Because God Smiled, I Am Laughing!: His Grace, the Calling and the Called

Because God Smiled, I Am Laughing!: His Grace, the Calling and the Called

by Apostle E. Uche Nyeche


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Because God Smiled, I am Laughing is a book that shares some of the Supernatural moves of God in my life, from prophecies fulfilled to the appearance of ministering angels. I also dispel some of the false doctrines that limit spiritual growth in the lives of Christians and the church at large. My vision of who God is comes from years of devotion to prayer, study of His written Word and seeking not the approval of man.

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ISBN-13: 9781481745604
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 04/23/2013
Pages: 134
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Because God Smiled, I am Laughing!

His Grace, the Calling and the Called

By E. Uche Nyeche, Deborah Nyeche, Apostle E. Uche Nyeche


Copyright © 2013 Apostle E. Uche Nyeche
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4817-4560-4


Who am I?

I am U.S. citizen, originally from River State, Nigeria. I was born to great and wonderful parents; late Israel Wobo Nyeche and my mother Eunice Nyeche in a place called Oromeruezimgbu in Rebisi, presently known as Port Harcourt in Nigeria. My elementary and secondary school was in River State. I had a brief work experience with the shipping industry and an oil drilling company until my departure from Nigeria in 1979/80 to Athens, Greece and eventually to the shores of America in the early eighties.

I grew up in Christian family and was baptized at the age ten at St. Paul's Anglican Church under the first name of Victor. Unceremoniously my name was changed from Victor to Evans, for reasons that now make no sense. Since 1971/72 at my family home there has always been early morning observance of praise and worship to God lifted to His holy name. Every one visiting my family knew the routine and if they were for any reason unaware, they knew it after their first night spent. No one left the home or prepared for work or anything before our holy devotion. All that was to commence began after praying and thanking the LORD ALMIGHTY for His goodness and mercy.

It was at these morning devotions that my calling was pronounced by a gifted prophet, leaving with me the vivid indelible pronouncement in my early to late teens. Another man gifted of God called prophet Silas was the one who declared this to my parents pointing straight at my face, "Listen, whether you like it or not you have been called to do work of the LORD." The full meaning did not immediately register as to its profundity.

I had purposed to become a lawyer, for my father's life on earth was that of a man who believed in justice and righteousness for all and in his stance for justice my father never relented for what was right; whether for personal cause or the community at large. In this itinerary in my father's life courthouse experiences were familiar throughout my family. So, early on I became interested in a law career, even more so my desire was to relieve my father from some of the burden of legal fees.

The hunger for me in life never was becoming a priest; I did not think of myself worthy of being a man of the cloth. I hear people state that they have always wanted to become a pastor, not me. Who I am today was after years of running from serving the Lord and the journey to this point has been indeed a journey, for the proposal of man is not always the disposition of God. Further on in this book I will discuss on the call of God on my life in a much greater detail.

Though I did not complete law school, I hold a Diploma in Greek from the University of Athens, Greece; B.A. in Political Science/ Psychology from the University of La Verne, C.A; and more recently a M.A. in Theology and an M.A. in Theology and Ministry, from Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, C.A. Currently I am pursuing a Ph. D. Degree in Public Policy and Administration-Nonprofit Mgmt & Leadership.


Professional Minister and the Called

I must start by letting the reader know that I am not a professional minister neither do I fancy the likes of it, rather I have been called-out by God. If this statement makes anyone queasy, I seek no intentional offense but my confession is to the truth. Professional ministers are professional copy masters of the called but counterfeit in truth. They may have talents, appear well-dressed, often good talkers of game, but at best they have no spiritual power, and at the worst they are nothing but deceivers of the vulnerable and the faithful. They rise quick to earthly success, even the discerning called run the risk of being deceived. What is the difference? The former chooses the industry as a profession and the product is a ministry void of the presence of the Holy Spirit and exaltation of self. They are those who follow commercial trends in the work of the ministry. Every extreme is exercised for the emergence of success and to them it matters.

Some professional ministers follow the footsteps of those who have the appearance of success because they are not God centered they have their own vision and that is to take the easy road. I put no denunciation of their emulation but find it sordid when they use it in the name of God. A great many of these preach nothing but prosperity, and for them God is only in the blessing business, nothing more and nothing less. They would say that if you are poor it's your fault because God has not created you to be poor. Be it further from the truth I deny that God desires what is good for us, be that material or financial prosperity; above all however, I believe that God desires most of all that we live a life that glorifies Him. And, it is also untrue and unbiblical that God has created all to be materially wealthy.

Bear in mind the scripture in Deuteronomy 15:11, "For the poor will never cease to be in the land, therefore I command you, saying,' you shall freely open your hand to your brother, to your needy and poor in the land." And then the words of Jesus in Mark 14:7, "For you always have the poor with you, and whenever you wish you can do good to them; but you do not always have Me." This is what is biblical and true. Other times they are prone to say ..., if you fall sick there must be sin in your life or their theological underpinnings may be, "God does not cause sickness." Yet, this also is false for the bible states in John 9: 3, "it was neither that this man sinned, nor his parents; but it was so that the works of God might be displayed in him." These are the teachings of the bible; such instances are clearly stated through out the bible from the Old Testament narrations to the New Testament with the case of Apostle Paul and the torn on his flesh. The kinds of excavations pushed forward by these professional ministers are not biblical rather their teachings are contrary to the words of God.

A lot of the professional ministers are experts in marketing themselves as the kinder and gentler people, yet as conniving as the devil. They claim to understand the felt need of the people but they focus and zoom into the fragile emotions of the weak; while deep down their motives are wrong and intentions fraught with dubiousness. It is because of this that Jesus warns us to be as wise as serpents. They are indeed the ravenous wolves whose furs are woven in sheep's clothing. They preach the gospel of psychology instead of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Their teaching is all about self-help and emotional feelings that are centered on happiness. What is happiness the reader might ask....? Well, let us continue.

We know that happiness of the moment is found in pleasurable contentment and that it does not last through the course of time. This is why Jesus speaks on what is essential and sustaining, which is peace. The Peace of God enables the saints of God to secure peace in troubled times. This Peace can only come through Jesus and is expressed genuinely by those who are called and not by the professional ministers who are not called by Jesus nor do they have personal relationship with the LORD. Professional ministers are accurately portrayed iconographical by Jesus as "hired hands" who care nothing about the sheep, they scatter as the wolf approaches ... they flee. Saints of God, professional ministers do not have the ardor of Jesus Christ in them.

Most of these ministers are powerless because they are not after God's own heart but material wealth and prominent positions. The bible states in Matthew 6:33, "seeking first His Kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you." The professional ministers see it differently. Instead of what Jesus was talking about which was first the salvation that was to come from the heavenly kingdom and with it God's provision, the professional ministers seek their own coveted kingdom of earthly possessions. They see their provision in the material things and not from the Heavenly kingdom. There is a stark difference between these and those who are called.

The called minister is one whose desire is to please the one who called him or her. The aspiration and goal is to do God's Holy Will. This does not mean that he or she is perfect or holier but that these shepherds seek to be used for the good of God's people, enabling them by His grace to achieve their purpose in life. The called of God die to self to please the one who has called them, and they measure their desire with the reverential fear of the almighty God. These are people who are purposeful in their fellowship and not platform hungry. They walk in humility and understand what it means to wait. They are long in the obedience of the things of God and frown at disobedient hearts.

The called remain aware that the work for which they are called is not theirs but the work of God. The called understand the danger of running ahead of God, for one could end up in a spiritual wilderness, or worse. The called understand that there is suffering and the bible makes no short mentions of that; bluntly put that the entire bible is full of the examples of those before us. The called walk in adoration and the heart of holiness, spend time in prayer, hold up their own integrity, truth, honesty, and have no misgiving in knowing that with the blessings of God comes a greater mandate in responsible living and care for the least among us.

The called honor God because they know that His true knowledge comes through His grace and that it is only with Him we become who we are called. The called are the true shepherds embodied in the Lord as the only good Shepherd. The called know whose they are and the Lord knows them by name. The Lord lay down His life, therefore the called lay down their life daily through various tribulations and sacrifice to the glory of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

The called in their relationship with the Father is summed up and described by Jesus in John 10: 18, "even as the Father knows Me and I know the Father; and I lay down my life for the sheep." The called in their perfunctory quest find the trajectory of feeding the sheep for they know that at end it is all that matters. It is not seminary or any kind of educational accomplishment; it is not the contacts or the connections, the denominations or the devotions to a man, but God's grace and His name glorified. The called are people of faith and true believers in the essence of the word believe. They rely, trust, and depend on GOD. They indeed are men and women in the faith and walk; they are called.

Hold on to the One who called you


Bearing of Witness

The bearing of witness of the called is highly essential as affirmation of God's calling. The bearing of witness is when other anointed men or women confirm God's calling on your life. Throughout biblical history this antecedent is revealed. And in our time, to think that men and women should run through the seminary hallways and out the other door with a degree and that qualifies them for the work of the ministry, is reckless and devoid of Godly spirituality. If there is a time when Bearing of Witness is more important it is in our time. We are in a confused time in history and the church is challenged as the transformer of the world we live in.

In my introduction I briefly mentioned the words of confirmation spoken into my life by the prophecy of Silas and others that will be forever vivid. These are Silas exact words, "no matter what you do you are called to do the work of the LORD." Never really thinking much of its significance, I moved on with my existence living by my plan, but the older I grew the more fervently these particular words hunted me.

Years went by and the yearning to serve the Lord continued to pull me towards the things of God. At the same time, my desire to fulfill the flesh and all the entrapping of worldly success was to me reality. I saw myself even at this point in my life with a series of dreams and visions, but I never related them to God drawing me ever closer to Him until 1985. In the later part of 1985 I was giving a clear prophetic warning to a certain group of friends about an impending trip they had been planning to take the following day. And, as a matter of fact I was to be part of this trip but the spirit made it quiet clear that "they were not to proceed or else each of the four would be arrested and confined." Their response was that of mockery, 'who made you a prophet' I was asked by one them. They continued with their plan of travel only to find themselves entangled with the law and summarily deported. Today I have lost verbal communication with each but I know where they are. I am sure that none has forgotten to respect the prophetic word of God.

Prior to this year in particular, the enormous attraction of the work of the apostles and Jesus rested in my heart in every way. In 1979/80 I decided that I was going to visit those places I read about in the bible portraying the life of Apostle Paul and his journey of evangelism. I traveled to Greece to fulfill the longing deep down in me in search of history and the ministry. I ended up living in Greece for the next six years before moving to the United States. As time passed, a greater desire to serve the Lord became apparent to me but for some strange reason the so-called American dream of earthly accomplishment kept pressing, which led me to delve into various kinds of business. I experienced some earthly success and as well some failures, or might I say life lessons.

I was given a prophecy by evangelist Lizzy that I would travel through the airports of the world to evangelize for the glory of the Almighty God. Living in Greece I recall a prophecy in a trolley by a complete stranger telling me of what a man of God I would be.

While on one of my trips prophet Glory prayed for me but before the prayer commenced he looked directly at me, shook his head and smiled for a moment. I wondered why. We began the prayer and as we finished he fell back into his seat, he straightened forth both of his palms open and said this to me, "brother, you have been running for too long. Let me say to you that success you will have whether in U.S.A. or Russia nevertheless, God is asking me to tell you tonight that until you come to serve the Lord everything you have including your current wife, will fly through your hands." This came to pass almost two years later. I had achieved becoming a homeowner, being married, and having a second child. I was also an international businessperson who shipped cargos overseas and then everything came crashing down with my wife walking out of the marriage.

The office of an apostle "first witness" for me came from a woman who was instrumental in the starting of The Bible Church of His Will, known as evangelist Peggy. It was in 2002 that I had sent some documents of the church to her and as I was about to leave we stood on the street corner still talking on the issue concerning the church formation, when Peggy said these words, "pastor can I say something to you, do you know that that there is apostolic anointing on your life?" I was immediately enamored at the notion. Peggy with her amiable and beautiful smile looked at me and said, "You will find out soon." And she was certainly right with that spoken word on that day. I thank God for her days of service to the church, to me, and I am eternally grateful to her.

Years later, Apostle Al confirmed the same prophecy given by Lizzy, as he told me, "You are called as a pastor's pastor." In his words, "apostle I see you traveling across the globe teaching pastors how to become good shepherds of God." I have seen myself speaking to crowds of thousands of people, sometimes in an open stadium with people stampeding against themselves to hear and see God's work being done through me.

Excerpted from Because God Smiled, I am Laughing! by E. Uche Nyeche, Deborah Nyeche, Apostle E. Uche Nyeche. Copyright © 2013 Apostle E. Uche Nyeche. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse.
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Table of Contents


Dedication....................     v     

Special Thanks....................     ix     

Foreword....................     xi     


Chapter 1 Who am I?....................     1     

Chapter 2 Professional Minister and the Called....................     3     

Chapter 3 Bearing of Witness....................     7     

Chapter 4 My Midfield Avenue Visit; My calling....................     11     

Chapter 5 The Grace of God; Not a License to Sin....................     19     

Chapter 6 Knowing God Intimately and Not Knowing Him....................     27     

Chapter 7 Dangers of Denominations....................     33     

Chapter 8 Eucharist or the Lord's Supper in Christian Community/Ministry...     41     

Chapter 9 Baptism, Baptized as Infants all you need....................     47     

Chapter 10 You the Called....................     53     

Chapter 11 Faith and Its Walk....................     57     

Chapter 12 Two or Three Gathered in His Name....................     63     

Chapter 13 The Gift s of God....................     67     

Chapter 14 Preachers and Teachers of Correctness....................     71     

Chapter 15 Part 1: There is Something You Did Not Put There................     77     

Chapter 16 Part 2: There is Something You Did Not Put There................     83     

Chapter 17 Do We Know What is of God and What is Not?....................     87     

Chapter 18 The Person and the Works of the Holy Spirit....................     93     

Conclusion....................     107     

Bibliography....................     109     

About the Author....................     119     

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