Beaver's Fire: A Regional Portfolio (1970-2010)

Beaver's Fire: A Regional Portfolio (1970-2010)

by George Venn


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This unique source book gathers works first published by various northwest editors and newly-selected for reprinting by independent jurors from over 100 pieces. The portfolio is arranged in reverse chronology and includes: over 50 historical/archival images of editors, writers, poets, books, events, radicals, and photographers; symposia and essays on northwest literature, Chief Joseph speech, William Stafford, and C.E.S. Wood; 1877 Nez Perce War Diary of poet C. E .S. Wood; translations of poems & essay on the most famous Chinese Modernist poet Ai Qing; biographical sketches of Fred Hill, Minor White, C.E.S. Wood, and Nard Jones; reviews of poetry and prose by over twenty Northwest writers; public addresses on Nez Perce myth, regionalism, Wallace Stegner, editing and Oregon literature; interviews with Carolyn Kizer, Ursula LeGuin, and Richard Hugo; and a dialogue on northwest poetics at Wallowa Lake.

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ISBN-13: 9780997154948
Publisher: redbat books
Publication date: 09/01/2016
Series: Redbat Books Pacific Northwest Writers Series
Pages: 446
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About the Author

Poet, essayist, literary historian, editor, and educator, George Venn (1943- ) is a distinguished figure in Pacific Northwest literature. Raised by his maternal grandparents near Mt. Rainier, he was first schooled among the evergreen Cascades. In 1957 his family moved to the gold larch mountains of Spirit Lake, Idaho, where he graduated in 1961, then enrolled at The College of Idaho.

In Caldwell, spring, 1967, his B.A. advisor Dr. Louie Attebery introduced George to Pacific Northwest literature and suggested he enroll at the University of Montana. While studying in Missoula, George completed a tutorial with Dr. Harold G. Merriam, renown northwest editor for two decades. In 1970, MFA granted, George moved to the fertile Grande Ronde Valley to teach at Eastern Oregon University. There, he offered his first Pacific Northwest literature course in 1971. Honored with the Distinguished Teaching Faculty award in 2002, he then retired to write.

Since 1971 his diverse prose has been widely published. Editor of over 22 works, his leadership as General Editor of The Oregon Literature Series was honored by the 1995 Stewart Holbrook Award for "outstanding contributions to Oregon's literary life." In 1988, the Oregon Institute of Literary Arts awarded Marking the Magic Circle a silver medal. Over forty years, he published reviews, adjudicated literary contests, and evaluated manuscripts. Some 120 poems have appeared in print including a 1980 Pushcart Prize. In 1999 West of Paradise was a finalist for an Oregon Book Award. As a literary historian, he researched over 20 works including the widely-praised Soldier to Advocate, and his writing on Nard Jones' Oregon Detour inspired the Northwest Reprint Series from OSU Press. As an educator, he was the first professor east of the Oregon Cascades to regularly teach Native American literature. In 1981-1982, he was among the first American writers to teach English in post-Cultural Revolution China.

Table of Contents


1. "Beaver and the Grande Ronde River"
Farewell Address / Nez Perce Myth (2002)

2. Where the Crooked River Rises by Ellen Waterston
Personal Essay Collection Review (2011)

3. "They Also Served: A Soldier's Pacific Theater Album, WW II"
Editorial Introduction (2007)

4. Northwest Review "Symposium on Northwest Literature"
Literary Symposium (2007)

5. "Soldier to Advocate: C. E. S. Wood's 1877 Legacy"
Literary Biography (2005)

6. "Rider in the Wilderness: Minor White in La Grande"
Artist Biography (2004)

7. Down in My Heart by William Stafford
Autobiography Reprint Review (1999)

8. "Chief Joseph's 'Surrender Speech' as Literary Text"
Critical/Textual Essay (1998)

9. "William Stafford in Northwest Literature"
Critical/Historical Essay (1997)

10. "StoryLines Northwest" (NEH & ALA)
Regional Radio Reading List (1996)

11. "Editing an Invisible Literature: The Oregon Literature Series"
Keynote Address (1995)

12. "Remembering Wallace Stegner"
Memorial Service Tribute (1993)

13. "Dialogue At Wallowa Lake"
Writers Conference Reading (1991)

14. Yellow by Anne Pitkin & All That Comes to Light by Lisa Steinman
Poetry Books Review (1990)

15. "Ursula Le Guin with Eastern Oregon University Writers"
Group Interview Transcript (1988)

16. "Nard Jones, Weston, and Oregon Detour"
Novel Reprint Introduction (1987)

17. Seal Rock by John Haislip
Poetry Collection Review (1987)

18. "Marking the Magic Circle"
Guest Lecture/Critical Essay (1987)

19. Northwest Variety: Personal Essays by 14 Regional Authors
Anthology Review (1987)

20. "The Paradox of Ai Qing"
Chinese Translation Essay (1984)

21. "Carolyn Kizer at Cannon Beach, 1981...with Tim Barnes"
Interview Transcript (1984)

22. "Northwest Poetry and the Land:" Peter Balakian, William Stafford, Richard Hugo, Madeline DeFrees, Kim Stafford , George Venn, Ann Copeland, with Brian Attebery
Symposium Transcript (1980)

23. "The Search for Sacred Space in Western American Literature"
Critical Essay (1976)

24. "The Literature of Eastern Oregon"
Critical/Historical Public Lecture (1973)

25. "Elizabeth Gurley Flynn: Bringing Down Missoula"
Historical Narrative as Fiction (1971)

26. "Richard Hugo with Ronald H. Bayes"
Personal Interview Transcript (1965)

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