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Becoming a Teacher / Edition 6

Becoming a Teacher / Edition 6


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ISBN-13: 9780205455874
Publisher: Pearson
Publication date: 12/28/2004
Edition description: REV
Pages: 656
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 10.90(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Forrest W. Parkay is Professor of Educational Leadership and Higher Education at Washington State University. He was Professor of Educational Leadership at the University of Florida for eight years and at Texas State University for five years. Forrest received his B.A. and M.A. degrees in English education from the University of Illinois-Urbana. He earned his Ph.D. in education at the University of Chicago, and he is a graduate of Harvard University’s Management Development Program (MDP). For eight years, Forrest taught at Du Sable High School on Chicago’s South Side, and he served as Chairman of Du Sable’s English Department for four years.

Forrest is the author or co-author of more than 60 refereed journal articles and several books, including Curriculum Leadership: Readings for Developing Quality Educational Programs (Allyn and Bacon, 2010). His research has appeared in the field’s leading peer-reviewed journals, including Phi Delta Kappan, American Journal of Education, and Educational Administration Quarterly.

A former Fulbright Scholar at Kasetsart University’s Center for Research on Teaching and Teacher Education, in Thailand, Forrest has facilitated educational reform programs and conducted cross-national research in China, Thailand, Korea, Japan, Pakistan, India, and Singapore. He has been a Visiting Professor at Beijing Normal University and at Assumption University in Thailand.

His hobbies include classic cars, camping, kayaking, and photography. Forrest is the proud father of three daughters: Anna, Catherine, and Rebecca.

Table of Contents

Part 1The Teaching Profession1
1Teaching: Your Chosen Profession2
Why Do You Want to Teach?6
What Are the Challenges of Teaching?12
What Is Teaching Really Like?15
What Does Society Expect of Teachers?20
How Do Good Teachers View Their Work?22
2Learning to Teach28
What Essential Knowledge Do You Need to Teach?32
What Are Five Ways of Viewing the Teacher Knowledge Base?35
How Do Reforms in Teacher Education Affect You?38
What Can You Learn from Observing in Classrooms?41
How Can You Gain Practical Experience for Becoming a Teacher?42
How Can You Develop Your Teaching Portfolio?48
How Can You Benefit from Mentoring Relationships?49
What Opportunities for Continuing Professional Development Will You Have?50
Part 2Influences on the Professional Lives of Teachers56
3Ideas and Events That Have Shaped Education in the United States58
What Determines Your Educational Philosophy?62
What Are the Branches of Philosophy?64
What Are Five Modern Philosophical Orientations to Teaching?67
What Psychological Orientations Have Influenced Teaching Philosophies?70
How Can You Develop Your Educational Philosophy?72
What Were Teaching and Schools Like in the American Colonies (1620-1750)?72
What Were the Goals of Education during the Revolutionary Period (1750-1820)?76
How Was the Struggle Won for State-Supported Common Schools (1820-1865)?78
How Did Compulsory Education Change Schools and the Teaching Profession (1865-1920)?80
What Were the Aims of Education during the Progressive Era (1920-1945)?83
How Did Education Change during the Modern Postwar Era (1945-2000)?85
4Social Realities Confronting Today's Schools94
What Are the Aims of Education Today?98
How Can Schools Be Described?101
What Are Schools Like as Social Institutions?103
What Characteristics Distinguish Successful Schools?107
What Social Problems Affect Schools and Place Students at Risk?109
What Are Schools Doing to Address Societal Problems?116
5Struggles for Control of Schools in the United States124
Who Is Involved in the Struggles for Control of Schools in the United States?128
What Is the Role of the Local Community in School Governance?129
What Powers and Influence Do States Have in Governing Schools?134
What Assistance Do Regional Education Agencies Provide?138
How Does the Federal Government Influence Education?138
How Are Schools Financed in the United States?141
What Are Some Trends in Funding for Equity and Excellence?143
6Ethical and Legal Issues in Education in the United States150
Why Do You Need a Professional Code of Ethics?154
What Are Your Legal Rights as a Teacher?155
Do Student Teachers Have the Same Rights?162
What Are Your Legal Responsibilities as a Teacher?163
What Are the Legal Rights of Students and Parents?168
What Are Some Issues in the Legal Rights of School Districts?175
Part 3The Art of Teaching184
7Teaching Diverse Learners186
How Is Diversity Embedded in the Culture of the United States?190
What Does Equal Educational Opportunity Mean?196
What Is Meant by Bilingual Education?204
What Is Multicultural Education?206
How Is Gender a Dimension of Multicultural Education?209
8Addressing Learners' Individual Needs216
How Do Students' Needs Change as They Develop?220
How Do Students Vary in Intelligence?226
How Do Students Vary in Ability and Disability?228
What Are Special Education, Mainstreaming, and Inclusion?233
How Can You Teach All Learners in Your Inclusive Classroom?238
9Creating a Community of Learners244
What Determines the Culture of the Classroom?248
How Can You Create a Positive Learning Environment?251
What Are the Keys to Successful Classroom Management?255
What Teaching Methods Do Effective Teachers Use?260
What Are Some Characteristics of Effective Teaching?264
10Developing and Implementing the Curriculum272
What Is Taught is Schools?276
How Is the School Curriculum Developed?279
What Reform Efforts Have Affected the Curriculum?283
What Are Some Current Subject-Area Trends?289
11Teaching with Technology302
How Are Educational Technologies Influencing Schools?306
What Technologies Are Available for Teaching?307
How Do Teachers Use Computers and the Internet?314
What Are the Effects of Computer Technology on Learning?317
Should Technology Be at the Forefront of Efforts to Improve Schools in the United States?319
What Barriers Limit the Integration of Technology into Schools?322
Part 4Your Teaching Future334
12Teachers as Educational Leaders336
To What Extent Is Teaching a Full Profession?340
What Is Professionalism in Teaching?344
To What Professional Organizations Do Teachers Belong?347
What New Leadership Roles for Teachers Are Emerging?350
How Do Teachers Contribute to Educational Research?353
How Are Teachers Providing Leadership for School Restructuring and Curriculum Reform?356
13Your First Teaching Position362
How Will You Become Certified or Licensed to Teach?366
Where Will You Teach?369
How Will You Find Your First Teaching Job?372
What Can You Expect as a Beginning Teacher?375
How Can You Become a Part of Your Learning Community?376
How Can You Participate in Teacher Collaboration?380
How Will Your Performance as a Teacher Be Evaluated?382
14Education Issues for the Twenty-First Century388
What Knowledge and Skills Will Prepare Students for a Global Information Age?392
How Can Schools and Teachers Provide an Outstanding Education for All Learners?395
How Can Community-Based Partnerships Address Social Problems That Hinder Students' Learning?397
How Will the Privatization Movement Affect Equity and Excellence in Education?401
What Can Teachers and Schools Learn from International Education?404
What Is Our Vision for the Future of Education?408
Name Index433
Subject Index439

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