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Becoming JiJi: A Feminist Literary Coming-of-Age Novel

Becoming JiJi: A Feminist Literary Coming-of-Age Novel

by David R Yale
Becoming JiJi: A Feminist Literary Coming-of-Age Novel

Becoming JiJi: A Feminist Literary Coming-of-Age Novel

by David R Yale


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Jill Frisk, 18-year-old daughter of a violent father and shattered mother, has no plans, no hope. A straight-A high school graduate, her 1970s blue collar neighborhood discourages women's dreams.

Although she reads advanced chemistry books as a hobby, her father won't allow her to go to college. The prospect of an existence like her mother's holds Jill in the grip of depression.

Joe Stern, the new recreation director, sees Jill differently. He hires her to run a preschool group and assists her in founding a teen council that uplifts the neighborhood. With his encouragement, she rises above her depression and discovers she has a world-class singing voice.

Empowered with the promise of a future she never dreamed possible, Jill finds a safe home for her family and brings her mother back to life.

Jill falls in love with Joe, but she's too shy to tell him before he suddenly leaves town. Will new, improved Jill have the guts to pursue him, woo him, help him overcome his secret past, win his hand, and become a successful musician?

Becoming JiJi is an antidote to America's current wave of dystopian fear, confusion, and hopelessness. It's a great story about "ordinary" blue-collar Americans changing themselves from defeated cynics to high achievers.

The novel weaves resistance to racism, classism, domestic violence, sexism, and sexual harassment into a heart-warming story of empowerment.

You'll love this story by an award-winning author, filled with touching portrayals of ordinary people. The characters seem so real they'll feel like your good friends. JiJi will raise your spirits and inspire you.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780979176623
Publisher: A Healthy Relationship Press, LLC
Publication date: 11/17/2017
Series: Shingle Creek Sagas , #1
Pages: 288
Product dimensions: 6.14(w) x 9.21(h) x 0.60(d)

Table of Contents

Part I Awakening (Minneapolis) 11

1. The Day I Fell in Love 13

2. You’re Hired! 19

3. Chemical Explosions 23

4. What Happened to Ma 28

5. Ghosts 36

6. Discovered! 40

7. Singing to Ma 50

8. The Big Picture 58

9. Interventions 69

10. Singing to Joe 77

11. Friends Forever 84

12. Singing with Diane 92

13. Out of the Frying Pan 100

14. Brucie Woosie 104

15. The Breadwinner 111

16. The Otochal of Ahlberg 120

17. The Unthinkable 128

18. Goodbye 133

Part II Leaving (Minneapolis) 135

19. How Can I Go On? 137

20. The Plan 143

21. The Audition 150

22. Celebration 156

23. Bittersweet Farewell 163

Part III Homecoming (San Francisco) 169

24. Surviving and Thriving 171

25. A Prodigiously Wonderful Hello 177

26. Two Desserts 181

27. A Whole New World 191

28. No Servants 196

29. Two New Friends 206

30. Chocolate Cake and Singing 214

31. Shingle Creek News 219

32. Smart Women 224

33. That Bastard! 231

34. You Are My Peace 235

Part IV Feeling Loved, But (San Francisco) 243

35. Tempo Vivace 245

36. Nineteen! 250

37. Overwhelming Joy 255

38. Gigs 261

39. The Longest Night 267

Acknowledgments 276

About the Author 277

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