Becoming Visible: Women in European History

Becoming Visible: Women in European History

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Houghton Mifflin Company College Division
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Becoming Visible: Women in European History

Thematic emphases in this text include the contacts between European women and those outside European frontiers, sexuality and its importance for the construction of gender over the centuries, and the role of women in the great events and movements in European history and the impact of such events on them.

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ISBN-13: 9780395244777
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Company College Division
Publication date: 02/28/1977
Pages: 510

Table of Contents

1. "Women of Ancient Egypt and Western Asia," Lesko 2. "Daughters of Demeter: Women in Ancient Greece," (Arthur) Katz 3. "Matres Patriae/Matres Ecclesiae: Women of Rome," McNamara 4. "Women in Early Medieval Northern Europe," Bithel 5. "The Dominion of Gender or How Women Fared in the High Middle Ages," Stuard 6. "Women in the Renaissance," Levin 7. "The Reformation of Women," Karant-Nunn 8. "Spinning Out Capital: Women's Work in Preindustrial Europe, 1350-1750," Wiesner 9. "Women and the Enlightenment," Goodman 10. "A Political Revolution for Women? The Case of Paris," Levy/Applewhite 11. "Doing Capitalism's Work: Women in the Western European Industrial Economy," Frader 12. "Contextualizing the Theory and Practice of Feminism in 19th Century Europe (1789-1914)," Offen 13. "Socialism, Feminism, and the Socialist Women's Movement from the French Revolution to World War II," Sowerwine 14. "Gender, Race, and Empire in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Africa and Asia," Strobel 15. "Women and the Revolutionary Process in Russia," Stites 16. "Women in War and Peace, 1914-1945," Cooper 17. "The 'Women Question' in Authoritarian Regimes," Koonz 18. "Friend or Foe? Women and State Welfare in Western Europe," Jenson 19. "The Great Divide? Women's Rights in Eastern and Central Europe Since 1945," Einhorn 20. "Women in the New Europe," Bridenthal

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