Beauty in Flight

Beauty in Flight

by Robin Patchen

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BN ID: 2940156216161
Publisher: JDO Publishing
Publication date: 01/22/2019
Series: Beauty in Flight
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 76,982
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Aside from her family and her Savior, Robin Patchen has two loves—writing and traveling. If she could combine them, she’d spend a lot of time sitting in front of her laptop at sidewalk cafes and ski lodges and beachside burger joints. She’d visit every place in the entire world—twice, if possible—and craft stories and tell people about her Savior. Alas, time is too short and money is too scarce for Patchen to traipse all over the globe, even if her husband and kids wanted to go with her. So she stays in Oklahoma, shares the Good News when she can, and writes to illustrate the unending grace of God through the power and magic of story.

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Beauty in Flight 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
Cheryl Koch 5 days ago
It is a good thing that Harper is the main lead character in this book and series. She is about the only character that I liked and formed a emotional connection towards. Well there is one other person that I did like and that was Derrick's grandfather, Red. He was so kind. It was puzzling that Derrick and Red are related as Red is so nice and Derrick is a jerk. So the beginning of the story was good. I even stuck with this story to almost the half way point. I will admit that I did skip ahead after this to about the last third of the story. The last third really picked up speed. It did help make up some for the dull moments. In fact, I actually liked what I read in the last third of the book and how it ended that I am intrigued to see what happens to Harper in the next book.
Pamelamo 6 days ago
The first book in Robin Patchen’s Beauty in Flight series (with the same title) is a quick read due to its short length and could actually be considered a novella. The book introduces Harper Cloud, a young woman who has attempted to rebuild her life after a stint in prison. Loving her work with the elderly, she tries to ignore the feelings that she is being watched but a close call convinces her to accept a job taking care of her new boyfriend’s grandfather in Maryland. Is a second chance really possible for Harper or will her past catch up with her? Overall I thought Beauty in Flight was a good read with enough suspense to keep it interesting. The characters were realistic and relatable. The author managed to drop a few clues along the way which left me with some doubts about one particular character. Some readers have complained that there was not enough Christian content but as this is a series, I anticipate that readers will see that particular topic expand in later installments. I was able to read the entire series in order during a short span of time so the fact that I was left hanging at the end of this installment was not as frustrating as it might have been if I was forced to wait on the next book in the series. My advice would be to read all three books one after the other if possible. In my opinion, the three books could easily have been published as one. I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book provided by Just Read Tours. A favorable review was not required. All views expressed are my own.
Cheri5 10 days ago
Beauty in Hiding by Robin Patchen is the second in the Beauty in Flight trilogy. I’ve read other books by this author and thoroughly enjoyed them. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about this series as the blurb didn’t capture my attention as much as her previous books. However, I have to say I LOVE this series. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to relate to Harper because of her beauty, her past, her lifestyle but she was so relatable. I kept forgetting how beautiful she was until the male characters in the book would remind me. She’s so humble and endearing. I was drawn in on the first page and wanted to read all three books one after the other, that’s how good they were. I love the elements of Christianity throughout without it being too preachy. I absolutely love the way the author wrote Derrick, Jack, and more importantly, Redd. I loved the cliff hanger from Book 1 and I love the cliff hanger into Book 3. I would highly recommend buying all three books at the same time so that you don’t have to wait in between to finish Harper’s story. I am currently finishing Book 3 because I have to see how it’s all going to end, and I don’t want to put it down, it’s that good! I truly loved this book. It’s a great story for all readers – it will capture the attention of the younger readers while older, more conservative readers will find the storyline, adventure, and suspense intriguing and page turning. This is a series I would gladly read and discuss with my teenage daughter.
MissKnu 10 days ago
Ex-con Harper Cloud has turned her life around, and is finding real connections with the elderly patients she cares for, with one patient in particular helping her begin to be open to a new connection with God.  It's a good, decent life and she is determined to take things slow with her boyfriend Derrick.  Prodded, in part, by unwelcome reappearances from her past, Harper packs up her car and moves to take care of Derrick's grandfather in spite of her misgivings over the situation. The connections she forges with Estelle and then with Derrick's grandfather, Red Burns, are the calm points within the storm of Harper's life.  As the situation with Derrick becomes increasingly tense, exacerbated by a weekend away where he is more concerned with appearances than her feelings, Harper learns she was right to be wary. Harper is a protagonist to cheer for. Red is a hoot. And Derrick, well, let's just say he isn't the worst of the men Harper encounters.  I wasn't sure what to expect of this story, so saying I found the unexpected doesn't say enough.  This is a highly enjoyable story that manages to keep the reader slightly on edge, even when small bits of predictability seem to appear.  Much like a serial, this is very much part one of three, with some closure but ongoing story threads that leave the reader wondering and anticipating. This suspenseful story will have you wanting to read the next installment in the series right away.  Luckily, you can. This review refers to a digital copy I voluntarily received for review purposes in connection with Just Read Tours. All opinions expressed are my own.
cularien 13 days ago
Wow!!! I read “Beauty in Flight” in just over a day. A quick read, not only because it’s relatively short in length, but also because it flowed so quickly (and I just had to find out what happened). Patchen has a gift for creating relatable characters and drawing the reader into an all-too-lifelike setting. Being a crime novel, that means it might not be the “most bestest” ;) book to read at night. Especially as the end approached. And...the book totally ended on a cliffhanger. I’d definitely recommend having all 3 books at the ready so you can keep on reading; you won’t want to stop, that’s for sure! Sooo good...and now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to find out what happens next. I received a copy of the book from JustRead Publicity Tours. All opinions are my own.
Blooming-with-Books 22 days ago
Interesting series opener that will leave you in suspense... Beauty in Flight By Robin Patchen Harper Cloud has repeatedly made the same mistake - trusting men who don't have her best interest at heart. Instead of seeing her as a person they've merely seen her as a decorative accessory. When her last boyfriend helped her land a stint in prison and ended her dreams of being a nurse she promised herself never again would she trust a man and his promises. Derrick seems different - caring about her safety, offering her a job as a caretaker for his grandfather. But trust isn't easy for Harper to give at least not anymore. But when she feels as if danger has come too close for comfort she agrees to head east and care for Red. Leaving behind a stalker is worth putting a little trust in Derrick and he seems to have her best interests at heart for a change. All too soon Harper finds herself getting to know Derrick and something has changed. Could she have once again made a mistake? Or is she just projecting her past experiences onto what could possibly be her best chance at remaking her life and regaining the respect she lost? Beauty in Flight is an intriguing first book of a three book series in which Harper has to make some serious decisions that could be the making of her or completely shatter what is left of her life. And believe me, you'll want to have book 2 on hand as this one will most definitely leave you in suspense. Say cliffhanger! I was provided a complimentary copy of this book with no expectations but that I offer my honest opinion. All thoughts expressed are my own.
KenL4 3 months ago
Harper Cloud is a convicted felon. She wanted to be an RN, but now that she is a felon, that is out of the question. Harper is dating Derrick from Maryland and she lives in Las Vegas. Harper is working in a nursing home and Derrick offers her a job taking care of his grandfather, Red. Derrick is a gambling addict and owes a lot of money to sharks. Harper gets attacked in a supermarket parking lot. She goes back and finds two dead bodies and Red standing over them. She takes Red and flees. This is a page turner and you have to read the sequel to find out the conclusion.
Changed-by-Christ 3 months ago
Whoa. So I read this book in one day. ONE DAY. Says the slowest reader on the planet. This is the first Robin Patchen book that I have read and it was GOOD. The pacing was amazing and I honestly didn't really get bored reading it at all. Ms. Patchen knows how to keep a reader interested. I think my one problem with it was the ending. First off, the ending was a MAJOR cliffhanger and I don't have the second book, so there's that. But I also felt that after all the building up to the end and that one incident (sorry, I don't want any spoilers, so I'll keep it at that), it just kinda dropped off. After the major adrenaline rush I had, it all calmed down which didn't really seem to fit what had just happened. Other than that, the book was amazing, the characters well developed, and wow, it just really drew me in and didn't let me go until the very end. And, for the record, I've never read a 29 chapter book in one day. **I received a complementary of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions and thoughts in this review are my own.**
swissgranny 4 months ago
Beauty in Flight is a well-written story with great characters. I quickly got interested in the plot and the suspense. I enjoyed reading about Harper and the turnaround she made in her life. I admired her attempts to become a better person. I was quite disappointed, however, that there was nothing really resolved at the end of the book. It just ended abruptly. I like to have a resolution of sorts in the stories I read, even if they’re a series. For this reason, I deducted a star from my rating. Just be aware that if you want to find out what happens, you’ll have to buy the rest of the series. Robin Patchen is a talented writer, and I’ll probably read more of her stories in the future.
Jutzie 5 months ago
Beauty in Flight by Robin Patchen Beauty in Flight Series Book One Harper Cloud is loving her freedom. She's found that things aren't important in life, not when you were free. No more prison bars. No parole officer. Only... the feeling of being watched. But she put that to paranoia. When she decides a change from Vegas is needed...away from the memories of the past...she heads to Maryland for a job taking care of an elderly man. Life seems to be going really well for her...and that never boded well. This story is told from Harper's point of view only and I'll warn you, it ends with a cliffhanger. I can't wait for the next book in this series.
Naty 5 months ago
Harper Cloud is been tuyo jail for a while but she can’t feel safe, she feels like she is been watched. When she gets a job as a private nurse from red, his boyfriend’s grandfather in Maryland she thinks she can star all over again. But life isn’t easy for Haper and dangerous following her. Can she learn to love herself as God love her and find happiness? A tough story.
GrandaddyA 5 months ago
I would not consider this a typical Christian novel although the author does weave in a faith thread through some of the lesser characters. The heroine makes no profession of faith, past or present. However, she seems to be seeking something more as she continues to put time and distance between her and her two years in the penitentiary. Unlike many, she has learned from her past mistakes and bad choices. Either way, she is working extra hard to have a new and better life. Although bad influences still abound, she is fortunate to have some good people in her life. Most of her bad choices were a result of her inability to recognize the true character of the men to whom she was attracted. Young adults can learn a huge lesson from Harper. Be extremely careful who you choose to trust and to spend time with. Friends do have an impact on our decisions: they can help us make wise decisions or bad ones. Another lesson is that it takes a lot of work to leave the past behind, so exert the effort to choose wisely from the start. The story is a cliffhanger, so I am looking forward to the next book to see what happens. I received an advance copy of this book from the author. This is my honest review. All opinions are strictly my own.