Beauty of the Beast #1 The Mystic Rose: Part A: The Flower, The Sword, And The Kiss

Beauty of the Beast #1 The Mystic Rose: Part A: The Flower, The Sword, And The Kiss

by Kristie Lynn Higgins

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Type: novella word count about 39,300
A new approach to the classic fairy tale. The story of Beauty and the Beast with a twist. What if the woman was the one turned into the creature?

A realm of adventure and peril mingled with romance, friendship, magic, and sword and sorcery. Join Pluck in this novella series as she travels through a strange land of danger and intrigue as she finds allies and foes alike in her search to lift her monstrous curse. A story like Beauty and the Beast but with more action adventure and menacing darkness.

On the planet Terra when recorded history began, Man coexisted with the Necroms. The dawn of this period was known as the First Age of Magic. In the Second Age of Magic, a war broke out between Man and the Necroms and by the middle of the Second Age, Man was nearly wiped from creation. Those who survived fled Wellspring and journeyed across the sea into the unknown, finding new homes and creating fortified domains. In the Third and final Age of Magic, Man established five island kingdoms: Commery, Fletching, Morgog, Swelldom, and Hort. For generations, the wars continued until an arranged marriage between the two strongest kingdoms of Commery and Morgog ceased the bloodshed, and so Man established the first Emperor and Empress and the tradition of Amalgamation. When both the Emperor and Empress of the Five Kingdoms died, the two strongest kingdoms' heirs married and crowned a new dynasty and so began the Age of Amalgamation.

During this age, a witch placed a curse on a girl named Pluck. The curse had been meant for a boy, Prince Edward of Fletching, for stealing the Mystic Rose. Pluck transformed into a Necrom with the Kiss, Edward's first kiss, as her only redemption. The Kiss wouldn't be an easy task since showing her face meant her death. Pluck goes through her young adult life training to become a High Guard as a means to lift her curse but it never comes. What does the future hold for her?

Beauty Of The Beast Epic Fantasy Action-Adventure Sword and Sorcery Dark Fantasy YA Novella Series:
1. BOTB1A: The Flower, The Sword, And The Kiss
2. BOTB1B: A Vow Of Love And The Challenge
3. BOTBC: Hearts Betrayed And Blood Revealed

Pluck looks like a Necrom (tiger, lion, cheetah, and panther) an animal that should only exist in mythic fiction. Young adult Pluck grows into a heroic warrior and faces her curse as the Prince leaves their island in this high fantasy adventure. She will encounter new realms and magical realism lands full of supernatural races that should only live in legend or myth. This Beauty and the Beast like story will take her to a land of untold dangers. In this retelling of Beauty and the Beast, she must find a way to exist in her cat-like form that others see as hideous long enough to gain her freedom. A not so classic approach to a version of the famous fairytale. Sword and sorcery with a little romance thrown in will delight anyone who enjoys fairy tales as they journey with the Beast Woman. This book uses a mixture of YA fantasy to create a book for all ages to enjoy. Will she finally receive the Kiss in this romantic fantasy and finally end the hex that has kept her hidden away from everyone? Her survival depends on whether or not she can earn the trust of Edward and help him remember who she was to him as children. As young adults, they were close. She had been brought in to learn with him as a preteen and she went through schooling with him. All of that is in the past now... Now everything depends on the Prince and what he will do once he realizes what she truly is. What will he do once he sees the Beauty of the Beast? YA Beauty and the Beast retelling of the classic fairytale to delight and tickle hearts of all ages with friendship, love, romance, and struggle of good versus evil.

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BN ID: 2940045614306
Publisher: Kristie Lynn Higgins
Publication date: 01/28/2014
Series: Beauty Of The Beast Epic Dark Fantasy Action Adventure Sword and Sorcery Novella Series , #1
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
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