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Beck, Bogert & Appice


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Guest More than 1 year ago
This is an amazing album. No collection of boogie is complete without it; the record is functionally a textbook of the best things about 70’s thumpers. Jeff Beck is one of the greatest and most tasteful guitar players to come down the road, and this is among his best albums. Beck took all the heavy rock conventions of the time—the thoughtful experimental funk of Jimi Hendrix, Led Zep’s thunder, Grand Funk Railroad-style choirboy harmonies, Cream’s power riffing, and after mixing in a healthy dose of his own special Jeff Beck Baroque Barbeque Boogie came out with one of the best records ever. It is an amazingly balanced album with heavy stompers like “Black Cat Moan” and “Superstition,” and dreamy ballads like “Sweet Surrender” and “I’m So Proud.” Make no mistake, this is what rock’n’roll was meant to be like, and if you can’t dance to this, you probably can’t dance to anything. My suggestion: firmly grasp this CD, you’ll be glad you did.
JohnQ More than 1 year ago
BeckBogertAppice didn't last too long but they made some tasty music for this album. The band was still obviously looking for their own sound when they made this album but that did not stop them from making great music. The memorable cut on this album is their version of Superstition, the same song that Stevie Wonder recorded. BBA makes their version a Bass heavy rocker that nearly turns it into a rock anthem. Black Cat Moan is a great guitar rocker. Their song Lady sounds so much like an imitation of the group Cream that it's a bit distracting, but none the less good. Their search for their own sound brought up other groups as well considering that Why Should I Care sounds eerily like a Deep Purple song. But as I say, even though this is a group trying to figure out who they are, they made some great music in that search. Its just a shame they didn't record more.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago