Beethoven Essays: Studies in Honor of Elliot Forbes

Beethoven Essays: Studies in Honor of Elliot Forbes




Significant new insights into Beethoven's life and style are offered in this volume in honor of Elliot Forbes, whose revision of Thayer's Life of Beethoven is the standard modern edition of that classic. Essays by James Webster, Martin Staehelin, Alan Tyson, Maynard Solomon, and Michael Ochs look carefully at aspects of Beethoven's career and also deal with Thayer and his work as biographer. Studies of individual works include Edward T. Cone's completion of an unfinished cadenza for the First Piano Concerto and Geoffrey Block's look at sources for the Second Piano Concerto. Sieghard Brandenburg provides an essay on the scherzo of the Fifth Symphony based on an exhaustive scrutiny of its sources. Christopher Reynolds writes on the Violin Sonata Op. 30, no. 1. J. Merrill Knapp contributes an article on the Mass in C major, Op. 86, and Robert Winter discusses the origins of the Missa solemnis, Op. 123.

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ISBN-13: 9780674063785
Publisher: Harvard
Publication date: 12/28/1984
Series: Harvard Publications in Music , #12
Pages: 288
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Lewis Lockwood is Fanny Peabody Research Professor of Music, Harvard University.

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1. The Falling-out Between Haydn and Beethoven: The Evidence of the Sources
James Webster

2. A Veiled Judgment of Beethoven by Albrechtsberger?

Martin Staehelin

3. A Beethoven Price List of 1822

Alan Tyson

4. Sonneck and Krehbiel: A Beethoven Correspondence

Maynard Solomon

5. A. W. Thayer, the Diarist, and the Late Mr. Brown: A Bibliography of Writings in Dwight's Journal of Music

Michael Ochs


ACadenza for Op. 15

Edward T. Cone

Some Gray Areas in the Evolution of Beethoven's Piano Concerto in Bb' Major, Op. 19

Geoffrey Block

Ends and Means in the Second Finale to Beethoven's op. 30, no. 1

Christopher Reynolds

Once Again: On the Question of the Repeat of the Scherzo and Trio in Beethoven's Fifth Symphony

Sieghard Brandenburg

Beethoven's Mass in C Major, op. 86

J. Merrill Knapp

Reconstructing Riddles: The Sources for Beethoven's

Missa Solemnis Robert Winter

Index of Beethoven's Works

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