Beauty and the Wiener: A Rescue Dog Romance

Beauty and the Wiener: A Rescue Dog Romance

by Casey Griffin

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Addison Turner has scripted a perfect future for herself, complete with a fairytale ending. She will become the name in doggie fashion design and live happily ever after with the husband of her dreams--and her dachshund, Princess, by her side. Just when her plan is on track and she's gaining recognition at the local dog show, Addison is hit with some Oscar-worthy drama. A group of prize-winning show dogs are stolen from under her nose, and she's stuck asking for help from Felix Vaughn, an infuriatingly hot bartender who is the exact opposite of Prince Charming.

When more dogs go missing--and Felix becomes a suspect--the two team up to clear their names. Although Felix and Addison fight like cats and dogs, there's an undeniable spark between them. And as the trail to the missing dogs heats up, so does their red-hot chemistry. Can Addison be persuaded to throw away her script to find an ending that just might be better than she ever expected?

"A lively romantic mystery...Paws down, one of the funniest books I've read in a long time." — bestselling author Diane Kelly on Must Love Wieners

Don't miss the hilarious Beauty and the Wiener, a Rescue Dog Romance book by Casey Griffin!

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ISBN-13: 9781250084682
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Publication date: 02/07/2017
Series: A Rescue Dog Romance Series , #2
Pages: 416
Product dimensions: 4.10(w) x 6.70(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

A true geek at heart, Casey Griffin can often be found at Star Trek expos and comic conventions on her days off from her day job, driving 400 ton dump trucks in Northern Alberta, Canada. Must Love Wieners is the first book in Griffin's Rescue Dog Romance series. As a jack of all trades with a resume boasting registered nurse, English teacher and photographer, books are her true passion. Casey is a 2012 Amazon Breakthrough Novel finalist and is currently busy writing every moment she can.

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Beauty and the Wiener

By Casey Griffin

St. Martin's Press

Copyright © 2017 Casey Griffin
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-250-08471-2


Doggy Style

Fur flew through the air under Addison Turner's skilled touch as though she were born holding a pair of scissors, as natural as Edward Scissorhands sculpting purebred pooches into masterpieces. Her current muse came in the form of a fluffy bichon frisé named Elvis whose hair clippings were getting stuck in the glittering details of her black sequined dress. Stray dog hair sticking out of the tight number wasn't exactly the come-hither look she was going for.

Addison's assistant, Melody, noticed the wardrobe mishap. "Oh no. Your dress. How are you going to hook your man now?"

"It's okay," Addison said with a wink. "I can make anything look good. Even dog hair."

Melody grabbed a brush and began working any excess hair out of Elvis's coat. "You keep talking about this perfect guy, but I don't think you've told me his name."

"That's because I don't know it ... yet," she added.

As Addison trimmed around the dog's face, her normally steady hand shook. Not with nerves, but with irritation. Elvis's owner, Kitty Carlisle, hovered behind the two of them, twitching with each clip of the scissors as though Addison was going to accidentally slip and cut a jugular vein.

Kitty continued to pace back and forth across the stage they were working on. Addison tried to ignore her, but twelve pairs of eyes watched the woman's anxious movements with interest. Addison already had a full list of clients currently lounging on colorful bohemian pillows in various stages of her patented Pampered Puppies Program. She'd already completed puppy pawdicures, Shih-Tzu shiatsus, bow-wow bath and brushes, and hound hydrotherapy, all free of charge in order to promote her business.

That night's cocktail mixer was being held in the Grand Ballroom of the historic Regency Center on Sutter Street. The neoclassical surroundings created the perfect romantic ambiance for the elite dog lovers of San Francisco to rub elbows, not to mention size up the competition before the Western Dog Show in two weeks' time.

Addison sighed just thinking about it. The glitz, the glamour, the extravagance, the beauty. Nobody showered their four-legged friends with more affection and luxury than hopeful winners of the coveted Best in Show award. It was something she could certainly relate to — puppies were her passion. Now that was a client list she wanted to tap into. She was going to be the Coco Chanel of the four-legged world, and the next two weeks were going to make her or break her.

Unfortunately, Addison was stuck behind the scenes. Literally. She'd been allotted the ballroom's built-in stage to set up her portable grooming station and pamper the party's furry guests. While that should have allowed her the best view of the night's event, they'd closed the stage curtains. Apparently one of the guests had complained. Maybe they didn't like witnessing all the hard work being done while they enjoyed their escargot and champagne.

Kitty flinched again, looking ready to lunge for Elvis and protect him from Addison's abuse.

"Mrs. Carlisle," Addison addressed the nervous woman hovering over her shoulder, yet again. "Are you certain you wouldn't feel more comfortable out in the ballroom enjoying the cocktail mixer?"

The older woman shook her head stiffly, not a single white hair from her beehive stirring. She'd probably used a full can of hairspray on it. "I'm perfectly fine here with Elvis." She cringed as though Melody's brush was going to grow teeth and bite her dog. "You just never know who you can trust during competition season." Her puglike eyes bulged conspiratorially.

Addison bristled at the comment. Surely, Kitty wasn't suggesting that Addison would ever do anything to risk a show dog's chances. That would be the death of her business before it even had the chance to take off. She was only just beginning to break into the niche show dog market.

One last snip of the scissors and Elvis's traditional show cut was complete, resulting in his head looking like what Addison could only describe as a round ball of white cotton candy. Two black eyes blinked out from the sphere of fur. It mirrored Kitty's '60s beehive hairstyle almost perfectly. Or perhaps Kitty modeled herself after her dog.

For the pièce de résistance, Addison fastened a formal bow tie and tux collar around Elvis's neck. There was a hidden metal ring where a leash could be attached. Fashion, meet function, Addison thought.

The ensemble was one of her many creations she was giving away for free that night, a way to garner attention for her new line of designer doggy duds. At the stroke of ten o'clock, the curtains would part to reveal a small taste of her upcoming fashion line. She hoped it would have the owners begging to be placed on her fashion show RSVP list.

Wiping away the mounds of white feathery fur, Addison unclipped Elvis from the grooming arm above the table. She stood back and held her arms out Vanna White–style, to display Kitty's little white dog. "What do you think?"

Kitty reached out and straightened the bow tie. "How charming."

Was that an actual smile? Addison felt giddy, like she was on an ice cream sugar high.

"It's part of my premiere fashion line for four-legged fashionistas. It's called Fido Fashion." Addison whipped out a sparkly pink flier and held it up. "I'm launching the line on the same weekend as the dog show. You and Elvis should come check it out. In fact, I'm still looking for volunteers to model the designs. Maybe Elvis would like to be involved." She gave Kitty a hopeful smile, trying her best not to come off as a slimy used-car salesperson.

Kitty clung to Elvis like a mother on her kid's first day of school. "I don't know," she said uncertainly.

"He'll get to keep any outfits that he models," Addison offered.

Biting her lip, Kitty plucked the flier from Addison's hand. "I'll think about it."

Backing away slowly, like she wanted to keep an eye on Addison, Kitty finally made a break for it. She cradled Elvis to her chest and whisked him across the stage. His black eyes bored into Addison over Kitty's shoulder as they ducked through the heavy stage curtains and out to the ballroom.

The thick drapes parted, and classic jazz music drifted into their workspace, punctuated by the clink of glasses and murmur of voices. Wandering up to the front of the stage, Addison peeked through a gap.

People were dancing across the blond hardwood flooring, flirting on opulent camelback sofas, and showing off their sure-to-win purebreds near the cocktail bar. Men in tuxes, women in beautiful cocktail dresses, and most important for her business, some of Dogdom's most prominent authorities.

Addison assessed the state of her own cocktail dress, picking at the tufts of fur clinging to it. It wasn't the most sensible uniform for dog grooming — her high heels were not the most comfortable — but a good PR campaign for her business wasn't the only reason she'd been looking forward to this dog show for months. She'd also wanted to build a few personal relations of her own.

Addison's life was perfect. Her business was doing well enough that she could afford to hire an assistant, and she was about to launch her new fashion line. Everything was unfolding like a blockbuster Hollywood movie, except for one thing. Her leading man had yet to be cast. She was more like the makeup artist than the leading lady, but after the fashion show turned out to be a hit and her business reached a whole new level of success, that would all change. It was time for her Cinderella story to begin.

Addison could feel the night slip away as she hid behind the scenes. She'd been so busy, she hadn't had a chance to enjoy the evening herself. Maybe she could get away for a little while, she thought.

She glanced back at all her equipment waiting to be dismantled and stored in her car, the fur that needed to be swept, the dogs that needed to be arranged for the big reveal. That's when she noticed her own object of affection saunter across the stage: a beautiful, longhaired, cream dachshund.

Like a movie star, the doxie strode imperiously down the length of red carpet rolled across the stage to join the lineup of other stars of the night. The beaded flapper-girl dress that Addison had designed especially for her glittered beneath the lights. As she passed each dog show contender, she eyed up the competition. Her ample chest swelled with confidence — which said much about her belief in her own beauty, as these particular pups were the crème de la crème of the Western United States.

Finding her adversaries wanting, the beautiful blonde huffed, and with a flick of her long, wavy locks, she returned to her pink velvet pillow embroidered with her name in gold: PRINCESS.

Addison walked over and scratched Princess behind the ears. "What do you think of our customers?" she asked her. "Do they pass your rigid beauty inspection?"

Princess yawned, seeming unimpressed.

"Of course they don't even come close to your caliber, your highness." Addison gave her a little bow. "You don't need to bother competing in the dog show. We already know you're the best."

"Woof," Princess agreed, and then bestowed a lick upon Addison's hand.

Addison took this to mean "You have pleased us."

But she didn't mention the real reason she wouldn't enter Princess, because despite deserving every award there was, in the end, she would sadly lose.

An angular limb deformity had left Princess with one leg shorter than the rest. Her previous owner had been devastated to discover her precious Princess would never be eligible to compete in a conformation show. So devastated, it seemed, that the first chance she got, she dropped Princess off at a shelter.

Addison recalled the day she met Princess at the San Francisco Dachshund Rescue Center where she volunteered regularly. Maybe the doxie's deformity was why she'd felt such an instant connection with the abandoned show dog. It meant they had something in common. Only, Addison's defect couldn't be seen by the naked eye. No one could see what was hidden beneath all that makeup, hair, and stylish outfits. To everyone else, Addison was perfect, and her life seemed perfect.

But beauty was only skin deep. It was what was on the inside that mattered, right? Although Princess would never reach the pinnacle of pooch perfection sought after by show dog enthusiasts, she was certainly number one in Addison's heart.

Now if only Addison could find that special someone who saw Addison the same way. Preferably one with two legs.

Addison scanned the collection of aspiring dog show champions lined up on the stage, all pampered and ready to be shown. "Well, I think they look pretty good."

"Good?" Melody said. "They look amazing! Everything's perfect." She gave Addison a reassuring smile. "You've outdone yourself tonight. I think everyone really took notice. Just wait. There won't be a seat left in the house at your fashion show."

"You think so?"

"I know so."

A Pekingese named King Winky Von Rainbow Valley, or Kingy for short, was wandering around Addison's supply bag. He'd obviously sniffed out her treat stash. Plucking him up into her arms, she carried him back to his pillow and snuck him a treat.

"Don't tell the others, okay?" she told him.

She fluffed the cubic zirconia–encrusted bow on his back. The elegant brocade was arranged in the traditional form of a Japanese obi, accenting the orange coy on the blue kimono nicely.

Addison picked up a half-inch barrel curling iron, ready to get started on a silky terrier's bangs.

Melody stopped her with a look. "Back away from the curling iron," she said. "Everything is ready for the reveal. Just go out there already and advertise a little, promote, rub elbows, and most important, enjoy yourself."

Addison looked around at all the equipment again. "But there's still so much to clean up."

"I'll get the stage ready for ten o'clock. Don't worry." Melody waved Addison away. "You need people to put a face to your infamous name and your work. Now go."

Addison sighed and put the iron down. "You're right. Thanks."

After checking on a Maltese whose nails were currently drying with Rainbow Frenzy nail polish, Addison brushed off what dog hair she could from her dress and grabbed the leash belonging to a pinscher named Rosie. She clipped it to the collar around her neck designed to look like a gold and ruby necklace. Addison created it for the pricier end of her line, and it was one she knew would blow her hot owner away.

As she prepared to leave, Princess pranced over, ready to shake her tail on the dance floor.

"Don't worry, I wouldn't leave you behind," she told the doxie. "Are you ready to go make some friends?"

In response, Princess spun in a circle, already getting her groove on.

Addison fastened Princess's hot pink lead to her Art Deco pearl collar and waved to Melody. "I'm going to return Rosie to her owner."

"Good luck. I hope he likes it." Melody gave Addison a wink that told her she didn't mean the grooming they'd done on his pinscher.

"Who wouldn't?" Addison threw her a flirtatious smile. She checked her hair in one of the mirrors placed around their makeshift salon, ensuring it was perfect, and whipped the thick curtains aside.

The moment Addison emerged, the smell of wet dog was replaced by expensive cologne, and the sounds of barking faded beneath the calming clarity of classical jazz floating over from the band in the far corner. From thirty-five feet above, teardrop chandeliers cast a warm glow onto the guests circulating the ballroom. It was as though she were Alice passing through the looking glass. It was an entirely different world.

Using the dog show circuit to promote her business was a two-week-long ticket to a parade of high-class events around San Francisco — and Addison had a VIP backstage pass. Sure, it wasn't a singles mixer, but it was a social event, nonetheless. Something she hadn't seen much of since she opened up shop two years earlier.

For two weeks, she would be surrounded by well-dressed, classy men. Men who held doors for ladies. Men in tuxes. Men who cared about grooming themselves as much as they did their dogs. Men with style. Addison was nothing if not stylish.

Her Prince Charming would be the perfect addition to her perfect life. Her happily ever after.

Now all she had to do was go out there and find him.


Beware of Dog

Addison descended the stage stairs like Cinderella at the ball. She escorted Rosie and Princess down to the floor level, or rather they escorted her. They were so well trained, there was no fighting, or sniffing, or barking like there would be with any other dogs. In fact, they owned the room, two hot chicks out on the town. Make that three, Addison added in her head.

Rosie was elegant in her necklace, and Princess looked ready to do the Charleston in her 1920's-style dress. They weaved their way through cocktail tables toward the bar located in the center of the room where Rosie's owner, Rex Harris, said he'd meet her. They strutted with confidence. Only, Princess's stride had the slightest hiccup. The little limp that you'd notice only if you were really paying attention. Addison liked to think of it as a swagger.

The lights had been dimmed, the mood accented by hundreds of candles scattered around the room. Their flickering light reflected off the gilded wall decor surrounding the upper balcony and off champagne glasses, diamonds caressing throats, gold Rolexes, and her own dazzling sequined dress.

The ambiance, the energy, the allure. It was all so romantic, like a real fairy tale. The perfect place to meet her Prince Charming.

Her eyes cast around the small groups of show dog owners and event supporters sipping their martinis and Pino Grigio in search of Rex. She spotted him on the other side of the bar, hair coiffed fashionably, svelte in his three-piece suit. The bartender passed him a drink across the counter as Rex leaned against the bar, one leg crossed over the other at the ankle.

He watched the room with a confident ease as he sipped his drink. Whiskey, maybe. No, a martini. Just like James Bond. Yes, he looked exactly like the secret agent — Pierce Brosnan style. Ooh, Addison liked that. Definitely five-star potential.

When Rex spotted her slinking toward him from across the room, his eyes drifted down the length of her curvy body appreciatively. Well, she thought so, until his eyes didn't roam back up. They remained fixed on Rosie.


Excerpted from Beauty and the Wiener by Casey Griffin. Copyright © 2017 Casey Griffin. Excerpted by permission of St. Martin's Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Title Page,
Copyright Notice,
1. Doggy Style,
2. Beware of Dog,
3. Doggoneit,
4. Thrown to the Dogs,
5. Bone to Pick,
6. Don't Have a Dog in This Fight,
7. Fight Like Cats and Dogs,
8. Pack Mentality,
9. End of the Tether,
10. Bone of Contention,
11. Play Fetch,
12. Sniff Out,
13. Horndogs,
14. Dog Eat Dog,
15. Hot Diggety Dog!,
16. Chase Tail,
17. Give a Dog a Bad Name,
18. Sick as a Dog,
19. Hair of the Dog That Dumped You,
20. Dogfaced,
21. A Dog's Life,
22. Barking Up the Wrong Tree,
23. A Dog's Chance,
24. Wienerella,
25. Wagging the Dog,
26. Sea Dogs,
27. Up the Creek without a Doggy Paddle,
28. Sold a Pup,
29. Dog Meat,
30. Play Dead,
31. Publicity Hound,
32. Every Dog Has Its Day,
33. Everybody and Their Dog,
Also by Casey Griffin,
Praise for Must Love Wieners,
About the Author,

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Beauty and the Wiener: A Rescue Dog Romance 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
DaneWeimMama More than 1 year ago
Beauty and the Wiener is the second in the Rescue Dog series by Casey Griffin. I adored the first book & was excited to read this one. I will admit this one took a while to get good, the opening seemed a little tedious. But I stuck with it & really enjoyed the rest of the book. Felix & Addison are an interesting pair & as they work together to find the missing dogs from the dog show Addison was the groomer for it was fun to watch them fall in love. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
BooksAndSpoons More than 1 year ago
With the vetting system I have for the books I read for a review, it rarely happens that I completely miss the target, but Beauty and the Wiener happen to be a miss for me. No, I didn't hate it. I read it, all 400 pages of it. It is well written, but the story just wasn't for me. I love dogs as much as the next person, but the dog show and dog fashion clothing isn't something that I find a great interest in, and they play a center role in the story, more than I expected. There are lots of details in the story from the competitive world of dog shows, as well as about the accessories for the dogs, and about their grooming that I wasn't interested in. The mystery about the stolen dogs was cute, a little predictable, but it was interesting to see how Addison would nail the dognapper. Addison turned out to be a character that I had a hard time relating to or even like. She lived in an odd movie-induced delusional alternative reality with her obsession to find 'Mr. Perfect'. She was a bit of a snob when it came to Felix, the bartender, and together they acted in a surprisingly immature way time to time and again. Felix was sometimes considerate and kind, and other times cocky and flirty. I didn't get the connection between Addison and him, they mostly fought and bickered, never took the time to really get to know each other. But then again, Addison is dating someone else throughout the book, there's even an awkward makeout scene right in front of Felix... Yes, I know, and believe me, I am not trying to be mean or overly critical, just honestly telling you why I didn't connect with the story. I am actually in awe how I could have bombed so badly with the selection, and I take the blame for this because I do understand, and agree, that the book is well-written, if a little repetitive, there's humor in it, just not my kind, the cozy mystery was dainty, and I am sure there are readers who will love the dog show scenes and Addison's movie references, but unfortunately they missed a mark in me. ~ Two Spoons with a teaspoon on the side
KatsNook More than 1 year ago
Beauty and the Wiener is the second book in Casey Griffin’s A Rescue Dog Romance series. I enjoyed this cute romance with a cozy mystery. 5 words for Beauty and the Wiener: romance, suspense, funny, friendship, adorable What did I like? • I liked Addison. She has a fun personality and has always dreamed of a fairytale ending. Her father has a store so Addison spent a lot of her time watching movies from their video rental section. Addison made me laugh with her movie references. She’s had her heartbroken so she is determined to do whatever it takes to have a perfect life. Addison has unrealistic expectations but I still thought she was a fun character. She loves her dachshund Princess and has creative ideas for her business. • I loved Felix! Right away I thought he was sexy and his cocky attitude was a fun guise. While bartending at an event he meets Addison and tries to give her advice on men. Appearances are deceiving and he has a secret that makes Addison see him in a different light. • I loved the sexy banter between Addison and Felix. They had me laughing and fanning myself. The chemistry between them is sizzling and at each meeting it intensifies. I loved them together! • The mystery was intriguing and had some creative twists. The list of suspects was long but there were some funny moments with them. • I loved the dogs! They are adorable and they act as supporting characters, even though they don’t speak. The author showed their personalities in a fun and creative way. What didn’t I like? • The story is told in Addison’s POV and there were times I thought the pace dragged because of her inner monologue. She wants a perfect romance and it became repetitive. Overall I liked Beauty and the Wiener and I enjoyed this more than the first book Must Love Wieners. I felt a stronger connection between these characters than in the first book. I recommend this book to fans of romance mixed with a cozy mystery and lovable pets.
pwall55 More than 1 year ago
Beauty and the Wiener (A Rescue Dog Romance Book 2) by Casey Griffin is a fun read. I enjoyed the first book in the series but this one was even better. The main characters had depth and layers that were revealed as the story progressed. I even could begin to understand why Addison had such a strong Disney misguided view of love. Felix was a strong character from the beginning that was easy to like. Within the show dog world, there is a sweet romance building between Felix and Addison. Of course, this is through their working together to solve a mystery that lends itself to some witty conversations. A very entertaining read that you don’t have to just be a dog lover to enjoy. 4.5 Stars An ARC of the book was given to me by the publisher through Net Galley.
heathercm2001 More than 1 year ago
This was such a fun and adorable story. There was a very interesting mystery, and I loved the characters, human and animal. I really liked Felix. He made a great first impression with me, waving his trash can around. It was one of my favorite moments. Beauty and the Wiener had a little bit of everything, and I definitely recommend it if you are looking for something with fun, mystery, and romance. I received a complimentary copy of this book.
ArizonaJo More than 1 year ago
Beauty and the Wiener by Casey Griffin was a very enjoyable romance with a great little mystery. Addison and Felix were both very likable and Ms. Griffin's development of their characters made them both interesting and relatable to me. I always enjoy meeting characters who are strong and independent but will ask for help when the need arises to attain their goals. The plot was smoothly paced. There were enough twists and so many choices of "dognappers" that I never guessed who was behind the thefts until the reveal. The romance portion of the story was also believable as it developed slowly over time as they were investigating the thefts of the dogs. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book from St. Martin's Press via NetGalley.
Christine_Miller More than 1 year ago
This was a sweet love story that involved dogs! I am a dog rescuer, so the stories that include rescues in them always find a special place in my heart. In this book Addison and her dog Princess are embarking on a new business adventure when Addison is implicated in a dognapping crime. Felix is the bartender at the event and eventually decides to help Addie find the real dognappers. This book made me laugh at some parts and I absolutely swooned at the dog parts. Princess ends up being the true hero of the story and I love it! This book was a little slow in the beginning for me and it took me a while to get into it, but then I couldn't wait to see Addison and Felix solve the mystery! Also Felix ends up being a single dad and there is nothing hotter than that. I do wish the author would have told us what happened to the mother of Felix's daughter and that relationship. Overall a good read and I enjoyed it.
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
This is a fun, light-hearted read that is filled with some adorable pups, a bit of mystery, and a cozy little romance. Addison "Addy" Turner is a pet groomer but has much bigger dreams to be a dog stylist. Trying to promote her new business at the annual dog show Addy soon finds herself in the middle of a dognapping that could permanently derail her dream. The only person she can ask for help is Felix. These two bicker like an old married couple but they need each other when Felix becomes the prime suspect for the dognappings going on. Don't miss the hilarity of this book. I definitely recommend it.
Barb-TRC More than 1 year ago
Beauty and the Wiener by Casey Griffin is the 2nd book in her Rescue Dog Romance series. I have not read the first book in this series, but this book read very well as a standalone. Beauty and the Wiener is a humorous adventure revolving around dogs, dog shows & a dog-napping mystery. Addison Turner, our heroine, runs Pampered Paws, where she is a dog groomer and designer. Addison is also a dreamer, who wants to be famous, and who envisions herself marrying the perfect man, who is wealthy and gorgeous. Prior to the show, Addison meets the bartender, Felix and after a bit too much to drink, she asks for him to help her find the perfect man. Felix flirts with her, and playfully humors her with suggestions. Felix, who is a hunk, can be persistent and charming, and even fun. But he is exactly the kind of man she doesn’t want, as he tends to annoy her. Things are looking up for Addison when she participates in a dog show and beautifully grooms the top rated dogs. But just before the show begins, many of the dogs under her care turn up missing. Addison is the immediate suspect, with everything beginning to crumble around her. Attending another event, where she sees her perfect man, there is another dog napping. Since Felix was on site helping with the food and liquor, he is now a suspect that many of the dog owners say is in cahoots with Addison in the kidnapping. What follows is a mystery as to who stole the dogs and why. Felix and Addison will work together to try and solve the mystery, find the dogs and clear both of their names. This will also open the door for a romance between Felix and Addison, that does become hot and heavy; though Addison still thinks of the other man as what she wants, until she begins to see that wealth and good looks does not have to be the perfect choice. We also see another side of Felix, who has a young daughter and is determined to save enough money working overtime to purchase his own bar. It is a wild, action filled, humorous chase to find the dogs and the culprit. If you enjoy stories about dogs with humor & mystery, then I suggest you try to this cute fun story.
CathyGeha More than 1 year ago
Feeling so-so about the first book in the series and asked to read the second I agreed to give it a chance. I again came away feeling that people who enjoy the books of Janet Evanovich and love dogs will probably enjoy this book. But, it was again a so-so read for me. Why? Well, I felt the plot was predictable and simplistic, the interaction between Felix and Addison at times silly & immature, Addison’s dream of the perfect man and how she would meet him was something a teenager would embrace more than someone her age, Felix was condescending and not my cup of tea, the dog show mystery was something I have read before and not really different, the idea of designing dog outfits and a fashion show for them was a bit overdone…hmmm…this was not a book that drew me in or really even grew on me. Anyway…not my cup of tea BUT I do believe there are going to be many who will really love this book and this series. Thank you to NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press for the ARC. This is my honest review. 2-3 Stars