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Becoming JoJo MacBean

Becoming JoJo MacBean

Becoming JoJo MacBean

Becoming JoJo MacBean


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As MacBean would put it: “I was born and raised, I conquered Wall Street, Wall Street conquered me, I lived a hobo life, I stole from dead people, and I made a comeback.” Becoming JoJo MacBean is the story of a young Scottish lad growing up in New York City, nicknamed MacBean by the parish priest, and wanting just one thing – to be a successful Wall Street broker. When MacBean achieves that goal, and realizes it gives no protection from a life lived with a single, driving focus that drove out all other endeavors, including meaningful relationships and valuing old friends, he takes steps to correct his mistakes, only to suffer a devastating loss that throws him into deep despair. A friend’s advice spurs him to end his self-pity and to “go find yourself” by telling his life story as a cautionary tale to anyone who’ll listen. But those he meets on his travels will teach him far more than he could ever teach them. Ultimately, MacBean will discover nothing short of his humanity.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781734426908
Publisher: Andrew J Pignatare
Publication date: 04/01/2020
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.56(d)

About the Author

Andrew Pignatare is a native and lifelong resident of western Massachusetts. He literally grew up in the pizza shop and variety store family business. Andy started working there before he even turned five, and stayed at it all the way through high school. By nine he already knew he wanted to be a CPA. Although he excelled in math and business courses, he was otherwise an average student. But his passion for business gained him acceptance into Babson College. After graduating, and earning his CPA, he started his own business before turning thirty. While the business continued growing, Andy went on to earn a Masters of Law in Taxation. After a successful Public Accounting career, he retired in May of 2016.
All those hours spent watching his grandmother make pizza, as well as other delicious Italian dishes, inspired Andy to try his own hand at Italian cooking, which he enjoys doing now for family and friends. He also loves watching baseball and playing golf.
Andy believes it's important to inspire young people to get excited about the world of finance and business, and to begin their career exploration early in life. He speaks to classes and groups of youth when the opportunity arises. Becoming JoJo MacBean is his first novel, and he is currently at work on a young adult book.
Andy has a beloved wife, TerryAnn, of thirty years, one son, and two collies.

Kinga Martin is a Watercolor Artist and Children's Book Illustrator, owner of illustration services business Kingarooart. Kinga Martin lives in Easthampton, MA with her husband Geoffrey.

Kyla Korytoski is Graphic Design Instructor at LPVEC and Western Chapter Vice President for MVA.

Table of Contents

The American Dream, the very essence of what America is. It's there for the achieving.

Some people come to this country to live free and work hard. Others are born here, and they, too, are willing to work hard to achieve it! JoJo MacBean is the embodiment of all of that and more: he formulates his dream, puts it into action, and works hard. That precious dream is always front and center in his life, but does JoJo's focus blind him to the balance needed in that life?

What is the terrible cost of this 'absolute' focus?

Let JoJo's pursuit of the American Dream and the issues he encounters guide you,

as you work toward your American Dream!

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