Become a Medical Intuitive - Second Edition: The Complete Developmental Course

Become a Medical Intuitive - Second Edition: The Complete Developmental Course

by Tina M. Zion

Paperback(Second edition)

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This book provides a complete training experience for anyone seeking to become a medical intuitive. Each chapter offers step-by-step advice to intensify existing intuitive abilities and x-ray perception. Outcomes include: developing inner sight for the deeper cause of illness, accessing a person's eternal story for healing, understanding the electromagnetic energy of thought and emotion, assessing what vibrational colors of the aura are saying, doing distance assessments, and much more. This teaching manual is for lay people, medical practitioners, energy healers, professional intuitives and mediums, or anyone who yearns to develop their intuitive abilities. 

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ISBN-13: 9781608081998
Publisher: Boutique of Quality Books
Publication date: 10/01/2018
Series: Medical Intuition
Edition description: Second edition
Pages: 272
Sales rank: 270,839
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About the Author

Tina Zion is a fourth-generation psychic medium, specializing in medical intuition, who teaches workshops around the world. Her educational background includes a degree from Purdue University and  a National Board Specialty Certification in Mental Health Nursing from the American Nurses Credentialing Association. Tina has been a certified clinical hypnotherapist specializing in past life regressions for 30 years.

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Medical Intuitition Welcomes You

My closed eyes popped open in shock. I had just perceived a woman's lungs as if I were an x-ray machine! I saw the individual tissue and the alveoli (tiny air sacks within the lungs) in their grape-like clusters. Inflamed orange-red energy filled her lungs, the right side much more irritated than the left. I could see darkened areas within the red. It had taken a few minutes of observation before I realized I was peering inside this woman's body, deep into her lungs.

"Are you a smoker?"

"Oh yeah, I plan to quit soon," she declared with a laugh.

We were surrounded by thirty or so other women, all taking a break during a weekend workshop. I was one of the presenters for the program, but as I look back, I am no longer sure what the program was even about. At that moment I became a medical intuitive. The retreat center and all the lively, talkative women around me just faded away.

That experience of looking into another human's lungs like a photographer taking a digital image or an x-ray machine showing a troubled area — that was the beginning. The medical realm of intuition continued to increase after that. With each session following that moment, I saw tissue, organs, cancer, psychic surgery, tumors, broken bones, deceased relatives, guardian angels, and spirit guides, and I received messages from beyond. The more energy work I did, the stronger and clearer the information came in.

I was so intrigued with my perceptions that I began to insist on checking in with my client's energy field before they told me anything regarding their physical body or their emotional state. Beyond initial hellos, I would not let them describe anything about themselves. I thought this was the only way that people would believe me and the level of accuracy I was achieving. Looking back, I think I was the only one questioning it!

In 1979, I sat down for lunch with a physician's wife in the hospital where we both worked. She was obviously in distress, complaining that her sinuses were so congested she could not breathe. She went on to say that the pressure came on suddenly, out of nowhere. I instantly blurted out, "That is tears you are stuffing down, and you need to let yourself cry." The astounded look on her face told me I had spoken a deep truth to this woman and she was not prepared for it, especially in such a public setting. While I knew I was correct, I felt that I could have taken a more sensitive approach. Even then, prior to any mind-body training, I instinctively knew the cause of her illness.

The more accurate I became as a medical intuitive, the more driven I was to write a book about it. I examined my intuitive processes and the processes that took place for my clients. I examined each session from the first moment of contact with my clients until the last moment as they walked out of my office. Over and over again, for many months, I took note of each tiny detail as it happened.

I questioned myself throughout the process. What am I feeling? What is going on now? How does it feel when I experience another's energy field so intimately? What happens within my own body? How am I receiving the pure essence of this person's medical issue? Through what sense does the information come through? Do I see it, feel it, hear it, smell it, or does the information come in waves of knowing or waves of instant thought? I logged the insights that evolved during those sessions with my clients. That log became the foundation for this book and the outline for my weekend workshop.

You do not need a medical background to do medical intuition. This book will take you through progressive, step-by-step training as a medical intuitive. Like my weekend workshop, "Become a Medical Intuitive: The Complete Developmental Course," this book is jam-packed with guided experiences, actual case studies, and new ways to understand your natural abilities. Each page provides you with an enriched learning experience.

You too can learn to be a medical intuitive. Read the cases, study the tables and diagrams, and put the experiences into practice. If it seems right for you to read the book through first and then go back to the beginning to take action with each step, do it. Or you might prefer to do each practice assignment as you first read through the book. Notice already that I am asking you to assess your own instincts and follow your own guidance. This is crucial for your development. I am only the guide along your journey as an emerging medical intuitive.

I have personally experienced heightened success when I work with a study partner. Having a partner keeps each of you on track and keeps you accountable. You can work with a partner over the phone as I did for more than two years, or you might find someone locally who is interested in excelling as a medical intuitive. You can both agree to read certain pages and work through the awareness assignments. As you progress further into the course, you can then work with each other's energy.

Take the time to document your development throughout this process. You will not be able to consciously remember it all. Purchase a notebook specifically for your medical intuition evolvement. Many times throughout this book I ask you to describe or to draw your perceptions. Your most accurate information will come in flashes, so you must document everything along the way. Log those perceptions in writing so you will remember each step of your expanding awareness.

As you write in your journal, also write in this book. Really make it yours. Learn and write. Write and learn. Use this book and take action with what you learn. Like my workshop, this book is set up as a progressive, step-by-step course to promote confidence without performance anxiety.

Our Western state-of-the-art medical system does not delve into the cause of illness or the creation of disease. Our medical system is astounding at finding and diagnosing disease, but methods of discovering how the disease developed or what factors helped create the illness seem nonexistent. While allopathic medicine understands that stress may cause a stomach ulcer, it does not take it to the next steps. If the mind-body connection can make us sick, it can also make us well.

My focus for this book centers on accessing detailed mindbody information for the benefit of the individual who is receiving the information. Medical intuition accesses mental, emotional, and physical interconnections and retrieves the hidden aspects of ailments or disease that allopathic medicine cannot discern with laboratory tests and procedures. Medical intuition looks at the symptoms but ventures beyond, going to the source of an illness.

The Medical Intuitive Within You

Humans are glowing balls of electromagnetic abilities, understanding, and insights. We have the ability to heal ourselves and to assist others in their healing. Trust, understand, and honor your innate intuitive strengths and the ability to put them to work for our personal well-being and the well-being of all. Begin right now. Be fascinated with anything that you become aware of. There is no right or wrong as you grow in your own unique awareness.

Medical intuitives discover hidden and unconscious truths within multidimensional patterns, vibrating in complex relationships with the human body. Medical intuition is one of the most therapeutic of all the healing modalities. When you help an ill person understand the essence beneath their issues and struggles, you will see a face brighten or you will hear the "aha" in their voice. Time and time again you will see a sparkle in the eyes of an ill person that only moments ago were clouded with worry or fear. As you share your intuitive knowledge, you will see your awareness provide meaningful insights, which give relief and healing. People simply want to understand what is happening to them, why it is happening, and what they can do about it.

Medical intuition is an art that can be learned and then polished into precision. I became an accurate medical intuitive because, I tuned into people every single day. In other words, practice, practice, practice, notice, notice, notice. More practice brings forth more accuracy. Don't just think about intuition as you read this book ... participate and take action with it.

Medical Intuition as a Healing Technique

I want to emphasize that profound healing does take place during medical intuitive sessions. People who come to intuitives are often so tired and so perplexed about their malady or their disease. They are often desperate for help and as a result are open to intuitive information that under normal circumstances they would never be open to. By the time they come to you, they have often exhausted all other possibilities. People, in general, need to talk about their struggles and are fascinated when they receive intuitive information about their issues.

Tony stepped into my office for a reading. He appeared to be in his late twenties, healthy, trim, and muscular. As we settled into the chairs and I received permission from him to enter into his story, I quickly noticed his chest felt tight, constricted, and full of anxiety. As I described the tightness, he nodded his head in agreement. Here is a portion of the transcript of our conversation:

Tina: I am picking up some anxiety, some anxiousness, some clenching down. I am picking up two balls of energy that are coming together and intermingling. This could be two issues or two people, you in a relationship. The balls of energy looked like they would come together and then blow up, but they didn't. They came together, interlacing with each other. You are touching in with emotions that you have not been connecting with. I literally saw your finger reaching out and touching water; water is a symbol for emotion. You are touching in with your emotions and just watching the ripples.

Again, I am concerned about tightness and anxiety — touching in with this emotion, something new. I see the symbol of a flower with an empty center. The center is not in full growth and somehow it is hollow and empty. I see that you are nodding with the comment I just made. The touching in with emotion and the full bloom of the flower makes it look to others like you are rocking and rolling but on the inside you are empty.

Tony: Yes.

Tina: On the outside you look to other people like you've got it going and you are in charge, but on the inside you feel like something is missing.

Tony: Yes, a deeper desire.

Tina: Yes, something missing. I just got goose bumps and that always tells me that I just mentioned a deep truth and you connected with this truth. Does this make any sense to you?

Tony: Yes.

Tina: I am concerned about this flower ... the full bloom of the flower. I can go down inside of the flower's center and I should not be able to. It looks like an empty tunnel.

Tony: Yes, a flower came up in a reading from someone else. They saw a flower coming up out of concrete. I was finding my spiritual self even through difficulties. Lately I have been pushing for deeper understanding because I am not where I want to be. I know there is something still there to figure out. I have been pushing and it has been painful. It takes everything I thought I knew and now I have to look at it again. When I accept a new reality it takes the magic out of it ... a little bit of the fantasy that in 3D everyone enjoys. It takes a little bit of that away so now I am relearning.

Tina: I see a superhuman cape on your shoulders, but then you show me the empty flower and I have to keep mentioning the emptiness. It depends on what you consider magic. In the Bible miracles were happening all over the place and people nowadays want to know what happened to all the miracles. When something looks like a miracle it is really just following the laws of the universe. A lot of times people are disappointed and say, "Where did the magic go?" The more you learn, the more you realize that you need to learn. But also the more you learn, you realize that some of the universe is almost mechanical and it takes the magic out of it. We learn how things work together or don't work together ... how things fit or don't fit.

Tony: Yes.

Tina: Tell me about this clenching and anxiety in your heart and gut.

Tony: I have been working on getting closer to the source, to get the true understanding for as long as I can stay in this body. My hope and desire is to truly understand that and to show other people. But now I am questioning more and trying to figure out where I fit in.

Tina: As I look at your energy field at this moment, your head is a glowball. You are quite a thinker, and also the right and left hemispheres of your brain are very equal. You can analyze the details on the left hemisphere and on the right you can grasp the magic, grasp the bigger concepts. I am telling you, your head is fired up and very bright and you have a lot of confidence and vitality because I see a great deal of orange.

As I check out the rest of you there is no glow around your heart. When I saw your finger touch the surface of the water, you are beginning to make the connections about all of this awareness, but your heart is not as advanced in its development as your thinking is. It is not linking together like it could be. It is overshadowed. You are holding back and clenching down in the heart area. It is not shining out like both sides of your head are. Does this make sense to you?

Tony: That is the missing piece! I am not feeling it!

Tina: No, you are not feeling it.

Tony: No.

Tina: Let me check this more. You are even expressing well because your throat is as alive and bright as your head, but the cut off is right here. (Tina motions to the chest area between the throat and the heart.)

Tony: That is the missing piece. It makes sense because I have been working on my head and throat area to open up. I couldn't feel the pain and scarring. The missing piece is going from conceptualized thinking and knowing and getting to believing. In order to get there, I have to experience it and feel it.

Tina: You have to feel it.

Tony: Yeah and I have to feel it before I can believe. I can read and think and get so far. I am trying to figure out how to get here, I guess. (He points to his heart chakra.)

Tina: Really knowing something is not all about the books. It's that full-bodied, full-mind sense. You have relied deeply on your head, but this is about the knowing of it. Let me check this out for you ... Your finger is only touching the very surface of the water ... the surface of feeling. What is keeping you on the surface? You are busy watching the ripples along the surface but you are not willing to dive in.

Tony: It is fear I am sure.

Tina: That takes us back to the clenching down in your heart center.

Tony: In my meditations I would get right to my heart but then I thought that I would die ... that my physical heart would stop. It would go crazy so then I would stop the meditation because I thought I was leaving (dying). That means unfinished business for me. I think Spirit was meeting me halfway and now I am having a hard time getting back.

Tina: I am seeing an eye that is three-fourths closed. Your heart center is only a fourth of the way open. I will ask what your heart needs. (Short pause.) I am hearing, "It really is okay to feel the fire. It is okay to let it be fired up." They say they want you to practice allowing your heart to be fired up. You can do this as you drive down the road or in the shower. Do it right now. Feel it fire up like a car's engine. Fired up and turning over. Do it right now.

Tony: This is strangely difficult.

Tina: Try again, but don't try so hard and I will watch as you do it. See a nice campfire, under control ... not sparking all over the place but under control and ready for hotdogs and marshmallows. I see a trickle of it beginning now, but you are trying to start a fire that is sitting on a swamp of old muck, old emotion instead of dry, solid ground. You have old emotions that are keeping your fire too damp.

Tony: It's been hard to move on and turn the page. It's about the mother of my child ...

Tony and I continued a gentle process of stirring around in the emotional muck. Working together, he noticed, felt, and explored his emotions in a non-threatening way. He didn't have to push his emotions down as he had been doing and he didn't have to do it alone. I was there with a safety net of calm, asking him to experience his feelings. By the time he left, he was able to move around in his constricted heart energy. The spark of life reignited and his heart energy increased and expanded once again. I described to him how his heart energy became brighter and clearer as he participated in this medical intuitive session. I could see his energy change as we stirred around in his old pain. I described the new glow to him as it changed during this process.


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Table of Contents

Part 1 You and the Universe 1

Chapter 1 Medical Intuition Welcomes You 3

The Medical Intuitive Within You 6

Medical Intuition is a Healing Technique 7

A Brief History of Medical Intuition 12

Five Ethical Issues 13

Chapter 2 Can I Be a Medical Intuitive 21

Medical Intuition is a Learned Skill 21

Three Primary Causes for Failing 25

You Are Not the Only One Afraid 34

Chapter 3 It's All Electrical 39

We Humans are Powerful 39

Thoughts, Emotions, Illness, and Allowing 45

Part 2 Prepare to Excel as a Medical Intuitive 49

Chapter 4 Prepare Your Thoughts and Mind 51

Imagination, Intuition, and Day Dreaming 51

Telepathy or Our Thinking Mind 55

Meditation Made Simple 58

Accessing the Imagination Wave 62

Intent: An Action, Not Just a Noun 65

Enrich Your Light Body 68

Chapter 5 Prepare to Get in Charge of You 75

Take Charge of Your Energy Field 75

Laser Beam: The Ultimate Key for Excellence 79

Recognize Your Mind's Eye 80

You Are Not Failing 85

Scan Yourself First Before Others 87

Chapter 6 Prepare for Spirit Assistance 93

You Are Not Alone: Invite Your Specialists 93

Spirit Specialists Communicate in Many Ways 99

Your Client's Guides 108

Chapter 7 Prepare for Auras and Chakras 113

Failing to Perceive Auras 113

The Aura Surges with Information 115

Color Interpretation of the Aura 119

Chapter 8 Prepare for Body Awareness 149

Know the Body in a Different Way 149

Relationships Affect Our Health 157

Human Anatomy, Simplified 161

Mind-Emotion-Body Connections Table 164

Chapter 9 Prepare for the Unusual and the Not So Unusual 167

Past Lives and Our Current Body 167

The Strange, the Weird, and the Wild 173

It's Not All Disease and Drama 177

Part 3 Medical Intuition in Action 189

Chapter 10 Rising Into Action 191

Your X-ray Abilities: Taking Action 191

Progressing to the Next Level 196

The Next Step 196

How to Begin and End Sessions 198

Steps for a Medical Intuitive Session 199

An Overall Prospective of Medical Intuition Sessions 203

An Intimate Session with Doris 211

Practice with Five Case Studies 216

Chapter 11 The Professional Medical Intuitive 231

Valuable Keys for the Professional Medical Intuitive 231

Creating Your Own Patterns 237

What to Do When You Miss a Diagnosed Illness 240

How to Create Healing with Medical Intuition 242

Take Medical Intuition into Your World 256

Suggested Reading 261

About the Author 263

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