or have his future ruined by a criminal record. She decides that she and her brother will spend 2 weeks rebuilding the dock. She hopes to teach her brother skills and life lessons. When Sawyer and Juliet meet, Juliet falls for Sawyer, literally. This story ran me through all sorts of emotions. Can these two overcome their fears and find what their souls need to heal? This book is a must buy. It is part of a series and characters from the author's series, Boys of the Big Easy, walk through the book. It could be read as a stand alone but I think it would be much better if you started at the beginning of the series.
Kayreader 10 days ago
The Boys of the Bayou just keep getting better and better!! Sawyer Landry is the best Landry yet! The grouchy, grumpy, overly cautious Sawyer has been thorn in his family’s side for months now. While they’ve given him room to heal both physically and emotionally from the tragic death of one of their own, Sawyer just hasn’t seem to recovered like the rest of the family. Scaring customers with his overly cautious and protective attitude who are there for a good time, not to mention his grouchy demniour doesn’t exactly help bring back repeat business. His family is worried that Sawyer may never return to his former easy-going self and so didn’t exactly inform him when a sexy beauty suddenly showed up one early one morning to help. When Juliet’s brother, Chase, destroyed one of the Laundry’s docks in a stupid juvenile act of destruction, Juliet offered up their hands-on service to make things right. Not because she was an expert in building docks, instead she was hoping Chase would learn some respect and less “entitled” behavior from fixing his own mistake. She was there to make sure he did it right because she was nothing if not efficient, safe, and extremely organized. Growing up in an environment where she had to be prepared for “what-if’s” at all times, Juliet is the queen of being over-the-top cautious and she just might be exactly what Sawyer needs even if he isn’t aware of it, yet. When Sawyer first saw Juliet Dawson on his dock wearing a hard hat, a lifejacket, and waders he was instantly curious, and aroused. He never in his life would have thought safety gear would have been arousing, but he also never met someone like Juliet. She turned his world upside down along with his frown. He found himself smiling for the first time in months and she was the reason. The more time he spent with her, the more he found the old Sawyer. Could Juliet be the cure to unlocking the gloom that has surrounded him for months? While Juliet never would have found herself near water before volunteering to help her brother to fix his mistake, she does enjoy the camaraderie with the Landry’s that she’s never found anywhere else. She could easily see herself staying there, if only her life wasn’t elsewhere, and far away from water and the dangers of the bayou. Beauty and the Bayou is funny, heartwarming, loving, beautifully naughty, and healing. This is the best bayou story yet!
LindaTownsend 10 days ago
Beauty and the Bayou is the fourth fun and fabulous installment in Erin Nicholas’ Boys of the Bayou series. It can work well as a stand alone, but the prior books have been so amazing, I’d recommend reading the series in order if possible. The siblings are all part of an extended loving family who has grown up on the Louisiana bayou and are always there for each other. This particular book gives prominence to the serious subject of recovering from a deep loss. Erin handles it with aplomb, giving us thoughts to ponder, while focusing on renewal. This is the story of Sawyer Landry and Juliet Dawson. I LOVED Sawyer. I’ve been a sucker for guys who can speak French since Gomez spoke in the language of love to Morticia in one of my cherished childhood series. He’s big and strong but still a devastated man as the story opens. He’s been lost ever since his best friend and business partner died in a freak accident. He can’t take out tours anymore because he chases paying customers away with tales of all the terrible things that can happen to them if they aren’t careful. He also is fearful that the ugly scar on his face is revolting. He knows that his family wants him to lighten up but he just can’t. Juliet is a hoot. She’s determined to keep her younger brother – the brash idiot who stole and totaled one of Bayou Swamp Boat Tour Company’s airboats in the last book destroying a company dock in the process – from turning into an arrogant, indulgent spoiled adult. To that end, she has come to an agreement with the other owners of the tour company - unbeknown to Sawyer - to rebuild the dock in two weeks with her and her brother’s labor. Neither she nor her brother have any construction experience. But, that has never stopped Juliet from doing anything. Juliet is an over-preparing planner and is accomplished in playing the “what if” game which serves to diminish possible negative outcomes. I really liked them together. Sawyer took to Juliet’s curves and to her “what if” game. Being such a safety freak, her fetish for wearing a life jacket, hard hat, waders and other safety equipment strangely and comically appeals to him. Juliett is an angel as she determinably shows Sawyer how to break out of the depression that has been dogging him since his friend’s fatal accident. She doesn’t shy away from Sawyer’s broody nature either as she digs his focus on safety. Sawyer is the first man that really seems to understand her and she pegs his scar to be sexy. He also inspires her to let go a bit. I couldn’t get enough of their flirty banter; it was entertaining and swoony. Who knew talking about construction and safety could be so titillating? The author shows us that while love heals, it also accepts. This series is teeming with sexy times, humor and Cajun craziness and continues to rank as one of my top two contemporary romance series this year. Beauty and the Bayou is a gem with a great plot and colorful characters. I seriously want to move to Autre to hang out with Ellie, Cora, Leo, and all the rest! I didn’t think Erin could top the previous books, but she has. Bennett is going to have his hands full with Kennedy Landry in the next book, Crazy Rich Cajuns. Thank goodness we don’t have long to wait as it releases next month!
beausmommy 10 days ago
Another wild trip to the Bayou and Erin Nicholas knocks it out of the park! Sawyer Landry has been hurt, physically and emotionally, and is not sure how to recover. There are some things he just can’t control and that isn’t ok with him. Juliet Dawson learned early in life that she can control things with enough preparation. If not, she can avoid them. Sawyer Landry was not something she was prepared for. All the time in the world couldn’t prepare her for him or his crazy, Cajun family. This is part of the Boys of the Bayou series and gives us some followup with other characters in earlier stories. You can read it as a stand alone but the humor and intensity of the earlier stories truly enhance this book. Can’t wait for Bennett and Kennedy’s story!!!
SullyGirl 10 days ago
Best. Meet. Cute. Ever!! Sawyer and Juliet's story grabbed me from not just page one, but from the first sentence! I was anxiously awaiting Sawyer's story, to see what kind of heroine Nicholas would pair him with. This strong but wounded man needed a match who could handle his over protectiveness but help to lighten his mood and open his heart. Juliet was just that woman, but she was definitely not without her own issues! While she was on the lookout for danger everywhere, she differed from Sawyer in that she planned for it, but didn't let it stop her from embracing and living her life! She was the piece that was missing from Sawyer after the loss of his best friend. Juliet brought laughter to his life, which I think was the very best part of their relationship! And laughter is my favorite part of every Erin Nicholas book. Many authors, including Nicholas, excel at writing physical and emotional chemistry between their hero and heroine. But she is one of the few who tickle my funny bone consistently, as well as make me swoon and cry. Add in all those crazy Cajun relatives and you’ve got yourself a spicy bowl of jambalaya that propels the Boys of the Bayou series to the top of my favorite series of all time! Grab this one, my friends, and prepare to be thoroughly charmed and entertained!
Cheryl-S 10 days ago
This sexy and highly entertaining story is book 3 in the Boys of the Bayou series and it features Sawyer and Juliet. Their chemistry all but smacks you in the face as soon as they meet! It was so great! Her brother damaged the dock belonging to Boys of the Bayou Swamp Boat and Fishing Tours and she’s there to help him rebuild it. If there was ever a woman more perfect for Sawyer, she’s it! She’s like him but maybe a bit worse. They call it the “What-If” game and the “Yeah, But” game and these two are both expert players. This is probably my favorite book in this series. I laughed and smiled so many times. The story line was great and the characters, as always, are fan-freakin-tastic! I ALWAYS look forward to books by this author cause I am forever guaranteed a fun, sexy and romantic read with characters I’d love to be friends with in real life.