Becoming-One Bible

Becoming-One Bible

Becoming-One Bible

Becoming-One Bible

Hardcover(3rd ed.)

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This translation is a new and more literal translation of the English Bible. Using my fifty plus years of experience with the Bible, improvements were made over other English translations by unitizing the best Hebrew and Greek texts, as well as the best language tools including computer software. God's Name in the Old Testament was YHWH and has been wrongly

translated into "Lord" in most modern English translations. We have correctly translated the very meaning of the Name into "BeComingOne." The Hebrew Name of God meant, "He (who) Will-Be." It did not mean, "I am," or "the Being" as wrongly

translated in the Greek (LXX) version of the Old Testament. Instead of translating God's Name into, "He (who) Will-Be," we have used, "BeComingOne," as suggested by Joseph Bryant Rotherham in the "Introduction" of his, The Emphasized Bible, published by Kregel.

Also the correct translation for the Hebrew olam, the Greek aion and aionious was used. These words have been mistranslated into such words as, "forever," "eternal," "everlasting," and so forth which has given a perverse meaning to hundreds of verses. The best translation would be "age" or "aeonian" or "aeon," which is an age of unknown length. The length of time can only be ascertained by the context in which it is used. The New International Version translates the Hebrew olam in over 60 different ways (words or phrases) including: lasting, ancient, ever, regular, never, of old, eternal, forever, long ago, always, age-old, long, more, permanent, again, ages, all time, any time, continued, early times, endless, for life, etc. See New Mind book, part seven [NM 7], for more information on this. In the BeComingOne Bible words that deal with time were carefully translated so those studying prophecy could better understand how time is dealt with in the Bible.

The word "soul" has been more consistently translated to reflect its real meaning.

One problem with translating from Biblical Hebrew into English, as well as Biblical Greek to English, is the impossibility of translating the differences in verbal tense usage between languages. For example, in Hebrew there are only two tenses:

perfect and imperfect. Both tenses speak of complete and incomplete action, not about time. Books such as S. R. Driver's Hebrew Tenses attempt to explain this to the English reader. Readers of any English translation should bear this in mind - it is impossible to translate Biblical Hebrew verbs literally into English verbs.

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ISBN-13: 9781619180598
Publisher: Becoming-one Publications
Publication date: 04/30/2021
Edition description: 3rd ed.
Pages: 826
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 1.69(d)
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