Because I Think, I Believe

Because I Think, I Believe

by Donald R. Wilson

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Because I Think, I Believe by Donald R. Wilson

Because I Think, I Believe is about keeping your head in an era of atheism, humanism, naturalism, Darwinism, mysticism, spiritualism and any number of personal “–isms.” More than the typical apology for Christianity, this book is a readable walk through the logic behind how we see our world. It takes the reader through a progression of thought from the indisputable things about life that we know from birth, step-by-step to the inescapable truth about God and reality.

In a world where everyone claims their own personal philosophy about life and truth, what’s yours? Do you really have one? Do you know whether it stands up to the scrutiny of reason? Proceed with caution. This book could change your view of life and your perception of the world around you.

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Publisher: American Book Publishing Group
Publication date: 09/05/2011
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About the Author

Donald R. Wilson has enjoyed a career as a pilot of luxury private jets serving large corporations and very wealthy individuals in worldwide operations. His thirty-seven years of traveling the globe have given him a unique perspective on our world and its people. Donald holds a degree in Professional Aeronautics from Embry-Riddle University and has served in a number of leadership and training positions during his career. Always interested in writing, he has published a number of articles in various aviation publications and written on family issues for Home Life and Parenting.

Some years ago, Donald became interested in the underlying evidence and logic for his lifelong faith in a Creator God. In studying and considering this issue, he realized that Christianity, indeed faith in God in general, could not stand unless its key claims, when dissected under the brightest-possible light of scientific, philosophical and logical scrutiny and without bias or presupposition, were found to be credible. This journey has confirmed for Donald the amazing truth that the Creator God is real, that He can be shown to exist through logic alone if need be and that the Biblical claims that He created all that exists in our reality in flashes of power and brilliance beyond anything we can imagine are true in the most authentic sense of the word. Further, the histories presented in the Bible, the claims of Christ and His disciples, and the Christian teachings about life and the future provide a complete understanding of the real nature of our existence.

Several years of talking with people of all points of view and backgrounds convinced Donald that there are too few people—from atheists to religious zealots—that sufficiently grasp the issues required for a clear understanding of reality. People are interested and searching, but in our society there is nearly nowhere to turn for a clear, unified presentation of what is real and how we know it. This debut work is Donald’s way of contributing to the righting of the listing ship of world view that characterizes so many people’s perception of life.

Donald resides in the southeastern United States with his wife, Debbie.

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