Bedrock Bedtime Stories Volume 2: Books 6-10

Bedrock Bedtime Stories Volume 2: Books 6-10

by R.M. Mitchell


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There once was a boy who was being threatened by a big, bad giant who was much larger and stronger than him. The boy had to make a choice to either face the giant or run away. He knew that if he ran away the giant would always be a threat to him and those he loved, but if he chose to face the giant, he might conquer him and live in peace.

The only defense the child had against the giant was a slingshot and Five Stones. You could say each stone represented a super weapon. The first stone represented Prayer, the second stone Powerful Promises, the third Faithfulness, the fourth a Positive Attitude, and the fifth Helping Others.

With these Five Stones the boy chose to fight and he conquered the giant! Ever since, boys and girls all over the world have been inspired to take up these same stones and conquer the giants in their own lives.

Bedrock Bedtime Stories is dedicated to helping parents instill values in their children. These principles will equip your child to handle any challenges that come their way.

In Big-Eyed Beth, Beth learns about greed and gluttony.
In Twin Trouble, Patty and Bobby find out that making mischief leads to more trouble than they thought.
In Lost Laura, Laura learns about how lonely it feels to disobey.
In Word for Word, discover how the Bible was passed down through the ages.
In Ricky's Rebellion, Ricky learns about conquering fear.

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